Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods No Closer to Repairing Relationship | TMZ TV

Kylie Jenner's not ready to take Khloe Kardashian's lead and open the door to forgiveness for her ex-bestie, Jordyn Woods … at least, not yet.


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  1. I was Jordan I would not want to repair my friendship with any jenner , Kardashian because it’s clearly that they’re not trying to repair and fix things with her . If I was here I would move on and find new friends because all they do is shade and continue to make her feel bad and make you feel even worse about yourself . I would not want to be friends with Kylie Jenner ever again especially if she tries to constantly shade you . Stop begging and find people that appreciate you ..

    • Chelle Lorraine they ignoring and shading her because of what she is done with her beat friend sister. So she is not so innocent you know

    • Chelle Lorraine do you that it was Jordan who cheated owith her best friends sister baby daddy. Who is the guilty party here, don’t tell me you are supporting a cheater because you hate Kardashian it’s really bad

  2. Kylie going to places with a new friend that she probably used to find with Jordyn. females are vindictive, evil beings, imagine how much clearence Jordyn lost by breaking ties with Kylie

    Quick! Put her on Suicide watch!

  3. You See How Fast Kylie Dropped Her Over A KISS Jordyn You Don’t Need Her Your Good Luv🤷🏾‍♀️

    • +Sigh Majesty 1. Why didn’t she tell them immediately in order to avoid this entire mess
      2. Did she pull away? No and you know when someone is gonna kiss you
      3. it’s been said it’s been happening for months

    • you don’t tell me my sisters baby daddy kissed you right away you just as guilty period. lol how are people justifying her actions as if she’s innocent? she’s too grown to play this dumb

    • Shanti so you keep your friendship with somebody even she is cheated with your sister’s boyfriend

    • Let’s see your reaction if one of your closest ppl share a kiss with your bf or ex or baby daddy, okay hun?!

  4. This is just a PR stunt for people to tune into show to revive ratings, they will all laugh to the bank, while the general pop is glued to this boring drama.

  5. What kind name is Jordan and why are the Kardashians and black people obsessed with eachother? Hollywierdos

  6. Jordyn woods is literally the token of the Kardashians , if she was really considered “family” this would of been handled differently and everyone wouldn’t have turned there backs on her so quickly . They didn’t even keep the same energy with Scott ?

    • Raven私は牛のよso you will treat her like family if something like this happens with you great

    • Raven私は牛のよ so he is father of Kourtney’s children and stop supporting a cheater

    • Right! Simply because she’s black they no longer need her-after copying her physical features they’re no longer interested

    • Melvina Harris stop playing race card every time. We are human first. Have you ever thought this could happen with you irrespective of color caste race at least say and support what is true how can you you support a girl who cheated with your sister’s boyfriend

    • Yeah team let me put my legs over another woman’s baby daddy and act all innocent afterwards like I did nothing to make him think I want him. Sure. 👏😑

  7. Do yourself a favor and run that whole family uses people for personal gain

  8. I wouldn’t want to mend my relationship with a best friend who betrayed my sister or myself . FT

    • Tayah Moon I’m talking in general but I agree that it’s an inexcusable behaviour however mistakes happen, I find it extremely hard to believe that Kylies and Jordyns friendship is basically ceasing to exist. So forgiveness from Kylies end is inevitable.


    • Ash Settle well your are supporting a cheater. So what does it makes you? Stop judging ppl you don’t know.

  9. Who cares. Kylie bought Jordyns friendship anyways just to make herself look good.

  10. This is my opinion…if I had a a best friend and I found out she was hooking up with my sisters baby daddy I wouldn’t wanna talk to her either. She will always love jordyn BUT being in that spotlight you really don’t have a lot of people to trust, jordyn got business and money from her of course jordyn is gonna hang around them, she was getting everything she wanted. Nobody knows the whole story, we don’t know them personally, Hollywood is an act, jordyn said she didn’t remember anything and then gave a brief story about how it was just a kiss…idk I just think Hollywood is something else

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