Michael B. Jordan Hopes Travis Scott’s Not Really Performing at SB Halftime Show | TMZ

Michael B. Jordan really doesn't want to believe Travis Scott's joining Maroon 5 for the Super Bowl 53 Halftime Show … because he thinks it goes against what Trav should be standing for.


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  1. Can someone explain why? as a European I don’t get it what’s wrong with playing at the football game?

    • +Ashley May I domt like college ball,the rules are different a d I’ve always loved THE SAINTS!!!!!!!!

    • They’re butthurt over Colin Kapernick protesting their thugs getting murdered by police while the black on white crime stats are way higher. But don’t tell them that they’ll say you’re a racist while cuddling their welfare checks.

    • +rey lewis Says the bigger dummy here. Why don’t u bring more awareness to the ppl y’all be killing everyday? Despite being a minority and responsible for half of america’s crime problem, dumbass 🤗. But oh wait poor spineless cowardly blacks who could never hurt someone. Tell me what awareness and how bitching like you ain’t got your wellfare check at the superbowl is gonna help you fools out?

    • rey lewis dude I know what the protest is about. I’m saying they think the nfl screwed over Colin by not giving him a job which is why they don’t want him to perform. And your last sentence didn’t make any sense

  2. Girls Like you……….. *BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE!!!!!!* *Woo, made this here with all the ice on in the booth At the gate outside!*

    • +aelyssa wilson Exactly! Like when we protest “black lives matter”, they say “all lives matter”. I often have to remind those people that all lives aren’t being snuffed out by law enforcement, black lives are.

    • Beyoncca Boyd
      Putting up Black Power fist like Beyoncé did that other super bowl halftime show wasn’t about equality. Black Power/Black Nationalism has always been about supremacy.

  3. Okay, what about all of the black or brown football players!? You want them to all clock out and go home too, Michael? It’s not good logic.

    • Jet LaDaDaDa Life I agree.. And from my understanding those who perform don’t really make money, they have to PAY a certain amount of money. Which is probably why Michael said that. Hopefully they’ll kneel!🙄 But, then again nevermind. They have to overstand what they’re representing to do that. The owners of the teams, sponsors and etc.. benefit the most. So they could do just that, take their POWER by getting in their POCKETS!!

    • I was saying the same thing. Why why should TS have to sacrifice a huge opportunity like this when you have all of these black players, coaches, and ticket holders who are still going to be facilitating the event.

    • Think of it like this sooo many people like watching football and those people to different types of music…. Now what would happen if someone comes out of nowhere plays bangers at the supper bowl half time show. Usually it’s just nice pop music not crazy up beat music

    • +Animelytical ……. As an entertainer he is gaining a lot of publicity. But I feel like he shouldn’t make a sacrifice if no one else is or more over he should have to turn it down just because how others feel about the NFL.

    • +Jim Beam I agree, his JOB is to be an entertainer I don’t think other controversy should matter when it’s just him performing. It wouldn’t mean he stands against what people believe. It’s the super bowl it would probably be exciting.

    • because the nfl fired kapernick for standing up for the rights for black people , and black artist are turning down performing and boycotting it

  4. Who cares man, let him preform, you cant spell preform without reform and thats what society needs,

  5. Michael B Jordan can’t talk with his love for white women. You the wrong person trying to be pro black. Lmao

  6. This man dream might be to perform at the super bowl. But we want to hold this man back to satisfy “us” the same ones who gone wake up and go to work for the “white man” anyway😂 bro don’t compromise your life for nobody, you only live once especially if you want to do it because YOU want to. Shiid, if they tell you not to perform tell them not go to work.

    • okay so like I don’t get the problem The man likes white women. Why is that a problem? I’ve seen a lot of comments on this, but it seems to be an issue. like he just prefers them. People have their own taste I’m pretty sure he likes black women to.

    • Being pro black means pro black men. That’s how they can reconcile being pro black and not dating their race of women.

    • KING LOS These kinda comments are just annoying now. Anyone can be into whatever race they want to be into.

    • +Miss Kay Sooo in a sense it defeats the purpose of being a black man in America in more ways then one?

    • Because if all blacks arent on the same page, and have the same belief, they sre Uncle Tom’s, and all blacks , heaven for bid one actually has a different belief, sounds like slavery to me, wanting to make them all believe the same thing, or get ridiculed,

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