KUWTK | Kim K. Gives Kylie Jenner Sisterly Advice on Insecurities | E!

Kim understands her sister's struggle with body image and offers some guidance. Catch the sweet moment on "Keeping Up with The Kardashians."

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KUWTK | Kim K. Gives Kylie Jenner Sisterly Advice on Insecurities | E!


  1. they all look so pretty here. Kendall’s naturally gorgeous, kim is a goddess, and Kylie’s hair,makeup and outfit is on point. Obsessed with this clip

    • You complimented Kendall and Kim naturally, but with Kylie, superficial like hair and makeup…says a lot about them. But yeah I agree with the above commenter Kendall is super average.

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  2. Kendall had the best advice. “No one needs anything…everybody’s beautiful” Why does everyone else seem to be okay with this in her family except Kendall?

  3. I like Kendall. She doesn’t wear too much make up. In this video she almost has none.

  4. Kendall is so sincere I love how she’s stayed genuine this whole time “we shouldn’t worry about it, everyone’s beautiful and everyone has insecurities.”

    • +Alondra C. It’s amazing how she gets such a simple thing while her sister’s struggle with this.
      Kim is considered one of the “hottest” people (” ” because that’s totally relative to whoever you talk to because imo, she’s iight. She’s pretty but hottest..? anyways…) and Kylie had a fuller body than her sister but she’s not okay with herself?
      Like, what.

    • +iBeFloe just a lil perspective, not to long ago Kendall was alwaysss regarded as the more beautiful of the two by the public, it’s not hard to understand why Kylie gave in to the pressure to have cosmetic surgery

    • Kendall literally got her lips plumped too and who knows what else she’s gotten done. She’s the biggest phony because she pretends she’s natural and is above it all

  5. I just became a Kendall fan. Kylie is already screwing up her face at stuff a young age..

    • Well first of all she doesn’t have plastic surgery like all her slutty sisters and she’s loves her self and doesn’t want to change her self

    • I think of that as a good thing. Everyone has different features, bit you are still beautiful no matter what♥️❤️ everyone is born different, that’s what makes us unique as our own person

  6. I agree with Kim. Natural beauty is great, but also what makes you happy is important. Kylie should do what she wants with her body, but she should also be careful. Cosmetic surgery is not like shopping for clothes. It has consequences. But I say if she really doesn’t like something that much, it is okay to change it.

  7. My heart hurts for Kylie. She’s obviously trying to find a way to love herself and the way she looks, she’s just going about it in the wrong way.
    While I get where Kendall is coming from, I think it’s easy to feel that way when you’ve always been considered the beautiful one. Hopefully Kylie gains more self confidence, if that means getting a surgery here and there- fine. But I think she’s too young to be doing anything right now. She should give herself a chance to grow into her features.

  8. kendall is obnoxious bc she’s naturally super gorgeous & kylie (wasn’t ugly but) wasn’t supermodel status pre-op… she looks great now, so great that everyone hates her for it lol.

  9. 0:26 – 0:36 this literally breaks my heart because I feel like it’s a true depiction of the way kylie feels all the time, always having to be behind kendall. Idk maybe just meeee.

    • I know this comment is really old, but I totally agree with you. And Kim managed the situation perfectly.

    • I think she is tired of being compared to her sister since the majority of people preferred Kendall to Kylie before Kylie got lip injections. Kylie doesn’t seem to have much going on in her life. She’ll get all dressed up and then pose for pictures or Snapchat everything. That’s the impression I get from watching Life of Kylie and that video of Rob walking in on Kylie taking selfies in the bathroom. She could probably use a hobby and an identity outside of her family and social media.

    • I think I read on her website or her app that she got injections. We all know her butts not real for many year i have curvy butt my dont look like that and i know girls who butt looks like Kims that dont look like that.

    • Kim has gotten medical injections in many different places in her body (one of them being her buttox) for her skin disease.

  10. Kendall no offense but sweetie you cant really relate you were born with a beautiful face. 😕

    • One and Only but it is. Theyre saying she has no right on speaking about insecurity since shes beautiful

    • Adriana Baltazar just because she’s a pretty person doesn’t mean she can’t say that everyone’s beautiful and should accept themselves tf? Everyone has insecurities. You can be the prettiest person in the world and hate yourself and someone “less attractive” could love themselves

    • Adriana Baltazar True but you can’t blame her she doesn’t get it and it’s not her fault

  11. I’m not saying Kendall is not insecure but she’s been known as the pretty one for the longest she’s tall and skinny and is a model and Kylie was not ugly but she was not the Kylie we know now I think Kylie looks really good now those lips changed her life lol

  12. People forget that Kendall used to have pretty bad skin and she did what she wanted to do to get rid of it. Just goes to show there’s nothing getting with wanting to get rid of your insecurities! It’s completely normal

  13. Kylie isn’t ugly, but kendall doesn’t get it. Its hard to be the “ugly” one. kim’s sweet to really pay attention

  14. Wow. Kendall was so snobby in this. The face she makes when Kim says her lips look good. How Kendall says why are we talking about this everyone’s beautiful. But then tells Kim she’s so beautiful. She basically acted as if Kylie wasn’t even in the same room the entire time.

  15. haha Kendall literally tries to flaunt that she hasn’t had any work done. chill.

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