Cops Say 21 Savage Had Fully Loaded Glock During Arrest | TMZ News

21 Savage was driving recklessly and on a path to slam into a fully-marked cop car and that's why he was pulled over on the day he was taken into custody, and it looks like cops believe he was in possession of a fully loaded Glock … this according to the police report.


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  1. So what…who isnt carrying a piece these days…DONT CARE…RELEASE HIM…SET UP…REAL TALK!!!

    • +Brandon16Khalifa put ur money in the bank like most people do and u have nothing to worry about let them have yo bank card all u got to do is call and cancel it LMAO he’s not a drug dealer wit a shoebox of money hes a famous rapper he can put his money in the bank lol u kids have no clue how the world works

    • Lmfao y’all are so dumb. Fr y’all would be like free your favorite rapper even if he did a mass shooting. Grow tf up

    • Smh his record is expunged he can legally carry ATL gun laws are different. You can have a firearm in your car at all times even without a permit.

    • Lol this dude got tricked by a British kid and he’s still backing him…. this is why wakanda will never work!!

    • +FrigOffRandy You are a “genius” cuz it’s obvious that the Constitution grants all the states the right, but how that right is governed is a state level law. Go ahead carry your gun to NY or Cali if you think state law is irrelevant and see how fast you get arrested in those states without a permit which is nearly impossible for the average citizen to obtain despite the Constitutional. I’ll end my argument there.

    • +Jay R Federal law at 18 U.S.C. § 922 bans the sale of firearms or ammunition to aliens admitted under a nonimmigrant visa (“as that term is defined in section 101(a)(26) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(26))”) you’ll end your argument cause you got proven wrong Lmfao. Try again. Also, that law is especially concerned to those on an EXPIRED VISA.

    • +Jay R lol did I say the state law is irrelevant? You realize federal law trumps any and all state laws? Example weed is legal in states but is still banned under federal law, if the feds wanted to go shut down a dispensary, or arrest somebody for weed they can, and have every right to do so. Any other arguments you’d like to get proven wrong on, “genius”?

    • +Jay R Article VI, Paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution is commonly referred to as the Supremacy Clause. It establishes that the federal constitution, and federal law generally, take precedence over state laws, and even state constitutions. Haha, you also could of looked up the constitution, but were too lazy to do so. Aka scared to get proven wrong.

  2. Its been like a week, why is this barely coming out now? Usually a gun recovered is immediatly reported as the reason for arrest.

    • Cops don’t release the full report immediately. In fact in some cases stuff have to be kept private.

    • Hello!!! My first thoughts. Not only that but they didn’t say if the gun was registered or not. TMZ embellishing this story just like they did the Jessie Smollet story.

    • they goin the extra mile on him,first ice don’t jus chill and accidentally b theyre while he randomly shows up,second “unravelling” that he has a gun now,third if it’s “unravelling” they’ve prob got more on him,

  3. Nobody cares I’m sure he’s not stressing. So send him back to the UK he’s already a multi-millionaire, his life will be just fine

    • 21 savage pays taxes, and has been in the process of getting a U-Visa for about 4 years now. He’s eligible he’s just waiting for it to go through. He has kids here who are citizens, he has a back to school drive every year (this year would be the 4th annual drive) where he offers free haircuts, free school supplies, and free school uniforms. He gave 21 deserving kids 1,000 dollars to start their own bank accounts to teach them money basics. He’s not as bad as you think if you actually follow him.

    • @Mr Sir
      Dropping out of school, joining a gang, stealing and selling drugs, His Criminal record proves otherwise, and says allot about his behavior and personality.

    • jason4275 was that after or before he changed? Exactly. And he no longer has a criminal record because his charges were expunged.

    • Arnab Sainju he was caught illegally with a loaded weapon!!! That is illegal in his circumstance. He really cleaned up and tried to obey the law huh.

  4. *Its Simple!* Once You Get Arrested By ATF Or DEA…They Run An Extensive Background On You & If You Come Back
    An illegal 👽 Alien
    ICE is Called & Your Picked Up!
    If ICE Was On Scene It’s Because It Was A Sting Operation.

    • +Lord Grim
      What Part Of He Is A Past Felony Criminal Caught With A Fire Arm Don’t You Get?! If He Coudlve Easily Went Through Backdoor Illegal Ways He Would Have Done That!

      Instead He Had A Visa Renewal Application Filed Since 2017! It Was Already Pending!
      People Who Think Coming Into This Country Through Backdoor Ways!
      😀 Intelligence Always Have
      Eyes On You! Who You Think Sets Up These Under The Table Visa’s?!

  5. All the celebrities saying free 21 he’s running around with a gun when he’s a felon and an illegal alien sounds like he’s not that smart

    • Jason Vuolo you never who’s gonna pull up on him ! See what happen to X ? He rather have self defense than get killed !!! Not smart but being wise and aware! He can just pay it off and leave

    • +Boujiohwtvrrr that’s why they have bodyguards who will protect you when you cant have your own gun because your a felon

  6. Sorry that happened to him, but that was his choice to drive around recklessly with an illegal gun and a prior record. Plus his passport expired 13 years ago and he had 8 years (as an adult) to take care of it and didn’t. It must have not been such a big deal to him to stay here

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