Danny Trejo Says Trump’s Wall Plan is Futile, But Supports Improving Border Security | TMZ

Danny Trejo's got a big problem with Donald Trump's master plan to build a big beautiful wall along America's southern border … he doesn't think it will work.


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    • +eazydee415 its not the money not good but its physically impossible to build due to a lot of challenges and legal issues


    • Vasilia Votzakis LOL. Maybe you should get a little more informed. Trump has already stated the military is going to build the wall. What do you think the extra money in the military budget was for? This is all to show the Americans that Democrat care more about criminals than Americans. The wall is a done deal cupcake.

    • Black Sheep …Trump said Mexico was going to pay for the wall and he also said if the government shuts down is all on him. He is constantly lying and is never a person of his word. Walls won’t stop tunnels or people that comes by boat,such as the incident in Florida recently! Smh 🤦‍♂️

  1. Just put a nuke in the tunnels, and that’ll solve the tunnel problems. For the wall, that wall with sharp points is spot on.

  2. Trump is sticking to what he promised unlike other presidents border security will never work that just means the cartel can kill more agents and turn them against us and sneak through nobody would have a problem if Hillary or Obama build a wall

    • +Kreepy Pasta 116 to 900 billion on a stupid war is nothing. We have more white people on welfare than anywhere else.Explain that.

    • +Kreepy Pasta.Immigrants made this country and that is how it always been..If you don’t know your history please don’t comment anymore.

    • +Matt skeletor
      I never said I was pro-war, I only stated a fact that is commonly over looked. whites do make up the majority in the US, and illegals do steal all our high wage, low skill construction jobs. so I’m sure that factors into welfare numbers.

    • +Matt skeletor
      Actually our founding Fathers gave us the foundation for what America is today. If you don’t know your history, please don’t comment anymore.

    • +Kreepy Pasta Founding fathers where not from this country so what does that make them?? Immigrants tadaaa..It not the people for Mexico we have to worrying about when we depend on other countries in the first place.

    • And you are stupid to support to build a wall. It like going back to a flip phone.. We have drones and more tech power a wall is a waste of money

    • +Kelly Rhys .Illegal Immigrants?? Do you even understand what you are saying. Blacks didn’t come here willingly but Mexico gave them there freedom and land in the 1830’s .Nobody came here legally it was all taken from the Indian’s. So unless you are 100 percent Indian I wouldn’t say one word.

    • When people mention they’re black or any minority before they make a statement like that they are lost and need attention lol

  3. Israel built a wall and now only has 1% illegal immigration. don’t listen to Communist media, walls do work! otherwise every single country on the planet Earth wouldn’t have one.

    • +Mad 1976
      Mexico should pay for the wall. illegal invaders cost US taxpayer’s 116B a year, and that number is extremely conservative. it’s probably 3-4 times that.

    • +Justin Ashley
      Walls work both ways. do you lock your front door to keep strangers out, or do you keep it open and let any stranger in at any time?

  4. When Donald Trump and his family go to jail they can build a wall as part of their sentences…

  5. For those in support of the wall remember that we are talking miles and miles of different types of landscapes and geography. It is going to cost way more than what Trump is asking for, not to mention the maintenance of it as well as the vast security needed in man power. At the end of the day that money could be used on something more viable.

  6. Its ok all americans that want to support the wall go to go fund me .com and look at we the people will fund the wall. And help support this.

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