Judge Judy Says Her $47 Million Salary Wouldn’t Be Questioned If She Were a Man | TMZ

Judge Judy is celebrating another judge's ruling that she absolutely deserves every penny of her $47 million salary, and says it's a victory for all women's salaries … even if ya don't make 8-figures.


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  1. She was very pleasant i’m shocked..i was expecting her to blast the TMZ Reporter..

    • Soundafek I think her character,when shes on the show it’s for he to make more money ratings it’s all a sham only in hollywird haha lmao.?

    • She’s totally sweet – she only turns on the parana when she needs to and she’s not gonna lose her cool for a silly paparazzi. She’s way too smart for that!

    • Zena Bell when did you first watch her show and is she ever wrong? Do you think she is about her own personal feelings like people say she is?

    • I mostly watch her on youtube. so I have not actually watched the show on TV In years.

      I actually almost never think she is wrong..

      I think she is harsh and sometimes she could possibly be nicer.. but most the time I think her behavior is justified

      I respect her rawness and I think she is morally sound and i think she has been very consistent in her opinions throughout the life of her show.

      I also think she is equally fair with men and women and does not favor one over the other…

      and before she was a tv judge she was a brilliant family court judge who did a lot for her community.

      I have watch several documentaries and interviews with her and i have learnt a lot, she is extremely smart and very inspiring.

    • Zena Bell Thanks for answering, Ive seen many episodes of her show especially now, Ive heard many people say her show is either the worst or the best so I wanted to know what was really peoples thoughts about her character. I can understand why people love her and people who are upset. Do you think she hates certain people that appear on her show or think high and mighty as she is a celebrity? What I mean is the ones that she yells at a lot.

  2. She probably made a B- line into Barney’s just to get that stupid ape off her back

  3. wait, this wasn’t even a gender thing though.

    her agent or something was just trying to make a case that he should get paid more since he’s paid on a percent basis and the more money she makes, the less money the show makes, and thus the less money he makes.

    it was a dumb argument, but not a gender based one

  4. Are you kidding? All left wingers do is talk about how much money men make. Have you ever watched the NFL Draft?

  5. bruh shes worth waaay more then 47m, thats her SALARY. LUL shes been collecting the coins for decades

  6. $47m 2 wrk 52 days a year is extraordinary regardless of gender n i dnt believe for a sec it wld not be questioned if it were a man…..but i aint mad at her the exact opposite…..while i believe there are mny bigots homo haters among us…..i believe she is has and always been supportive of both n she loves her some byrd n genuinely likes n respects him…..sometime ago byrd was clearly not having a good day…..it is standard OP in any court that any evidence
    submitted by plantiff/ defendants is coordinated by the bailiff…byrd had already made 2 trips n became visibly agitated snapped at jj about the 2 n fro….she appeared to not appreciate the attitude but took it in stride….the nerv…..byrd is clearly much yngr than jj n mirrors her work schedule….jj is the queen bee n knws she is the queen bee….if she makes $47m per yr…..it stands to reason….he is well compensated…

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