Jay-Z Rubs Cardi B’s Baby Bump During Beyonce’s Coachella Set | TMZ

Jay-Z appeared to give Cardi B and her forthcoming baby his blessing this weekend during round 2 of Beyonce's Coachella set … a belly rub and prayer hands says as much, anyway.


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  1. Carri B’s face though. Lol, like did that just happen. I’m saving this dress, Jay Z’s hands touched it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜Œ

    • Bibi Georgewill i think she was star struck but who knows. Cuz when i was pregnant, sometimes random ppl, some I didnt know at all would just stare and smile and out of nowhere come up to me saying awwwww and touch n try to rub my belly. I hated ppl touching me…lol. But they say its good luck or ull be next to have a kid if u rub on a prenant belly.

    • Love both artists Jay Legend and not only was she star struck but CARDI looks like another fan Next to JAY

    • Nothing major just a quick respectful belly rub… I’m sure she was happy and nervous all at once I mean that is The Queen’s husband so Cardi B should be nervous and greatful… Cardi B felt awkward for Jay to rub her belly slightly? No. But in my personal opinion Jay was hoping she did not get turned on but just realize he was only giving his and his wife’s (Beyonce) blessings which is an HONOR.

  2. Ahhhhh you can tell Cardi B is lost for words yet appreciative of Jay-z’s kind words 😍 Cardi was humbled

  3. Cardi real most of these chick’s go away so people wont see them pregnant , to me a women is the most beautiful when pregnant

  4. why do you guys think it’s creepy πŸ˜•? a few guys i did not know touched my belly when i was pregnant it’s like a greeting to the baby it did not feel sexual at all yall really reaching making something out of nothing Smh

    • Yeah guys are sweet to pregnant women. Not creepy at all. They say hi to the woman and the baby. People make everything an issue πŸ™„

    • Nadine Simpson Everyone is not meant to touch a pregnant women’s belly. Negative energy transfer or ill will. Everyone doesn’t wish you well while pregnant

    • +Ayanna Oliver I get what you’re saying but she is at Coachella trust me the energy is already negative in the environment she’s in lol

  5. I will not want no devil worshiper touching me I rebuke you in the name of Jesus you got to be careful who laying hands on you the blood of Jesus

    • meaushee68 keke not while watching jayz patting someone’s stomach.. Hypocrite.

    • Sophia Umeh girl buy..I posted that several days ago..

      I meant what I said
      Get over it..I can watch what I wanna watch and give my opinion like you just did.

      Sweety get over it.

    • Sophia Umeh I meant girl by..you commenting on my post I posted several days go.. however; I do the same thing.

      No not a hypocrite.. again like I stated I can watch what I wanna watch..that don’t mean I agree with it.
      Now your the hypocrite.

      Ain’t that something..you mad because I mentioned Jesus and he’s the one who saved us from our sins..so we can have a better life.
      We just have to repent, serve him, read are Bible’s.
      God give us life and more abundantly.

      I don’t regret any I said.
      And I can watch what I want to watch. Yes agreed with the person who said we saved by Jesus.. because that is the truth

    • Sophia Umeh yes I got a good life because Jesus gave me a good life.

      Any body who got Jesus Christ on thier side got a good life

  6. He’s welcoming the baby into the illuminating. Or maybe he wants to sacrifice it. Who knows πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

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