Kourtney Kardashian BREAKS UP with Scott Disick (DETAILS + PHOTOS) | TMZ

Kourtney Kardashian has finally pulled the plug on her relationship with Scott Disick … kicking her baby daddy to the curb after his partying habits got out of control … sources tell TMZ.


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Kourtney Kardashian BREAKS UP with Scott Disick (DETAILS + PHOTOS) | TMZ



  1. Kourtney deserves way better that Scott, he’s careless for god sake he’s got 3 kids is he serious?

    • +Cosmic Fresh
       kardashians.. once they go black, they walk bowlegged for the rest of their lives and have to use super tampons to fill that huge blood gusher hole.. aint that how the saying goes? lol

    • +Cosmic Fresh
      Mmmm that sounds good right now.. Chicken doesnt sound too bad either

  2. They seemed so happy in the recent season of Keeping up with the Kardashian.

  3. If he hasn’t been living with her for a month telling everyone he’s single, it’s because they’ve been broken up for awhile.

  4. I think if he keeps going down the path he is on he will soon be dead.

    • I totally agree! Which is really sad, eventually the break up will hit him hard and we will feel abandon and alone

    • +allison baidoo yeah, but i feel for kourtney a little. She has the kids to take care of and scott isn’t in the right mind set. 

    • +Rose H //// I myself have been trying to get off opiates the passed few years now. I’ve heard the withdrawals from benzos are even worse. Hope you are doing well.

  5. Being married to any Kardashian would drive any man to drink.  Good move Scott.

    • she only do him when she wants to have a baby. so he drink and do drugs 😔


    • +itsonlytati
      thats what im saying.. he gets no love from her.. He cant party without that whole crazy family coming down on him like he just murdered a baby.. He has put up with a lot living with those female minions of satan

    • +Alia Siso he cant handle kourt and her bitchyness. i like the kardashians but kourt isnt that supportive anyways.

    • +itsonlytati
      I somewhat agree, but if you have someone in your family who is and/or a recovering alcoholic you’d understand… You become bitter and resentful towards them. No one likes being around negative energy especially taking care of a grown adult. This is what I’ve experience personally myself from a family member that is an alcoholic and gambler.

    • +Alia Siso  Hell yes! Thank you for this comment. I went through that for 3 years with my husband! We have two children. It was so damn hard. He is sober now, but I was so bitter  and angry all the time. I could not enjoy life when he was doing that. I would always worry about what would happen. I feel for her. It is not easy.

  6. Well okay they are broken up now. Lol watch kourtney end up with a black guy a few months from now

  7. Good for her. She can be a strong woman. Lets just say shes more mature than the other kardashians

    • +Rex Newbz the only difference between kourtney and your mom is that kourt is millionaire, both still bitchy

  8. I think this is for the best tbh. I am not a fan of them at all but Kourtney deserves better

    • ok yea but she still stays home and take care of the kids if scotts not happy with her he still owes his kids good fathering

    • +Matt C And how do you know he isn’t with his kids right now, this very moment we are talking? Don’t assume he won’t be with him. If I were you I’d shut up tbh.

    • +JanninesPhotos ya i think kourtney is the coolest most chill of them, she really seems sweet and hes such a tool

    • +T Raa Agree!! she was over controlling and he just has some issues.. they prob enjoyed each other before but def grew apart ..

  9. I don’t defend Scott’s actions in any way but what did Kourtney expect?? everyone who watches KUWTD knows that she treats him like sh*t,doesn’t respect him at all as a partner and keeps having kids with him without even consider asking him whether he wants to expand their family or not… it was a matter of time until she drove him crazy and pushed him away…

  10. You lost me at “inside sources tell us (insert Pump Mamma Kris’ latest thirsty plan here) Kortney’s over Scott.

  11. Scott hasn’t been home in over a month? It sounds like Scott left Kourtney, not the other way around

  12. How many black guy jokes are going to fill the comment section, I mean it’s funny at first but then it gets old and overused…

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