Erykah Badu Suggests R. Kelly Deserves Love & Understanding | TMZ

Erykah Badu is back with yet another controversial train of thought about unconditional love and seeing the good in people … this time her focus was on R. Kelly.


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  1. It would be a different story if it was Puma or Mars on the TV screen saying that they lost their virginity and got herpes at the tender age of under 18 by that man. Brother R. Kelly as she say. Sometimes, we should just hush 🤫 Sending prayers to all of the women who are in healing 🙏🏼

    • Nalo Burns Then how come not all people who were abused as children become abusers? He doesn’t get a free pass, people that want to heal and learn go to therapy, they don’t turn around and use a position of power to get revenge and destroy other people’s lives just because they think they are entitled to.

    • The masses have always been sheep. I never do or say what the masses think. Never will and can care less how they feel about it.

    • Facts! She didn’t say he was wrong or right she said spread love and stop using hate as a solution!

    • If you want to be outraged about something take a look at today’s society! We idolize things, people, and situations! We judge others while our door steps are filthy as hell!!

    • +Tony Benton right.. I masses are so easily told what to feel.. what to think.. nobody has their own mind anymore…

  2. The audience is dumb she is saying that he needs help. That someone could have made him the way he is and that he could be making his victims that way as well. We can all say that this help definitely involves a long jail time and counseling.

    • Counseling not jail. Because those girls that are with him now are women wether America like it or not.

    • If you don’t believe me Google it!!! Jail bc those woman are being abused by him right now because they are in a domestic violence relationship and need someone to save them

    • If you don’t believe me Google it!!! Like what don’t you understand about stockhold syndrome and cases of domestic violence? The victims don’t believe that they can successfully escape because he messed with their beliefs about their self worth and more. You can see in the videos of tmz that these woman are scared and being told what to say by him.

    • +cbenji07 Then hold them accountable too!!! Just as his sister should be held accountable R Kelly should be held accountable, The parents should be held accountable, and the girls involved!!! The cycle has to be stopped at is source!!

    • +Kicknowledge Smith The documentary just shed light on the severity of the situation. I didn’t know for sure how old Aaliyah or the girl on the tape was until now. Nor had a full understanding of what the songs were about. When you know better you better.

    • +Deandra Owens You are not him,people don’t react the same way in situations so stop it with your judgements. No one said he mustn’t face the music. But we all know he was smart enough to avoid jail time, and there’s still no case against him to this day. The only thing they bring is Aaliyah and the Tape which is not evidence anymore, that can’t be used in Court.

    • +sanele ndlovu yep which means he’s smart enough to know better too!! Not judging just facts spoken by someone who’s been through it. We all have choice!! I choose not to support a pedophile! Thanks for your reply.

    • +Deandra Owens Do you know the meaning of the word Pedophile ? Let’s start there. Its seems like you are one of those who jump on the bandwagon

  3. “Instead of you all throwing them stones at me, Somebody pray for me” 💯 I Wish by R.Kelly

    • Instead of putting it on someone else to pray for him why dont he take responsibility for his actions and stop? Then I’ll pray for forgive and support him

    • yea but none of this is new news!! he still sold millions after that, did an album with jay z , worked with many other top artist and went on countless tours, now a doc series comes out he is all of a sudden a monster!!?? this fake outrage is sickening, he should have been cancelled!!

    • +Kicknowledge Smith no he was a pedophile back then and black people knew this we crucified him for that even back then BUT WHITE PEOPLE were using him for a profit. His label didnt drop him until they used r kelly for every penny they could…. he was too busy fucking 13 14 yr olds too see what the hell was goin on

    • +RNBClassics TV I agree with some of what you are saying, but I don’t see race having nothing to do with anything here!! He is rich and powerful!! I am sure black people were using him for profit too!! He was making many artist money, he wrote for many of them!! many of the girls saw opportunities and money also !! it is what it is, many will do whatever for money!! sadly there are many more R kellys in the entertainment business, those same people protected him and still protecting him!! the entertainment business is the land of sin where sex,, drama and violence sells!! we are all apart of it!! shows like love and hip hop making millions, portraying ratchet and ghetto behavior that we all support as black people!! so to me race is not 100% the issue, we do alot to ourselves!!

    • PREACH!!! I say accountability first, repentance 2nd, forgiveness, love, and healing third!

  4. There’s a saying that goes like this- hurt people hurt people…… or people put out what they were taught…. better yet most people that are bullies were bullied…. R. Kelly is a victim that never received help and he became exactly what was done to him and more…. he needs help just like the victims he’s preyed on… Society, he’s fans, the system had failed him and supported his actions for so long…

    • Really a trial wasn’t sufficient warning enough for him to stop. We should forgive pedophiles and serial killers. They know not what they do. I don’t want you as a neighbor.

    • My dear most alcoholics never admit their alcoholics… and chances are it in most cases it would take a tragedy to occur for alcoholic to seek help…. it really not east for someone to admit they have an issue. On top of his issues Kelly had people supplying him with his weakness… or people not willing to testify against him for the sake of greed….

    • +nejolo matrilo I believe your misunderstanding my points…. I am not God…. I believe there are certain things a human being can do to another that makes it impossible to forgive let alone forget… I beileve forgiveness starts within oneself because most victims blame themselves.

    • He is a 52 year old man he is not a kid anymore. He knew right from wrong. That is no excuse for to say he was a victim, a victim understand how it feel to be a victim, why become a victimizer? He could of search for help but he felt he did not need any help. He felt he is R Kelly is ok to come out my morals and believe that everyone wants him and if there was woman young or old throw themselves on him. He should of know to don’t go after girls who still drinking milk and cool aid. So Erica I understand what you trying to say but nope his time is up. If you so spiritual you will see what he have done to those true victims. I saw Dominique pictures before and after she left him after 7 months with her mom she is looking great. Hair well done, put on a little weight she don’t look like someone has to feed her. Colour in hear face look good compare to how she looked last year TMZ video. I feel happy for her and her mom. You can see a big difference . She and her mom get matching tattoos, you can see there love is strong, her mom loves her and she love her mom. So Erica I guess you haven’t done your research and it’s clear you have not watch the videos from 1994/1995 until now or it’s ok for someone to harass your daughter, family member or you. Or maybe you can’t relate because you might not have a daughter and probably such thing never happen to you. One of those people that refuse to believe any victim. I wonder when those kids who is adults came out that the priests molested and rape them, what did you say? Let’s spread love to the priest who raped those kids or you say yes their is consequences for doing what they did even if you love everyone but the victims left with no one believing in them and voice silence while another victim get destroyed.

    • I was molested from the age of 3 to 10 by males and females. I didn’t know at the time what was being done to me was wrong but when I gained knowledge I chose to not inflict that pain on others. He knows better and is choosing that course of action therefore needs to be held accountable!

  5. If the people were really upset, they should’ve walked out. I bet you you they stayed.

  6. Erykah is a real woman. She is asking the questions that people refuse to ask. Instead they want to bash him.

  7. Erykah is keeping it real just like iyana. Kelly was molested by sis n his head is messes up. But not one peraon is sayn go after the Sister too! Thats where it starts. They went after the Priest when all the white boys said they molested kids because prieat moleated them. They went after priest as well. N again some of tbose women were 18 yr ols they wanted fame. N it disnt work out so now u say i was abused. I was brainwashed. The door was opened u could walk out but u didn’t. The one girl went to concert w her parenta n her parents allowed her to go w r kelly. Ok parents thats child endangerment. U let ya child go w a complete stranger. U dont know r kelly. But parents u knew he married alliyah. U knew it n u allowed ya chold to role w him. R u serous???

    • +RNBClassics TV Nobody defending him! Facts: He was molested! Now he is wierd! My question is whh not go after his sister too? Of course he has to pay for what he did, no doubt! But why shouldn’t she have to pay? Spelling is just from hitting wrong key while texting. That’s not even important. Can just hit spell check. But when peoplel are texting fast a wrong key maybe hit. You’ve done it before too! So stop being a bully. People don’t have to agree with you. Your acting like Donald Trump right NOW!!!!!!. Your attacking people because they have an opinion bro, not cool!!!! Let me be clear I been stop listening to R. Kelly. I never liked him after Alliyah. I always asked why are theh still playing his music on the air. I didn’t know about his sister raping him and his little brother over and over. Making them perform oral sex on her. R KELLY was about 7 yrs old when it started. So my position or opinion is,, yes he has to pay or his sins. But my opinion ishis sister should pay for her crimes too! Also dude their is nothing wrong with being old. Wisdom comes with age. Ask ya momma!!!!!!

    • +RNBClassics TV How are older people slow? Because they dont agree with you punk? That doesn’t make them slow! And yes I can spell very well! You must be slow if you don’t know about spell check and texting! You can hit a key in error dummy! But you want to come for people who have an opinion! Don’t nobody have to agree with you! We have our own minds. And before that show aired you were singing Kelly’s songs. What us old folks do is love up on ouf black communities. We know white men get second chances and black men don’t. We have black sons and daughters!!!! So we old slow people look at all the facts! And us slow. Old people know that God is a Forgiving God!!! He too was crucified on the cross. Everyone told lies and stories on God without getting the facts!! I never messed with R. Kelly after the Alliyah situation. However I didn’t know the pain that young black man suffered by the hands of a FEMALE. ………………A Female, now I get it!! He probably hates women now. The menthat the Priest raped hate Catholic churches now. White people understand that! Its us Black Folk Who Live In Glas House, And we On Social Media Throwing Stones!! Hiding The Facts That We Know People In Our Own Homes And Hoods Who Do Things!!! We’re the great pretenders, oh my gosh I’ve never heard of such. Clutching my pearls. Nah dude this ain’t ya first time at the Rodeo. This is common in the black families. And it’s called family secrets. People crucifying R Kelly but protecting the people in their own household and hoods. Yeah slow old smart people with sence enough to know God is the Judge and Jury at the end of the day!!!! ( And you have a Donald Trump mental!!! Facts).

    • +RNBClassics TV Now Spell That Punk!!! Lmfbo. Cthu rofl. Did I spell it good enough for your Fast Young mind!!!

    • +RNBClassics TV He was molested by his sister at 6. These girls were 14 and older. If y’all gone have that energy with R. Kelly, then keep that same energy with his sister and any of the victims if they went on to become offender. But y’all won’t because they are females.

  8. Haven’t we been down this road with Bill Cosby? All the celebs backed him for a long time too.

    • They still back him. The Jury found him guilty. All whige women who weng to Bill hotels at night. All grown ugly women. Look hard and like boys. So they were morw than happy to say ok ill b at ya hotel at 2 am. Yeah we gonna read the bible. Yeah ok.

    • +Juliana Thompson Many of Cosby’s victims were light skin black. If by ugly, you mean old, yes, the cases date back to the 1970s & like all of us, the victims’ appearance changed. I agree juries should be ethnically diverse though.

  9. Yes R Kelly was a victim as a child but hes an adult now and his victims were children. So how about some love for them.

  10. Ridiculous! So she can acknowledge that the victims may be experiencing pain at the hands of R Kelly, but doesn’t think he needs to be locked up for his criminal behavior? PLEASE!!!

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