KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian Confronts Kourtney About Her Nasty Attitude | E!

What's up with mean Kourt?! Instead of offering to help Kim plan two family events, Kourt takes a jab at Khloe's decor on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." Watch!

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian Confronts Kourtney About Her Nasty Attitude | E!


    • Oh yessss. Especially if you are around bitchy plastics. You find your mind and just freez. Iam super stubborn around fake people
      🤣🤣🤸🏽she rocks my boat. I wish she continued persuing her interior design dream than parade like zombies

    • I will never forget the episode when Khloe was planning to give back to the homeless and Kourtney said that she didn’t care because she didn’t grow up around anyone homeless. I haven’t been able to look at her the same. Khloe has definitely always been my favorite Kardashian sister.

    • Well, she has a Capricorn in the moon, that explains everything (yeah, I know, her sun is in Aries but we have other placements and that’s one of her great placements).

  1. Nothing is wrong with Kourtney. It seems like she is moving on in her life and is just over the fake drama, exposure, and fake sisters around her

  2. I kinda understand Kourt, some of us are born ‘unbothered’ and so even with family sometimes it takes extra energy to be emotionally present

  3. She is tired of fake family. There isn’t anybody more mean than Kim or Khloe how they speak to Kourtney.

  4. Cuz kourtney is the only natural bodied kardashian in the family so she gets hate

    • She gets hate because she is stubborn for no reason. All we ever see her do is sit around all day on her phone or driving. Why would they hate when they have the bodies they want lol they think She’s boring and she is. They are trying to make money and she just skates by being boring making money doing nothing queen everyone else is working hard. If they weren’t famous and making money off the show she would be a bum because she’s lazy and doesn’t want to be a working mom.

  5. Kim : “ I’m so afraid of her “
    Khlo: “ I’m like so afraid of her”

    😂😭😭😭 favorite part .. they’re like so dramatic @0:05

    • Me: “I’m like, like, so afraid of her”. That’s the extent of their vocabulary.

  6. khloe used to be my favourite but she’s annoying with kim now, kourtney’s my fave now she just keeps it real and remains unbothered.

  7. Kourtney is right though. They came to have a meeting but all self absorbed Kim and la la land Khloe with her cheating baby daddy could talk about waa planning Kim’s baby shower. The sisters were actually being the bullies. They need to get over themselves. I’m like Kourtney…I’ll be so over it too.

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    • +Jacqueline Kim did do something……I think she’s talking about their attitude at the fight

    • +Jacinta Bisona what ? who’s talking about their attitude at the fight ? Idk who you’re referring to

  8. You can tell Kourtney doesn’t wanna do the show anymore or be famous and really starting to get sick of her sisters.

  9. I think kourt has a „ Kardashian-OVERKILL“ she can not stand it anymore …. this Family is too much … she should distance herself from them and do her own thing.

  10. I LOOOVVEEE kourtney’s attitude here. I think she is done with this family right now and is just fed up, she’s acting out and I think she should for once.

  11. The issue here is clear…Kourtney feels burdened by the show. She said on numerous occasions in their ongoing arguments that filming for the show takes her away from her kids which is where she prefers to be. We all go through this in life where we have to stop doing something we love to do something that pays the bills. It’s fretting, frustrating and eventually makes us resentful toward the job. Add the dynamic of doing it with your family worse yet sisters who hold nothing back when it comes to arguments whether it’s Kourtney being rude to them all the time amplifying their insecurities or them making smart comments about her not doing “other jobs” like they do to fuel whatever insecurities she may have and about her making the job you already don’t like doing more difficult for them…in front of a crew of people that’s going to edit the interactions to make you look like the bad guy on national television…everyone will eventually snap and not care anymore. Does that make Kourtney’s or Kim’s attitude now right? No but does that make their current behavior understandable? For sure. They all have different personalities and personal goals but the common understanding is that they all need money to upkeep their respective desired standards of living. If Kourtney feels content with what she has coming in from the show great for her. If Kim and Khloe want more and choose to do extra great for them. They should all just respect each other in their individual lanes. Either way none of their unlimited supply of money is coming into any of our hands so 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Ok I’m sorry but nobody got time to read your post I read like 3 sentences and I’m like I’m done can’t u like make it short

    • Well if that is the case why does she take a month long vacation away from her kids going out of the country to be with her boyfriend. Plus she had 2 nannies. Plus how is her shooting the show for maybe 4 hours a day for 6 months compare to other single mothers that work 40-60 hour work weeks while taking their kids to day care an she makes a lot more money than them. All of them are mothers but do your job or quit.

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