Finding Cuban Coffee | Kourtney & Kim Take Miami | E!

After trying Cuban coffee and loving it, Khloé wants Kim to try it. Can the girls find a Latin coffee shop to satisfy their cravings?


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Kourtney & Kim: Finding Cuban Coffee | E!


  1. Lmao this wasn’t supposed to be funny but omg 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m so sorry for laughing

  2. You guys know.. its quite easy to make Cuban coffee at home. Just buy an espresso maker, I personally use a DeLonghi brand, buy Cuban ground espresso, my favorite is Bustelo, but Pilon is ok. After brewing, just add some steamed milk (just a little), and there you have it, a “cortadito”, you’re welcome. Source: Im Cuban-American 😀

  3. How the bell could they not find a Cuban cafe in MIAMI. Cojone, eso dice mucho de los turistas

    • Adrian Ramirez Eso es lo que me pregunto yo. Yo soy Mexicano-Colombiano e vivo en Miami e aqui ay en donde comprar comida de todos los Latinos por todos lados, especialmente de los cubanos.

    • Oreo Gaming Kylie drives that way too! Haha watch her on older episodes when’s she’s 15!

  4. Did anyone else notice how kim pretended like she was going to drink the coffee at 2:03😂😂😂

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