21 Savage Thinks He Was Arrested For Lyrics In His Song ‘A Lot’ | TMZ TV

Seems like a stretch, but that's what his attorney's think.


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  1. That does sound probable. The celebrity in Chief was likely triggered by that verse and had it in for him.

    • I think it’s more the video and the contrast of the suffering of black family as more of the problem. They wanted to make him a joke to the black community

    • +Tyrin Ramsey cuz they are Americans . 21 is an easy target. I DONT think the govt got it out for him, they too busy about to impeach Trump. I think his local govt and law enforcement want smoke with breh.

    • +Tyrin Ramsey Not this President. He seems to have time to tweet back and respond to anyone who has anything negative to say about him. He clearly has his priorities in order 🙄

    • Y’all don’t realize there’s a crackdown on rappers? Six nine, 21 savage, lil baby, blue face to name a few. Y’all are dumb af smh

    • He should be here legally. No other Country wants illegals there also whats so hard to understand cmon idiots

    • +Drew Down That was a very idiotic response. He could have been here legally. Him and his family came to this country in 2005, when he was 13 years old. The next year, for whatever reason, they didn’t renew their work visa. Had they done done so, and continued to do so, after five years in this country, without being convicted of any federal crimes, they would have been eligible for citizenship.

    • +Charles Embry lol he actually not out of the streets and his family and has donated to alot of schools and programs. But yes he just some dumb black criminal….. slap yourself……harder.

    • No need for prayers. A simple renewal of the Visa Is all that’s necessary. Very simple process considering his foots already in the door

    • +Rob M right. It makes you think on how a multimillionaire didn’t bother with getting it done for 10 years.

  2. So forget about the fact the entire hook is basically dry snitching 😁😁🤦🏾‍♂️

    • ​+Music is Life HORSESHIT!!!! The “streets”?? WHAT STREETS? YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT COUNTRY HE GREW UP IN!!! This standard “poor, oppressed, mean streets” garbage is just a pathetic excuse for forgiving black rappers EVERYTHING when they commit crimes, simply because they ARE BLACK RAPPERS. That’s called “racism”, hypocrite!

    • He made the choice to stay a savage. The funny thing is that he wasn’t a savage. He was a good boy from a good home. Now he wants to sell death to your kids and make them little savages.

    • Yeah but then again he has other songs on his new album still about guns and drugs, but it’s deeper than that this is THE INDUSTRY and most of us know how deep the rabbit hole goes it’s not a coincidence that he just recently owned the rights to his master’s just like Chris did and now he’s detained by ice it’s bs

    • Stop playing the damn race card. Im black and that laugh wasn’t because he was black. do you think he gives a crap about them laughing when he has more money then all of them, I think not. I hated when people play the race card for random and stupid sh%t. Do you even listen to his lyrics!!

    • Mike N I’m glad there are some people that aren’t fucking idiots 😂 I don’t understand why EVERYTHING turns into the victim card it’s seriously ridiculous

    • That’s exactly what they want you to say, it’s all about deception. I don’t know what is going on in the US, but where I’m from “white folk” love your music and have nothing against black people, so don’t let the elite bring this fake racism in your head.

    • Brittany Paden …I guess you didn’t notice everyone in the room was laughing. Stop victimizing yourself.

    • EVERYONE NEEDS TO SHUT TF UP. This country doesn’t even belong to the white people. And they have the audacity to tell or deport people who’s “illegal” when really. White people are illegal 😒

  3. Why thy look like a bunch of detectives 😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ getchooooo😂😂😂😂

  4. I’m not a fan , but when an ice agent says on air that savage 21
    Life is all a lie. That tells me there out to get him.

    • +waterside and you should’ve chose Europe and not America if you think America isn’t racist.

    • +Hailey Brown what are you even saying? That doesn’t even make sense. 🤣🤣🤡 im black , you idots. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    • America is racist. Do you not know the history and have u not seen the rhetoric toward latinos and arabs recently?

    • +lilahdog 568 Why stay somewhere racist? Why not drive down to Mexico, or better yet South Sahara Africa where everyone is black.

  5. “With so much drama in the industry Hip Hop Police are listeninggggg” *Chamillionaire* 🎤

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