Colton Underwood Gets Slammed For Picking Double Halo Ring | LadyGang | E!

"The Bachelor" star gets put through the ringer on "LadyGang" for his Neil Lane engagement ring choice! Plus, watch Colton call GF Cassie Randolph on the phone.


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Colton Underwood Gets Slammed For Picking Double Halo Ring | LadyGang | E!


    • Chantel Head he hasn’t yet. When Colton and Cassie were on Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy gave them a ring for when the time comes. But judging from that small snippet, she has a particular ring in mind. I also saw in another interview that Colton knows what she wants

    • Makeupl0ver007 let me guess, Makeuplover007 was taken so you had to use a 0 because it’s “sPeCiAl”

  1. I love that Colton fulfilled his promise to the LadyGang and came back post-season!!!

  2. Although what would’ve been awesome is if CASSIE CAME WITH HIM – I bet that interview would be a BLAST xD

  3. It doesn’t matter what the ring looks like. It is what comes from the heart. Some people are just rude.

    • You said it so much nicer than I did…lol. I was fuming at the way those ladies reacted. If the Bride-To-Be decides it’s not her style, as she obviously has, then they can discuss whether or not to exchange it for a different setting.

      Edit: my husband asked me to marry him spontaneously after a very emotional day while kissing goodbye for the evening. We’d only been dating a month. That was 29 years, 3 kids (between us)and 7 grandchildren ago. My 1st ring was a simple band with tiny diamonds that we bought at a pawnshop. I still wear it and the gorgeous set we designed years later. If I had to choose between the two now, the simple band would win because the love that went into that purchase is worth 100 times more than any ring every made.

    • It wasn’t a ring that Colton picked out for her, it was given as a gift by someone else. It was not “from the heart” considering the jeweler didn’t even know them personally. Just a way to promote Neil lane’s jewelry on national television. A girl should get a ring she loves – it’s one of the most valuable & special things she’ll ever own. Getting it as a gift on tv, rather than from her boyfriend, doesn’t make it special.

    • This was not a long planned ancient heartwarming ring. This was a unknown man going oh give this to her and Colton being oblivious of his choice. Listen if they both don’t mind about changing it no one gets hurt so suck it

  4. If it’s pear shaped I’ll lose my mind… Also umm WTF throwing shade at Kaitlyn? No… Can you not?

    • Right? And like Cassie isn’t even in love with him yet. At least Kaitlyn and Shawn were… Someone said they have beef because of the way Kaitlyn went about the breakup? I wonder if that’s true. +nicole sandoval

    • I hate this whole, *”you’ll take what he gives you and like it or you don’t deserve to get married”* attitude some people get. 😂😂 marriage is about open communication and trust right? So why should she lie about her feelings? That ring is huge and there is no rule book for marriage that requires an engagement ring and no rule that says you can’t choose your ring together. Have it represent both of you with maybe his birthstone, but your favorite metal and style. It’s whatever you want it to be, but you have to talk to your spouse and you have to respect each others feelings.

    • +Ayenate’ Lawson I told my now husband. If I don’t like it. I won’t wear it. So we went together lol

  5. I’m actually confused on why she threw shade at Kaitlyn? Bc they were on each other’s podcasts multiple times awhile ago and they all laughed and got along great? Was that shade 😳
    We stan kaitlyn

    • Kayla Danese once in their 10th episode. Just in retrospect we’re past the 200th by now. Literally they’ve talked barley about her even. No relationship whatsoever

    • Kayla Danese when I heard the jab at Kaitlyn, I was like shots fired. But then I realized, why jab at Kaitlyn? Unless the Lady Gang doesn’t like her…

    • LoVeOlicity exactly but… who cares if they don’t? They don’t have to by any means. They have no “we’ve been friends forever!”. There’s no relationship so if Becca (not the ladygang btw) doesn’t like her she’s allowed to because she’s a grown woman and this is not high school

  6. Y’all I understand why you guys are saying that it might be considered rude to return it. But y’all act like an engagement ring is a mandatory tradition with absolutely nonnegotiable rules. I think it’s great that she spoke up and told colton how she felt about the ring rather than lying to him and pretending that she liked it. And SHE is the one who will wear it every day for the rest of her entire life. Colton should want her to look down at _any_ gift from him and have her feel happy not guilty. There is nothing wrong with a couple choosing to buy rings *together.* Aren’t they just a symbol of commitment?

    Personally I’d want something way smaller and more simple. Classic solitaire with maybe a paved band. That it. It’s not about being ungrateful or a gold digger. But if a girl *always* wears simple jewelry, she might feel uncomfortable wearing something that ostentatious. Okay rant over.

  7. That is a very ugly ring lol. I’m not into Neil’s style(s). Rings reflect the designer and should compliment the wearer. If it doesnt reflect Cassie, it shouldn’t be on her finger. And to be clear, it’s not about the ring anyway, it’s about the relationship.

  8. These women commenting and complaining are the most shallow idiots I’ve ever heard speak!

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