Bruce Jenner — Victim’s Stepkids Don’t Deserve Squat In Wrongful Death Suit | TMZ

Bruce Jenner says the adult stepchildren of the woman who died in his Malibu car crash don't deserve a SINGLE PENNY from him … because they didn't lose anything when she died.


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Bruce Jenner — Victim's Stepkids Don't Deserve Squat In Wrongful Death Suit | TMZ


  1. Lets just not mention how Bruce Jenner…..oh I don’t know KILLED somebody because God forbid, I don’t want to be homophobic. But hey we can still make Bill Cosby jokes and Isis jokes and Micheal Jackson jokes, lets just stay away from Bruce Jenner.

    • He didn’t kill anyone he rear ended someone who came to a complete stop ILLEGALLY on a highway, the driver of the Hummer who hit her head on killed her not Bruce

    • +NICK RYAN correct, his in the wrong and he wasn’t paying attention, someone is now dead because of him.

  2. They should be able to sue. He killed her, and they are her next of kin. It doesn’t really matter if they have been estranged for awhile.

  3. Before watching the video I was like whaaat :O Then afterwards I was like “oh makes sense”

  4. But he killed someone and he should have some kind of punishment for it. He shouldn’t be able to just walk away free, someone is dead because he was negligent while driving.

    • +ApocZak Do you really think he feels any guilt? Also they’d lock me up for vehicular homicide or manslaughter cause I’m not famous. I don’t know anyone who had killed someone in a accident but I’m quite sure they’d be in jail.

    • +ApocZak Well my opinion is my opinion and you debating me isn’t going to change it. I think that there should be some consequence for killing someone in a accident. He just gets to walk away and be like oh well it was an accident so I shouldn’t have any repercussions for it. Have a good day.

    • +Shaqunnaful
      I wasn’t trying to get you to change your opinion honestly I thought my “maybe” in agreement was where it ended, you have a good day too.

    • It was a chain reaction accident but it was with a celebrity so they think he must be the one responsible

  5. Because they didn’t lose anything when she died. So he is basically saying that he may have accidentally killed someone but doesn’t want to pay for emotional damages because they never lost anything? Pretty sure they lost a family member but what can you expect from a transgender misguided thing.

    • +RKtennis1 It dose not matter, they didn’t file an emotional im hurt because someone died suit. they filed a wrongful death suit. All that has to be proven is that Bruce actions caused this persons death.

    • +Steven M Which they didn’t, otherwise he would have been charged. They’re suing for money.

    • +RKtennis1 actually you are wrong, they are seeking compensatory damages. which are  damages  awarded in civil court cases where loss has occurred as a result of the negligence or unlawful conduct of another party.

  6. He doesnt know crap about their relationship he should be apologizing because he has blood on his hands.

  7. That’s some bs, you killed their step-mother, point blank period, maybe they weren’t talking because of family issues, but that does not determine hatred for her, maybe they loved her still, they have to mourne the death of their loved one, while you’re being greedy with all your wealth after you killed their step-mother. Have some morality you disgusting human being. Pay them you cheap scum.

    • +Shawn Uchiha their dad died 10 yrs prior she’s not even their step mother anymore.

  8. there had to have been somebody who loved and cared for her, be it a son, daughter, parent, friend, cousin or even, yes, a pet…bruce has to pay up!

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