Does 5SOS Prefer American or Australian Girls?

The 5 Seconds of Summer bandmates reveal the difference between ladies from down under and the States! See it from the 2015 American Music Awards.


  1. thank god she noticed calum, not any of the others, as much as i love them, calum is always underappreciated

  2. i love how they practically fell to the floor and everybody was looking at them like what are these shitbags doing god i am so in love with them

    • hahaha for real looks so fun..I have never really noticed this band until the interview really showed but because of their humor I gonna start listening to them.

    • I didn’t really like the interviewer:/ she interrupted luke and didn’t really talked to Michael

    • +c r e a s i o n right!! And she had to talk about calums face like boi with her rude self.

  3. i hate how she asked everyone about girls except Mikey. i mean, hes part of the group to, so he should get asked questions to!

    • She did try but luke kept talking. She pointed the mic at him but Luke continued and he said a few short answers so she went to ash. Can we at least appreciate she focused on Calum? He never speaks. It makes me so mad when we interviewers skip someone don’t get me wrong I was mad too but she did try.

  4. I love how Ash was saying American girls are athletic af bc it’s true as hell. When we unleash our inner fangirl (no matter who, American or not) we become Usain Bolt LMFAO

  5. ash : american girls are so athletic
    me : lol meet me n you’ll change ur mind boo

  6. “They’re very athletic”

    I must not be an American girl then because I’ve been sitting in my bed my whole life😂

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