Lebron James vs. Michael Jordan — Best Big Three? | TMZ

Back in Dennis Rodman's day, he was part of the "Big Three" — including Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan — who brought the Chicago Bulls three NBA Championships. Now, the trifecta of Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade are approaching a record-setting winning streak with the Miami Heat. So, the question is: who would win, 3-on-3? Probably the Heat… because the Bulls are ancient by now.

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Lebron James vs. Michael Jordan — Best Big Three? | TMZ



  1. Rodman locked Bosh, Pippen easily Locked LeBrond or Michael and Wade doenst matter for these guys even Ron Harper graps him 😀

  2. Pippen, Rodman, and Jordan are not only probably the best big 3, but the are one of the best defensive big 3 players hands down. Rodman would neutrilize lebron ( lebron is still gonna get his, im not saying hes gonna be irrelevant, hes still gonna be one of the best no matter who he plays), even though michael and lebron would wanna go back and forth i think rodman would be a better defender against lebron. Scottie would shut down bosh, bosh isnt even a superstaar in this league hes nothing compared to pippem. And jordan guarding wade, cmon i shouldnt have to say anything else. Feel free to argue, just dont be close minded. 

  3. it will be a 4-0 sweep if its a seven game series. BULLS will dominate no comparison

  4. um…. Kareem Magic Worthy aren’t a big 3? Bird Dennis McHale? :/ and i’m a bulls fan The difference is that Lebron’s big 3 happened in an era where most of the teams in the east don’t even have ONE superstar (pretty bad). That said, mj pipp rod would crush the miami big 3. Thats just a terrible matchup for them. Good luck scoring on Pip + MJ, Lebron and Wade. Good luck out toughing Dennis, Bosh. Yeah, not going to happen.

    • I think the celtics big 3 were bird, mchale and parish not DJ…and this era had the big 3 of KG, pierce and allen.

    • More like the Big 4 or 5. Both 80s Celtics and Lakers were just too much for any era.

    • Most nba teams of this era would maul all the teams in any era before them. Too much athleticism, ball handling skills and bigs playing on the perimeter….Jordan’s team would be down 20 by the end of the first.

    • +Durrell Carter Thoses are fantasies that you keep telling yourselves. The Bull’s players play better defense end of discussion. Offensively the Bull’s are a nightmare waiting to happen. They would sweep this weak team. Not because Dewayne Wade he’s good. It would be LeBron James who would quit.

  5. This guy’s voice is like listening to a saw attacking a metal bar. How do people like him get these sorts of jobs?

    • That’s literally what they’re looking for goons to sound like that. To sell to us online & on TV that’s that unmanly goon behavior is normal aka “the right way to be acting as a full grown adult man.” That’s why

  6. until his last two years jordan only made 2.5 million. He freed money to bring in people. Magic J did same thing. Rodman is right, they are buying championships like the lakers tried to do when they brought rodman , malone and others. Put lebron and those three in the tough gameplay of jordan and crew , game over. Imagine if jordan played in this generation of basketball, he would average 50+

  7. this idiot don’t even understand what Dennis meant about not buying championships.

  8. Yeah .. “we never botched championship”. Jordan never did 6 out of 6. Couldn’t say the same to Lebron and Kobe.
    MJ is the goat!

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