Dr. Bernice King Says Weatherman Who Used Racial Slur About MLK Shouldn’t be Fired | TMZ

Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter thinks the meteorologist who used a racial slur while saying her father's name deserves a shot at redemption … but only after some rehabilitation.


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    • Exactly. He mashed together King and Junior by accident and quickly corrected himself. We picking the wrong battles and are only alienating people who probably want to be allies.

    • Wrong. I am white & have a lot of racist family (distant) & that is whAT RAcisist white people call MLK day. Martin Luther Coon Day. I bet that isn’t the only time he said that. BTW I don’t associate with those family members unless I have to. I have mixed grandkids that I have to protect.

    • +Kreepy Pasta
      Lol! He stated he is a Nationalist dude. Plus, have you ever heard of the central park 5. What about the multiple lawsuits he settled for housing discrimination. I get it, you are a Trump fanboy.

  1. Well if we’re supposed to let Kevin Hart off because it’s just words then this guy should be let off too.

    • Leutrell Bodden White comedians have been using the N word. Didn’t you see Louis C.K.??? And guess what, he still has a career! Kevin Hart is a comedian that based his career off of offensive jokes specifically intended for a mature audience, not a news network. This guy is a weatherman that’s on a national tv news network where you’re not even allowed to curse or risk getting fined, let alone say racial slurs. You’re using a straw man’s argument. There’s no comparison.

    • +John Smith so it’s okay to be bigoted as long as you say that it’s comedy? A man accidentally says a word and he should loose his job but a comedian purposely insults an demean a whole group of people but that’s alright? If the weatherman was making a joke would that be okay then?

    • Leutrell Bodden He’s a free lance comedian that built his highly successful career off of offensive jokes. If people didn’t like and supported his work and his jokes, he wouldn’t be where he’s at now. Weathermen have a strict set guideline of rules made by their employer that has to be followed. He broke the rule so now he’s out. If you don’t like his work, don’t support it. He’s still getting shows, movies and gigs left and right. Boycott it and see if he cares.

  2. This will never change racism is at the core of American culture fact. Racists will teach their kids to be racist and the cycle will continue

    • Yeah I feel the same way . It was just a tongue twister . It’s getting to the point where even mistakes are costing people and their families their jobs and day to day life facing Criticism everywhere .

  3. The man would not be dumb enough to risk losing his job. So I dont believe he would put his family at risk to do this on purpose.. It had to be an accidental slip of the tongue twist.. And if indeed it was a tongue twist type of situation then it is sad that he was fired over an accident.. I know plenty of racist shithead employers that are blatantly racists and should be fired and tar and feathered as well…

  4. I honestly don’t think he meant to say what he did. It’s a slip of the tongue which we all have done. If he had a history of such comments I might think otherwise but from all accounts he doesn’t.

    • Dude 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ domestic abuse and making a mistake while speaking not any where near the same level. Shame on you. Go back to bed educate yourself because you obviously don’t understand real issues.

    • +Lucero Zavala what Im saying is he should lose everything for disrespecting mlk I’m black and I don’t buy for a second it was a mistake it’s like saying coon Elizabeth

  5. I’m about to start calling every white person I see a cracker or peckerwood and just let me get some rehabilitation for it! You are your fathers child!

    • Bodiene 32 I disagree, I don’t think people are defined by their bloodlines, sure, the way people are raised has an enormous impact on their behavior, but I Believe that it is a sign of a truly intelligent person to, despite the way you were raised, decide on your behavior and decide what is right for you to do and say.

  6. I don’t believe it was a mistake, he’s been calling Dr MLK Day Coon Day , it was in his mind for years he just bought it into existence 💯

  7. It was totally a mistake lol poor guy I feel bad for him. I don’t think he did it intentionally. But her point on implicit bias was notable, implicit bias as a topic is very interesting how we do things we don’t even realize we are doing.

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