‘Degrassi’ Star Daniel Clark is ‘Upset’ Over Drake Music Video Snub | TMZ

Daniel Clark — best known for playing Sean Cameron on "Degrassi: The Next Generation" — isn't feeling the love after missing out on a cameo in Drake's new music vid … and is clueless why he didn't get the invite.


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  1. Jimmy and Sean didn’t like each other on the show…..soo i’m not surprised.

    • Jessica Carreon I dont think Daniel Clark and Aubrey Graham have real life beef. It waa their characters that didn’t like each other and from my correct knowledge they made a truce in Season 3 when they officually buried the hatchet.

    • Devin Kelsey Haha that was funny as hell. I was like why are they running after Rick hut then I remember the episode from Season 4.

    • NiNoLiberté Fioz That was on the show, I am sure they are cool in real life.

    • Controversial Mann I am sure that both Daniel and Aubrey have a grrat relationship in real life. Its their characters that didnt get along.

  2. The video title 😂😂😂 and damn drake didn’t even invite Sean to the reunion , he would have loved to see Emma 😭.

    • Jo Kaulitz No, Emma and Spinner are still together. They talked about buying a house in the next class episode lmao, and Spinner called Snake dad

    • Loveya226 I’m going to have a Degrassi marathon. lol 😉 I still ship Spinner & Emma even though it was very unexpected. Sean & Emma was a cool couple too.

    • This is exactly why he needed to be at the reunion shoot – end that Emma/Spinner bs for good. Y’all know good and well Sean’s got Emma on lock. Always has.

  3. Damn how they not put my man Sean’s on the video come on drake 😂😭😭Sean was one of the big characters that made Degrassi

    • Isaac Martinez , Sean leaving to the army wasn’t a valid reason lmao😂 Terri transferred schools, she was in it. Rick died, he was in it. Darcy got invited, she’s pregnant so she denied though.

    • Travon Love JT actor was invited but he thought the email was a scam so didn’t respond

    • clearly he is one of those people that don’t get added to group chats among friends :/ or you know he could be the one who mutes group chats lol

    • +Bogus Bozo Exactly, I seriously doubt Drake has beef with Sean or JT in real life. They all have lives of their own. All three of those guys Jimmy, JT, and Sean are the OG cast of Degrassi from day one. They all have history and nobody really knows what happened, JT thought it was a hoax and maybe Sean didn’t get an invite or maybe he wasn’t in the group chat. We will never know for sure.

    • I thought that was because Josh dated/married Drake’s friend & Josh thought it would be awkward for him (not sure if it was a friend or ex gf)

    • That’s actually not true they did an episode on grandfather together doing references of drake and josh like a year before the wedding

    • gloryya lovee no Josh didn’t invite Drake because whenever he invited Drake to events or whatever, he’d decline or say he was busy. Due to that, he didn’t think to invite him to his wedding because he expected him to cancel.

    • Josh explained a while back on his channel that they barely talked. Basically he was just inviting those who kept in contact than those who didnt keep in contact for months or years.

  4. Jimmy and Sean still beefing ? Only OG degrassi fans will remember the beef from season 1

  5. Damn and Sean was the dude who killed the guy that shot Jimmy. Thats the thanks he gets, cold blooded.

  6. damn i liked sean on the show but i lowkey didn’t notice he wasn’t in the video

    • Heidi Smith toby was there but it looks looks he was only in a few scenes that’s why I didn’t notice him until the credits lol

    • DonYelle and Diana it’s crazy because he was my favorite person. But I didn’t notice either. I was so upset they didn’t put JT. I feel bad I didn’t notice

    • Jami Christine whoa Terri was? I only saw Paige , Ashley , Rick , Jimmy , Spinner , Manny and Emma , Toby too. Out of the main people with story lines on the show.

    • Kylie Kay he didn’t. And that’s why I loved him. He was low-key and just minded his business. Just a broken boy trying to find his way into the world.

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