Judge Judy — Judge Joe Brown Needs to ‘Stay Sober’ | TMZ

Judge Judy seems to think Judge Joe Brown's arrest last month had nothing to do with politics … but more about hitting the bottle.

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Judge Judy — Judge Joe Brown Needs to 'Stay Sober' | TMZ



  1. Calls her Judy like they’ve known each other for years. Kids these days…

    • +colmdoc2k7 I’m nice to you, and you’re nice back. That’s as far as manners need to go. The rest is oversaturated garbage that people do just because that’s what their grandparents did. Giving up my seat for someone who needs it more than me would fall under the circumstance of being nice.. so I wouldn’t hesitate to do it. Treating and talking to women differently than I would anyone else is stupid. Females are not frail princesses that need to be catered to. 

      Get with the times, old man. 😉

    • +colmdoc2k7 I agree that manners are a good thing.  But if I saw Judge Judy, I’d probably say hello Judge Judy or maybe even Judy.  If you say ma’am, it’s like you don’t know who she is.  And I’d probably stutter if I tried to say Mrs. Sheindlin, and also that sounds too forced.  The guy was very friendly and polite, so I have no problem with him calling her Judy.  He was respectful.

    • +EasyThere Pilgrim I’m 66 and I’ve never liked to be called Mrs. I like to be called by my first name. Ma’am is for old people! lol!However, each to their own. Everyone is different as to what they want to be called. Some people insist that you call them Mr or Mrs. whatever the last name. I think the most important thing is to be civil and treat the person with respect.

      I think JJ is quite down-to-earth in the real world. I also think that she did a good job of raising her kids because she has good morals and ethics.

    • +ApesterEscapester Where did she say just women should be respected? I didn’t see that anywhere.

  2. hmm so she isnt a stone cold beeyatch outside of the courtroom after all

  3. The nerve of the camera man to call her by her first name, I’m surprised she didn’t tell him “Its Judge Judy”.

  4. the next video gonna be titled, “judge judy sued by judge joe brown”

  5. I could be friends with Judge Judy!!! She is just, about what’s Good and Right!!!

  6. She is right ! and as for the immature , ignorant fools making  all kinds of nasty comments  grow up and get a life you can only dream of having the kind of life she has .

  7. Long live Judge Judy! Love her and love how she puts stupid people in their place!

  8. I see J.J. paused just a moment before deciding to give JJB some `advice`.That`s an example we ALL should follow !  🙂

  9. The camera man has a nasty ,raspy, smokers-lung sounding laugh at the end. J. Judy is classic, and classy 🙂

    • Lonnie Appleby Judy is a sale out judge
      if you pis s this pooch off your guilty. Even when your innocent. She’s mean and hate full
      And tell her to tell her son to stop drinking Joe brown is a grown as man .and I think he’s a fare man
      Judy do anything for money she’s creedy
      Case close

  10. I fw Judge Judy 💪 but I just don’t like how she’s so one sided when she makes her own personal decision on who’s right during the case. sometimes she won’t even let the other person speak or present their side even if it makes total sense she jus dismisses them altogether which is bs tbh. but you can’t say she not a good judge and def. can’t say she don’t got class!👌

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