Justin Bieber’s Pissed, Makes Fun of Paparazzo’s Face | TMZ

Justin Bieber doesn't like stupid questions, and if he thinks you're asking one … he might say a thing or two about your stupid face.

We got the Biebs shopping in Bev Hills Tuesday, and he was very sensitive about paparazzi talking to him about anything. Hockey, Kanye … it's all off the table.

Justin's been on edge lately to send a message about people asking "dumb questions" or just plain old talking to him. Message received.

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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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Justin Bieber's Pissed, Makes Fun of Paparazzo's Face | TMZ


  1. I don’t think people understand how truly annoying it is to be constantly followed around by cameramen that do in fact ask the dumbest questions just for a reaction and or a story. I don’t blame justin for acting the way he did lmao

    • If he wants to be famous, he gets the full package. If he wants to constantly put out shitty music and be called one of the biggest stars in the world, he can answer a few questions.

    • It’s kind of of fault for being a star because you should expect these things when you become a star. It’s his fault for being a star because if he wasn’t then he wouldn’t be followed around. It’s his fault he can’t be good at anything else than being a girl’s boy.

    • relax thats their job not stalking just doing their work its tmz you idiot public media

    • doesn’t change the fact their questions are irrelevant and often rude Tmz sucks anyway it’s a stupid job

    • your right not saying you were wrong just pointing out their doing it cuz its their job to get content they want verbal abuse cuz it gets more attention

  2. I genuinely feel bad for JB. Us ordinary citizens have something that he doesn’t: The privilege to go out in public places in peace without a swarming mass of people following you.

    • I rather have to deal with that than be a broke ordinary citizen. Trust me, he has way more valuable privilege than that. If you don’t want to deal with it, don’t become famous and stay an ordinary person. All celebrities are rich because of other people. This is a small and fair sacrifice they have to pay to their fans.

    • i mean….. he he’s a lot more that ordinary people don’t have lol. still doesn’t make it right what the paps are doing tho.

  3. You can tell those by reporters tone, they were mocking him. I’m all for Justin here, and I’m not even a fan.

  4. Not a bieber fan, but I really feel sorry for these celebrities – they devote their time to entertaining, and in return, loose their personal life….

  5. Why aren’t paparazzi illegal? This would feel like harassing to me if they would continue to follow me every day… I feel for Justin although I feel like not many people would agree

    • Anonieme Youtuber they exist because the fans of the celebrities buy magazines!!’ Blame the fans or the celebrity

    • Anonieme Youtuber it’s just that he could be a little more kinder even tho the paparazzi are asses he doesn’t have to be too

    • Im Unimpressed say that to the families of Travon Martin who dies walking to the store for a bag of Skittles and a tea and here he is making these racist comments.

  6. forget the papparazi…the people around were worse. they looed like justin had an invisible placenta attached to all of them

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