Jordan Belfort Says College Admissions Scammers Tried to Recruit Him | TMZ

Jordan Belfort could have been linked to Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman and the other parents caught up in the college bribery scandal … but he didn't take the bait.


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    • Trump was always honest on trying to avoid paying tax. And he believes he’s right for that. Cant hate the man, many people actually do it and those people are smart until they get caught.

    • +rees laid What big cooperation doesn’t want to avoid being high taxes? That’s why Amazon said FU to New York and they are getting a tax break in Virginia instead.

  1. I be getting dirty money Jordan Belford stacking penny stocks while I’m flipping these birds

    • That’s why he knew better. I wouldn’t have approached him. I wouldve gone for the people who thought they were goody-two shoes until they started worrying their dumb kid would damper their image by going to po-dunk U. Belfort has already been dragged through the mud, so what does he care.

    • max lank he started off by saying “true story” that’s how u know a scammers legit

    • +O.K you gotta be what, 15 yrs old? Thinking fruading ppl is cool & for the highly intelligent. You better get a different roll model b4 you wind up a coke addicted loser who’s on his way to prison.

  2. They should go to jail. People who use other people’s address so their kids can go to a better school district are serving a year in jail. So why shouldn’t these rich & famous people get locked up for doing worst.

  3. Damn! That cocaine is still affecting him I see. Dude is over here speaking Puerto Rican English. The fcuk?!

  4. I say “No jail time”Just delete all school credits! 🤷🏽‍♂️🔥🗃🗄🔥

  5. This college scam is more wide spread than they are letting on, All colleges should be investigated and it’s probably been going on for a long time now..🤔

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