John Cena Can’t Quit Nikki Bella After Their Breakup | Total Bellas | E!

Despite breaking up, the "Total Bellas" exes can't keep their hands off of each other…much to Brie's confusion. See for yourself!

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John Cena Can't Quit Nikki Bella After Their Breakup | Total Bellas | E!


  1. I hope you tWo find what you really want and be happy. I LOVE BOTH OF YOU TOGETHER😢

  2. Look at this fake garbage. What a terrible publicity stunt to try and get more ratings and then the ratings ended up going down.

    • 316 you are extremely stupid for saying that. These websites are posting rumors to for their own publicity and you people are believing like sheep.

    • 316 is right the break up is a fake publicity stunt. We don’t have to read articles to know that this is a hoax. People are ingenious cause they know it’s not real. Plus most of the articles on the internet are fake anyway. Not everything you see is true. You human waste of space are dumb sheep.

  3. I know this clip is supposed to be about John and Nikki, but Brie and Bryan are so cute with their eavesdropping tactics.

  4. Omg this hurt me sooo much💔 you can tell how much they wanted to kiss😪😢

  5. Who the hell is telling them to stay away? Are they teenagers and with parents that say dont you talk to that boy ( or girl)…I’m confused ya’ll 🤔

    • Its a work. Vince wants them to create controversy, controversy creates cash. Total divas finale they reunite then get married, instant ratings, more money for vince and wwe.

    • henny goblin it’s the wwe they don’t want them starting drama backstage because it’s not professional but John cena doesn’t obviously care

    • Alysse Blackmond how is the job gonna tell them to stay away when neither of them are currently working on the main roster?

    • Nicholas Weintraub WWE Don’t think that and how would you know if you are not working There Eaxtcley!!! ( No Hate please

  6. “I’m supposed to stay away from you?” Yall are too grown to be playing these type of games. I’m starting to think this is really a pub stunt. Bc, why else would they have broken up right before getting married?

    • Lori ATW no silly by that he means that after the break up Nikki wanted some space so through that time he backed off

    • When wwe started posted it on their site & twitter feed I knew it was fake. Since when does WWE post someone’s personal life on their twitter talking about tune on next week to see what happens next??? Huh? Only time they post personal stuff is if its a death. Remember they posted about cena divorce only because they was using it in a storyline vs the Rock. Everything they do is for ratings. Hell I’d fake a break up too if I’m getting some extra cash can’t even lie. Break up before the “wedding” then say she knows he’ll be her husband? Girl please, been watching WWE since 94 I know how anything they produce works. World Wrestling “Entertainment”. 😂

  7. Why is Bryan and brie me though when I hear my best friend talking to there crush

  8. Brie and Bryan are goalssss lmaoo

    “keep talking so I can look at them”

    Bryan: “ok”

  9. That’s some dubious hand placement by John if they’re supposed to be broke up at this point.

    • BlackPhoenix 72 😂😂😂 I know right
      And Nikki did not complain at all
      She probably was ready to take her clothes off right there it seems😂😂

    • Take off those clothes so he can plow on Nikki’ s Wrigley field and then get an std afterwards.

  10. Brie & Bryan they r goals…Their understanding is soooo good made for each other love them both

  11. Why is Nikki saying “you didn’t call or text me last night”… bish you broke up with him. What do you think is going to happen.

    • Cause john didnt want to reveal to nikki that he gave an std to another slag and she didn’t want Nikki to know that he had a 3 some with other women.

    • Actually John broke up with her cause he dont want no kids😝
      But they do made a perfect Couple😍✊

  12. “It’s weird”

    “I know. Keep talking so I can look.”

    “Okay.” 😂

  13. Nikki & John are comical to me. Nikki had to beg him to marry her & finnally he’s like “ok here’s a ring, please don’t leave” lol … & he doesn’t want any kids & Nikki does like wtf? Who would give up something like that? All I’m saying is if John was on the same level as her financially or maybe wasn’t famous & didn’t have as much, after that first date when John supposably told her upfront, he didn’t want to get married again or have any kids, she wouldn’t have continued the realtionship. Nikki has caused her own problems 🤷🏽

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