Broadway Star Carole Cook on Trump, ‘Where’s John Wilkes Booth When You Need Him?’ | TMZ

Legendary Broadway star Carole Cook said something so shocking when asked about Donald Trump — "Where's John Wilkes Booth when you need him?"


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  1. Return of the Mummy….and her sidekick! Actually I do believe that making such comments is not only stupid and irresponsible, but illegal – calling for the assassination of the President. Of course, if that were said during Obung’s tenure then the looney left would’ve gone ballistic. These 2 old bags are ready for the grave – exit gracefully!

    • My opinion is that wealthy Broadway stars are of no actual value to society. They don’t do anything for anyone.

    • I welcome the comments. It reaffirms my belief that the left is incapable of governance and brings normal people who have been fence-sitters for so long into the fold. Shout Impeachment from the rooftops, beg for assassinations, long for the days of the Bush/Obama Recession–while the right sweeps further and deeper into power. Thank you, loons! Your mouth–the gift that keeps on giving.

    • wow…so if someone threatened your life or the life of someone you love, that would be ok? Are you insane?

  2. This is how you know presidents are selected and not elected. When the crazy left can talk about assassinating the current president and the government doesn’t care. You’re all being played. Your government doesn’t care about you.

  3. If someone on the right said this about Hillary or obama, it would be all over the news and the left would throw a fit over it.

    • William Keltner I didn’t like Bush or Obama, but I’d never say anything like that. It’s horrifying how hateful people have become. This is not ok.

    • They’d character assassinate whoever said it, camp out at their residence and get dirt from neighbors and start rioting in Ferguson and Baltimore all over again. It would be the same talking point for the next 2 years just like the Russian collusion bullshit. Hillary gave the Russians a do over button, sold them Uranium and obama transmitted information to Vladimir because after his next election he’d have more flexibility. Collusion much? Carole Cook will get a free pass because no one knows who she is anyways, plus old and senile. Johnny Depp can say basically the same thing about Trump and get away with it because he is Disney’s darling.

    • William Keltner just like far right is a wretched monstrosity, but the true far right barely exists in America. Now a days anyone that wants secure borders and jobs for americans first is considered a monstrous nazi by the established media, pop culture, demos and RINOs. A real liberal isn’t a far leftist, that’s a communist.

    • Kevin Johnson—-look closely. She already has several gaping wounds in her head.
      She’s beyond zombie level and even video game creators will be using her likeness in their next animated opening scenes.
      LEO around the country will be using her picture on targets so as to not involve or infuriate living “models”.

  4. She is a dried-up shell of human trying to get another 15 minutes of fame. It says so much about the intelligence level of the people she was speaking to when her husband had to explain to them who John Wilkes Booth was and what he did. Left = Idiots

  5. Wow, just wow. WTF is wrong with people!!! The loving & tolerant left showing, just how intolerant and hateful they truly are. THIS is what’s wrong with America.

  6. Its uneasy as a retired Marine to hear how simply anyone wishes death on a Pres. Not again ever, should a Pres. be killed

  7. John Wilks Booth was a southern Democrat just like this lady and he killed the republican president (Lincoln) because Booth wanted slavery to continue.

  8. I heard of John Wilkes Booth, but who is this old bag lady, Carol Kook? Looks like she might have known John Wilkes Booth personally, but hiring or provoking an assassin is criminal and she should be locked up with HilLIARy.

  9. It’s sad that Carole Cook is so far gone that she doesn’t see that she’s revealed her twisted, hate-filled, black heart. (Out of the heart, the mouth speaks.)

  10. This old hag should be investigated by the Secret Service. I am sick and tired of the Celebrities all calling for our Presidents demise. Its time they show some balls and arrest and prosecute these F’ed up Az Holes then lock them up for 18 months

    • No no no…Have mercy on the Secret Service.
      I mean think of the Poor Bastard that would have to Cavity search Methuselah’s wife.

  11. That old wrinkled up bag of powder is closer to death than Trump! So tired of the Democrats and their hateful remarks about our great President.

  12. You tube has no problem with violent hate speach……as long as it’s a liberal spewing the hate!

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