DJ Paul Says We Need Guns to Protect Ourselves in the Future | TMZ

DJ Paul has a very bleak vision of our future, which is why he says we need guns … and even assault rifles.


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    • And that’s why we’ll never have peace in’s slavery in Libya against black ppl so what are you implyin’? We’re pitted against one-another..we’ll never be able 2 to fight a revolution or win a revolution against “the power’s that be”..many trump supporter’s..and a good number of white ppl..still think “rich” white ppl are on their side..while they drown in opioid’ wasn’t a black man who created opioid’s

    • Most will… Things are getting worse over seas and we are low on service men… Drafts are coming O_o

  1. dnt matter if they ban guns or not it’s the american culture, ppl will still be able to get guns

  2. Damn right! ✊🏽 I don’t care about the politics but the 2nd amendment should not be thrown away if at the same time it’s okay for a cop to gun down someone carrying a white cell phone that they thought was a deadly weapon!!!

    • Teach your kids from the get go, never trust the government. They ARE trying to kill us.

    • Sydney & Wolf Speak Sydney & Wolf Speak 🤔You knew that, 🧠 and still put that? 🙄🤥. Already blaming your unborn fetus for making mistakes! 👎🏻

    • Perhaps most police officers in the US should be unarmed like in Britain, and gun control laws introduced at the same time. Police training in the US should also be improved. This will also ensure that the American public has good relations with the police.

  3. Real words from a man who was in a group that did sooo much for the rap game. Respect and listen up.

  4. We dont have a gun problem, we have a culture problem that needs to change.

  5. EVERY tyrannical government that ever got into power first took away guns
    nazis did it
    stalin did it
    mao did it
    castro did it
    if America loses the right to bear are there will be a 10 year period where congress slowly but surly takes away our freedom of speech and other freedoms

    • but look at the economy of those countries afterwards…. You think the US will sacrifice it’s economy over guns? mmmmm

  6. 2nd amendment is to protect you from a tyrannical government. Militarized police and UN troops and or New World Order

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