Grammys’ In Memoriam Totally Dissed XXXTentacion, Says Producer 9th Wonder | TMZ

9th Wonder says XXXTentacion absolutely deserved to be part of the Grammys' In Memoriam segment, because the guy left a musical legacy that's bigger than life.


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  1. XXX wouldn’t remembered at the grammys he was surrounded by controversy involving women in this me too era Grammys would have got hit hard by left wing feminists.

    • +Bekah two things lena dunham is a woman and two she didn’t rape anyone and the guy who did is not with the show. Fyi Casey Affleck harvey weinstein woody allen kevin hart James gunn its more of a gender thing than a race thing.

    • Terrance Hylton-lyons No incorrect. Lena Dunham is a self confessed perpetrator of sexual abuse and incest she admitted and published her accouunt of forcing her younger sister to engage in sexual activities when they were minors. (she molested her own sister) She also had a responsibility as she was a producer of the show and employed the man who raped an actress. Dunham was his boss if your the boss of a rapist you are liable she admitted in an interview she lied in court to protect her employee against being charged for the rape. white privledge.

    • Terrance Hylton-lyons it does in the case of a woman raping , abusing or torturing a woman or child. it just happenes that men are usually the ones doing these things but there are lesser known cases where women have assautled other women and children. There are even rare cases of women serial killers not as many as men but they do exist.

    • What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Everyone now a days jumps to conclusions and think they are always right as soon as someone is charged people already have a pre disposed idea that you are guilty of said crime it’s not fair to add prejudice because of an unproven allegation this is yet another case of political correctness getting in the way of what really matters real music and the real artist that created it

  2. He really didn’t effect me personally only a few of his songs were good rest were garbage I’m confused how he effected anyones life cause damn sure not mine as a rapper definitely 21 savage for sure

    • +Psycho XXXDDD you’re obviously not very open minded, the depth of his music didn’t derive from what people like you “wanted” it to sound like, it encapsulated his madness, his emotion, or as he liked to call it, his genius. His music affected people because they felt attached to X, like if they went through the same things he did, or even if they felt like his music helped them get through tough times

  3. The crazy thing is that X literally was on some crazy rapper song and TO MANY people don’t know him, lol Wayne, maybe nicki Minaj, And even k mani

  4. Do you see how quick it is for a person to be forgotten. This is the world we live in. Next……smh

    • Paula Grey you saying this Bc is the first time a female won for the first time. Congratulations, your first ever female rapper to make it is a cheap stripper

  5. They say after you die Mfs forget about you and I’m starting to see that it’s the truth smh 😓

    • +dudearchjohnson who hurt you? lol x was successful and made hits . U just sound like a mad hater

    • +Max Stryeski he had no success Fame he was only remembered for his death and his collection of three songs on YouTube

    • When he can move a country he’s accomplished things when he’s only moved his tiny community of a hundred thousand (his sales) then you can talk…lmao

  6. Joe Jackson got honored, the same dude that beat up his children with a belt to get them to where he wanted them to be… But X a whole lot more violent. Ok.

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