Demi Lovato Overdose 911 Call | TMZ

Demi Lovato's friends wanted to keep her OD on the DL … asking paramedics to come to her house without sirens.


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    • pink . poze honestly when callin 911 they are never supposed to panic, they are trained not to panic and usually are supposed to calm the 3rd party down when dealing with certain situations. The so-called friends aren’t panicking so therefore it has probably happened before or they have seen it happen to someone else.

    • +shelliemarle: idk .. .. However, if the caller were doing drugs also, it can cause a very flat “affect”, meaning very flat tone, unemotional. Happens when people take downers.

    • Troubled ppl are attracted to other troubled people, likr hangs with like, mental illness and addiction go hand in hand,

    • real talk … Why do people assume it’s the friends who pushed her to do drugs or even had the drugs??? Maybe Demi is the one that had it and the friends new about it that’s why they had Narcan on them.

  1. When a random guy over doses: “What a worthless part of humanity.”

    When Demi over doses: “OMG it wasn’t her fault!”

  2. Somehow pewdiepie gets more hate for posting a MEME about the situation but TMZ and other media get a free pass for monetizing and exploding her overdose and drug addiction. Double standards. She could have died.

    • Okay I just want to say one thing. Normal people get addicted to drugs just like celebrities. No one makes them do it, it’s called an addiction. And it’s actually quite normal but yet sad thing that after a few years of sobriety addicts relapse. If for some reason any of you all got addicted and got in the public eye you would absolutely hate it that people would say this. She probably knows she needs help and is getting the help she needs. Let her recover in peace

  3. Tmz your kinda mess up for putting this call up because who would post anything like this up? You guys clearly will post something like this up, I feel bad cause If I was demi lovato I wouldn’t want anything personal like a phone call to 911 to get out into public? Before you comment and bash me for my opinion think about it cause if this was you and your unaware about this situation cause you overdose on drugs or whatever and you didn’t know anything about the call between whoever was calling 911 to save your life and it get out to the public for everyone to listen too and knowing some of your fans or the people who are close to you, hear this phone call and knowing they might think differently about you. My honest opinion tmz was mess up for posting this just to get whatever they want out of this

  4. This is just my opinion I think she should take a break from Hollywood and singing for a bit until she finds herself again she should get some therapy. Again this is my opinion you don’t need to agree with it .🤙🖤

    • Its all the work of the elites and Illuminati, as soon as someone become famous for talent not sexualization. They sink there teeth in lnto them to make money off them and steal there souls.. Demi was such a good girl still is I think, they’ll put so much pressure of her to do drugs and other things that they loose themselves when stressed..they just destroy lives..

  5. I always considered Suicide as an option but I stop as soon as I think about my parents.

  6. These comments are really upsetting. I can understand people being against drugs but dehumanizing a person who needs help from her family, friends, and professionals isn’t okay. She needs support and professional help. She’s also bipolar, anyone who is bipolar (such as myself) knows the struggle with impulse problems, addiction, and suicidal tendencies. Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t make her not a person with an illness so hard to deal with most combination of medication and therapy still can’t be enough for some.

    Instead of rushing to “We’ll, she’s a drug addict why are we giving her attention?”, people who actually understand or try to understand and aren’t so quick to dehumanize someone just because they have a problem aren’t giving her just “attention”, people want to give support. However, her family requested that they and Demi were given privacy and of course, because of social media that isn’t likely to happen.

    I can’t describe to just anyone who doesn’t deal with depression, anxiety, or any sort of personality disorder the pain you go through just trying to live a happy life. And sometimes the pain doesn’t feel worth it and people want to hurt themselves to get away from it.

    I wish there wasn’t such a stigma about people with addiction and mental illnesses. People with addiction need to be helped, of course we don’t wanna baby them but they need guidance while also pushing them to better themselves but no such much that it’s too much for them to handle. People with addiction and other sorts of mental illnesses need help and a push in the right direction so they can become that strong person they deep down wanna be.

    • Everyone responds differently in situations. There is no typical response. Just because she doesnt sound panicked doesn’t mean she wasnt. I’m one of these people that always sound calm, it’s just my demeanor.

    • oh god… do you think she should be yelling then? would that be helpful at all?? in difficult situations the best thing u can do is stay calm and solve what u need to solve. she made the call, she helped. period.

    • Miranda Marie my cousin said maybe its because her family and friends know she has a problem staying sober so this is what happens when she would break her sobriety. But then again my cousin doesnt know Demi personally

  7. That was disturbing …no sirens please? And she refused to give any info…seriously u still care more about her rep as opposed to her health?

  8. *This person on the phone seems extremely calm for such a tragic situation tbh.*

    • I Create Change shows phone call that is completely public “yall crosses the line” when other celebs privacy gets invaded y’all be ok but when poor Demi lovato makes her own decision to do drugs it’s crossing the line?

    • MR.AWESOME182
      I’m aware of how public those calls are, I’m an attorney. You’re so caught up on assuming that when others have their privacy invaded I’m okay with that. Show some remorse.

    • Tarots By Tasha remorse for the fact she decided to do drugs. She pushed away all help that she had and left with people who obviously weren’t real friends to her. All for a short high.

    • +Caracalla Severus But she isn’t a “junkie” anymore. She stopped, and relapsed and felt horrible for it. I’m sorry you have depression and you have bad days like that but she had severe depression too, and that’s just a way she coped even if it is bad. But you shouldn’t be harsh on anyone– including yourself– for messing up. It’s a part of life, we all do it, it’s sad, but we just need to move on.

    • The same people saying this should’ve been private are the same people who saw the title and wanted to know just like everyone else lol

    • Jason Peng u sound stupid. U obviously don’t knows-hit about drugs U can’t make someone do anything. Only sheltered people think it’s that simple. Go home

    • Why do people like to blame the friends? I don’t get it. Maybe she’s the Bad Influencer.

    • Jason Peng they can’t really stop her bc it’s an addiction and it’s hard to stop.

  9. Even if Demi Lovato is addicted to drugs, she still has a conscious, she knows what an overdose is. She knew she could die. She made a poor choice.

    • Her life is not in private anymore ppl have to be all up in her business now 🙁 its sad almost

    • i know i hate that they threw her right back into the public eye when shes trying to get healthy the best thing for her is to keep her out of the media and hope she says sober addiction is a never ending fight

    • Lar Family Why is it sad? A celebrity who has it all, fame, beauty, family and friends, a great successful career going for her, and yet somehow she and they, as in celebrities, always have to sabotage their own careers. It’s pretty much a joke nowadays and these celebrities make themselves look so stupid when they do things such as what she did.

    • All 911 calls, unless otherwise stated for legal reasons, are made public due to the Freedom of Information Act. It’s not like this one is available just because she is a celebrity. Is it more sensational because of it? Sure. But all 911 calls are accessible to the public. Also this isn’t even sad lol they’re asking for an ambulance, there is no other information.

  10. Why are they releasing this? This should be private. Demi struggled with drugs that’s all we need to know.

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