“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” Katch-Up S15, EP.12 | E!

The Kardashian-Jenner family is blindsided by Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal. Plus, Khloe goes into labor and everyone scrambles to reach her before she gives birth.

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S15, EP.12 | E!


  1. Hearing Khloe’s voice on the phone breaks our hearts 🙁 The most exciting time in her whole life shouldn’t be taken away from her by someone else’s choices.
    Edit: I get that Khloe is still with Tristain and had a past when they got together. But no women who is about to bring a child into the world should have to go through that. Finding out a couple days before going into labor that your husband or boyfriend cheated on you while your carrying a child.

    • It was absolutely terrible how he did it right before she was about to have the kid…. these basketball players are young, rich and don’t have any issue having a chick in every city they go. Those girls knew he was with Khloe there’s no doubt…. they didn’t care because it got their name out there. Sad

  2. The Kardashian’s family has each other’s back no matter what. Kylie is so mature and you can feel the pain khloe going through her voice. Tristan is trash the only positive thing out of this relationship is True. Khloe deserves better I hope she realizes that.💕💕💕💕

  3. I think it’s good that Scott hangs out with the family despite being split from Kourtney, it’s much healthier for kids to always have the father around.

    • He does it to be on TV and get paid. Do you really think the people on the show act genuine?? I’m not sure you understand reality shows or this family.

    • I think they like him better than they like Kourtney but I think they know they have to be loyal to her because she is their sister but I think they enjoy time with Scott more.

  4. I love how close they are and how they Stick together
    God Tristan makes me sick how could he do this to her and embarrass her like this
    Poor Khloe 💔😭

    • +Nancy B I agree. Khloe cant b all surprised. she was asking for it. As much as I love her she shouldn’t b with a cheat. they just asking for trouble

  5. There’s ABSOLUTELY no way I even entertain the thought of having to be in the same room with a guy who just did that to my sister 😤😡🤬! I would have attacked him on site.

    • Most people would confront the person…. But if my sister basically told me don’t say anything right now it’s my baby’s birth. I would shut up and bring it up at a later time. That’s just respect and you don’t want to ruin the day for her….

    • Julie Grace I think she didn’t want it to have an affect on the delivery of the baby. She already needed oxygen to get the baby’s oxygen back up. “On-site” may have escalated the risk of losing the baby. This case would’ve required post delivery “on-site”🙅

  6. Khloe what did you expect ! You got pregnant by him not even a year after dating him, all while he had another woman pregnant! Not surprising at all sis!

    • Again with the lies. All 3 out that rumor to rest. He was single when he met Khloe. They weren’t even in the same state 😒

    • +Ohmy gosh wrong jordy c confirmed they were still together i even had a conversation on Instagram with a woman who knows tristian he lied and told khloe jordy cheated on him when he got with khloe and that prince wasn’t his then she got a dna test and it was his all along meanwhile he’s all over khloe

    • +Jelissa Gonzalez exactly khloe wanted a family so bad she didn’t bother to do her research before getting in bed with the man and she got burned

  7. I’m starting to believe that Khloé already knew about his infidelity before her family and friends found out.

    • Me too. The footage of him cheating with the two women actually happened a few months before it got leaked to the public. There’s also a rumor saying that she’s okay with his cheating as long as he’s discreet but idk them personally so I could be completely wrong.

    • And rumors that the TMZ footage that was later leaked (after the footage by the daily mail where he’s leaving and entering the hotel with Loni Blair) Kris had been given a heads up that they were going to leak it.

    • I’m sure she knew. Something tells me Khloe is insecure. She’s had to be around her sisters who are smaller and petite. Her one sister Kim is self absorbed and always messing with her looks. So she probably felt like she had to do it to, just to fit in with all of them. Seems like she lets men walk all over her for some reason. All the sisters have drama with men it seems. Kylie’s relationship seems solid.

  8. No matter what circumstance, no woman should ever be treated like that! No matter what!! The pain in Koko’s voice really got to me. I could feel her pain. Just days before giving birth…that’s cruelty if anything 😢😢

  9. I was cheated on while I was pregnant. My daughter’s father was banging my two best friends. Imagine my turmoil. I would have loved to have this kind of support.

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