Colin Kaepernick Shunned By The Seahawks! | TMZ TV

Colin was asked if he'd stop kneeling..


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    • Tyson McRae Then try not to smoke before watching, sounds easy enough but definitely not for you

  1. I see you are getting a head start putting Trump back in the White House in 2020

    • William Hagler I wouldn’t say that, they (Seahawks) just don’t want the drama that comes with CK and other players have decided not to kneel this year, and realistically nothing got settled from kneeling

      People still hate each other and Rednecks, Hicks, hillbillies and backwoods hicks kiss the ground that Trump walks on but I bet Trump will say something about this like “OMG! The Seahawks have decided not to sign CK NO good American wants CK to disrespect the US flag by kneeling let’s make America great again” you know it’ll be something like that since he is predictable

      And if I offended anyone, you better get over it real quick I don’t have time to babysit an adult child maybe your significant other does but I don’t

    • jack Boyhre Ask me if I care what you think and you would already know the answer (I’m sure you’re used to hearing that)

      Nah I just tell the brutal truth something you could never do in your entire life

    • how is it a circus? speaking out about injustices is a circus? last time i checked a circus was when people perform magic tricks etc

    • Antwain Gray his political actions on the field affect team morale. Why would they risk team morale for a second string qb. He sucks as player and is only know for his politics.

  2. A job if you brought your political views to work and it affected the performance of everyone else you would be terminated and if other people heard about it not considered for other jobs.. especially if you are underperforming employee…blacks show the low IQ. Because they actually believe that black criminals criminals being the keyword are innocent it’s absolutely hilarious

    • He played a bullshit card, for him not to stand for the flag is dispicible and disrespectful. The flag represents our freedom, and our fight. And the soldiers that died for it. Plain and simple this motherphuckers kneeling for some white guys bad decision. He’s a greedy pig searching for publicity and money. He should be banned from the NFL and shamed.

  3. Lmfao he just turned down, possibly his only chance to get back into the league

  4. Seriously tho,
    All jokes aside!!!
    There’s a 99.999% chance that some things exist in this universe that can not be brought, stolen, killed, or persuade 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. In the future Colin’s going to regret all this protesting especially loosing all that money . In a couple of years when he’s broke the same black people he’s been protesting for won’t help him or give him employment .

  6. An employer has every right to stipulate conduct to an employee or be fired…period.

    • Scuba Steve thats why im gonna stipulate that you cant see your self as a white person to work at my company

  7. Smh 🤦‍♂️ go play for the cfl if you don’t want to stand for the national anthem.

  8. This is a bullshit. This man has bills, a lifestyle. He didn’t play long enough for a pension. kaep won’t sign a no protest contract so obviously somebody is paying him big money to keep protesting. My sympathy is running out for this poor simp. Eventually he got to pay them bills

  9. Seriously? I don’t get all the drama. You sign a contract with an EMPLOYER when you get hired. You can’t just do whatever the hell you want. He’s more than welcome to kneel on his own time. We all have to abide by our employers rules. What makes him any different

    • gmi g So if I go to work tomorrow and hang a pro life anti abortion sign at my desk & refuse to take it down when my employer asks me to and get fired pretty much immediately I guess you’d agree with that wouldn’t you? Such a double standard.

    • Alexandra Michelle im not saying theyre wrong for not signing him he fucked up the nfls ratings thats money down the toilet they should be pissed at him and maybe he did have to go he pissed off alot of people im just saying he got the world to notice and talk about that issue. So i say to you if youre going to not listen to your bosses orders yes you should get fired just like he did. I mean its not really tge same thing though hes just refusing to stand for the anthem of a country that treats and looks at black people like theyre animals no matter their financial situation or if theyre good citizens or criminals and obviously not everyone in thus country is racist but a very good portion is and we didnt know how bad it was until trump got elected he brought alot if closeted racists out

  10. Kneeling down, is that like bowing down to royalty? Some cultures people do that as begging to there master’s.

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