Dangerous Cosmetic Procedures Leave Shauna at Risk | Botched | E!

Transgender model Shauna Brooks gets graphic on her plastic surgery past, from black market hormone therapy to sawed cheekbones. Watch on "Botched."

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About Botched:
“Botched” changes lives and restores hope through remarkable and transformational surgeries. Renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif’s surgical skills and expertise will be put to the test as they set out to correct damage done from plastic surgeries gone awry as they attempt to fix the unfixable and correct extreme, head-turning plastic surgery nightmares.

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Dangerous Cosmetic Procedures Leave Shauna at Risk | Botched | E!


  1. Uhh what about Korea. They’re pretty safe and they treat their patients better.

    • +Zambo Lika nope…wrong…there are a couple of plastic surgeons over there that were doing boy to girl face fix ups waaaay before america
      Thai’s don’t have an issue with the trans deal like the americans do

    • +Beary the Bear look up countries with the best medical care in the world. You might be surprised

    • +dame delim dont u dare call koreans racists! Most ppl can be racist to some degree..if u dont think do. U are the idiot

    • Althea K no wonder the korean people i know think i look good,,, i have the pointiest chin in the world

    • Chris Ess yeah. I found that extremely arrogant. Amazing surgeons in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Korea, Japan, Holland, the UK, I could go on forever. Typical “we’re better than everyone else” American attitude.

    • Free Spirit round faces look old and round not younger

    • I wouldnt say slimmer, I think people prefer either full beautiful faces or to just have their face blend together with their natural features, but I have never heard anyone say they want a slim, frail , skeletor looking face😬 in my life.. That isn’t appealing at ALL in my humble opinion

    • beverly gaddafi Only if you find a doctor who really impressed you with his/her work and the clinic has such a great reputation…🥰

      Recently Korea has many horrible lawsuits and victims who are horrendously disfigured along with debt…and some have died….
      Reason doctors gave for their mistakes or cutting corners…was they thought they could save money and time and “the client won’t know”…and it went horribly wrong.

      So rule of thumb is to only go if we find someone awesome after research…. 🥳if our own docs say no, or outside is cheaper…. don’t do it

  2. “you should never go outside of the United States to get a surgical procedure” REALLLLY? the UK has one of the top surgeons as well…wat u talking abt willis🤔🤔

    • I’m sure he meant like third world countries but even in other nations the standard is not as high as Americas would be.

    • actually the top leading surgeons in terms of plastic surgery are in America…idk where you get yall info from lol…comeon…UK can’t even take care of their patients teeth…

      only reason S korea has all this “korea is the best for cosmetic surgery” is because everyone there gets it and talks about it constantly….only places where cosmetic surgery is practiced often in the US are only three cities primary (LA/NYC/Miami) not saying there aren’t others…but those are the only cities where you can say it’s booming…let alone in miami alot of foreigners get done there.

    • The people that are leaving their home countries for a procedure are usually not heading to other countries with similar medical standards. They are usually going to places where they can get the procedures done for a cheaper price, or a dangerous procedure that is not allowed in their home country. So the doctor here is probably not referring to countries like the UK, South Korea, Japan, etc.

    • Eyeball Art tbh the face injections give it away. As well as the hyper feminine look.

  3. “Dont get surgery out of the us” uhm go to korea and come back and tell me the same thing again

    • I think what he was getting at is that the US is just more regulated than other countries with medicine & procedures.
      SK is a good place, but these people are going to Mexico…Thailand…Philippines…when they should stay in the US & do it.

  4. Thailand and Korea is the best and the cheapest to do ur cosmetic procedures…have it done in US and ull end up hideously lookin like MJ and the rest

    • Elin Tilia you are right to an extent about Korea but nowadays Korean doctors have much more experience with international clients including Africans and white Americans

    • Everyone keeps saying Korea but they are only focused on Korean beauty standards that’s all they know so why would i trust them on my black body? Most Asian hair dressers have no clue how to deal with black hair and you’re telling me to trust them with my life? Yea no thanks

    • +Kierra Mack
      100%. If you ever watch those “before and after” Korean plastic surgery videos, literally every girl comes out looking exactly the same. Their doctors are amazing, but I doubt they’ve worked on anyone but Asians and maybe a few white girls.

  5. “Black market hormones therapy”? At 14?
    I’m sorry what? Where were that child’s parents? I have so many questions.

    • +Peach Dreams HAHAHA ! I don’t know how old you are, but 14 IS STILL A CHILD like it or not. You must have just turned 14.

    • All these replies just remember if you never struggled with sexuality or being transgender why comment especially if you are STRAIGHT

    • Being transgender has nothing to do with the person’s parents or their ability to parent

  6. You should not go out the US to get surgery? lol that’s pretty funny since America is behind on technology and new procedures compared to South Korea, Japan, China, Australia, UK, etc.

    • Mar. shmallow But how if a lot of their applicants are coming to the US for medical school? 🤔

    • That’s not what he meant. She went outside of the country to get plastic surgery because us doctors told her no
      But she got a bootleg surgeon from a different county to do it and now she has cement in her face. He basically meant if certain doctors in your country tell you no because of safety reason you should probably take there advice and don’t go to some other country so you can get said dangerous surgery

    • the transphobia in these comments… you are all disgusting. They are women. Treat them with respect.

  7. doctor: “you’re not afraid to have your cheek operated on?” “no absolutely not”she said. that’s why you in this mess right now!

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