Cardi B’s Booty Poppin’ Performance Steals New Fashion Line Show | TMZ

Cardi B was glowing at the launch of her new spring collection … literally and figuratively.


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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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  1. She just took the word” ghetto” to the top of the charts. Only in America dawg !

    • What’s wrong with that? If Duck Dynasty can take redneck to your TV screens.. .🤷‍♀️. .. touche

  2. I wonder if she’ll get mad if somebody threw money at her while performing like they did Ashanti

    • +Crackhead RALPH *Hum sorry to bust your bubble I’m 40 already* *I have 3 Boys ONLY and the 20 year old is in college to be a paramedic and my other is going to study to be a cop & the other one a firefighter* idk what to tell you buddy 🤔
      *I’m a fan of Cardi B and she is who she is and what I said up there that’s how I feel about it* 🤷🏽
      *I totally doubt if people start throwing her $$$ on stage that she will trip at all cause that’s just the personality she haves* is just my opinion Geez lol ✌

    • sosweetbaby4 She got that bread from stripping, but her fame came from her online wild and funny personality. This led to her becoming a reality TV star, and that increased her platform and network so that she could draw more attention to her music.
      I think some of her fans might get mad but not her. What would be funny is if she picked the money up like thank you and kept it.

    • +MrSober4now yessssssss ❤
      I never hate on no ones grind is not my style never been… I’m a fan of Cardi and she is just Unique 💃🏼
      I will love to see her picking up all the $$$ they throw at her cause the haters will be sooooo disappointed at the outcome 🤣

    • most successful chart topping Grammy winning rapper? Drake says hi. also Nicki is still more successful without the being #1 on billboard and zero Grammys. so if anyone is eating it’s Nicki cause even when she gone all the news sources still got her name in they mouth.

  3. All the negative comments aside.. glad to see everyone come together and put on a lit peformance everyone having a good time is really all that matters


  5. You people call this talent? I made it to the end and had to clean the blood dripping from my ears

  6. We dont even hear from nikki minaj anymore ever since cardi-b came around!.

    • Roseann Estrada Thats probably cuz everybody in Hollywood got tired of Nicki Minaj actin like she’s better then everybody else while Cardi B is more accepting of people/bad situations and no I am not a fan of either of these thots I could care less about both of them, they are both misguiding the youth if you ask me smh

    • honestly most music today sucks.. the beefs, the hype all of it is so fkin mind numbing.. for today’s social experience cardi is jus better cuz she young n fun.. nicki is al seasoned.. cardi doing things nicki aint even started doing.. wen nicki came in the game she was told she had to be this to become that.. but wit cardi she was able to walk in the game being herself.. thats why alot of ppl diss nicky cuz she seems to hav a stuck up attitude yet she had to be that way at the time.. cardi changed da game by showin us her true self n her true struggles than puttin it all in her music.. since cardi been out nicki tried opening up more but its kinda late cuz ppl dnt care amymore

  7. 🤔 if ya’ll hate her that bad, what the point watching the video?

  8. Cardi B got some of the dumbest dudes on stage in one night but I find it good and funny but at least she’s showing love for the other rappers.

  9. Funny how people in these comments say how they dislike her so much but run to every post about her and watch to say how much they dislike her… 😂😂 y’all are beyond miserable and pathetic.

  10. All the haters in the comment section is Nicki Minaj fans…. 😂😂😂 CARDI WINING NO MATTER WHAT YA SAY..💸💵💰💳💎

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