Jussie Smollet’s Advocate Tina Tchen Won’t Talk About Dropped Charges | TMZ

Tina Tchen, the woman who tried to grease the wheels for Jussie Smollett in Chicago, isn't saying much … now that he's been cleared of all criminal charges.


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  1. I’m glad the charges were dropped, anything that pisses of Trump supporters this much is a good thing.

    • Following this story from outside America. Your comment is one of the most pathetic I’ve read so far…. blatant bigotry

    • 88Crager it’s just for the Trump supporters are outrage..the general public is also outrage because we clearly see how money, power and connections can get him anywhere and everywhere, even in plain sight with all the media coverage and public opinions.

    • So your logic is… u don’t care if he did it or not, u just want him free to make a group of people mad ?!
      THATS GENIUS!!!!!

  2. Tina Tchen should not have contacted Kim Fox nor should she have given her opinion.
    A person with a position of power should not influence a case to favour anyone.
    Tipping the scales of justice wrongfully is crime in itself.

  3. I believe this goes way deeper than Smollet! Why would someone from the state attorney’s office risk their career for Smollet? Why?
    Especially when this case is under such high scrutiny already! This Kim Foxx is taking all this heat jeopardizing her name & career for
    Smollet? Why would someone do that?

    This goes way higher than Smollet and I do believe its linked to the higher powers that control the Democratic party! The Dems are so heavily affiliated with all that is hollywood so let’s just face it, Jessie is just another puppet of theirs (The ELITE puppet masters in the shadows)! I believe Jussie was instructed to stage this, but it all went wrong! That’s why he is being navigated out of this mess without so much as a scratch (no pun intended).

    Kids should not look up to these celebrities who are no more than paid hookers who do and say whatever they are told as long as they
    get paid! I literally makes me feel sick! (FYI, I am neither Dem nor Rep, as I trust no self serving political party).

    • I kinda have the same hunch, that this whole facade was about more than jussie just getting more famous….. the political interference speaks volumes

    • NixLou agree but there are always people who believe in these people unfortunately. 😕

    • What we all need to grasp is that both the Republicans and Democrats

      are fully controlled by the Elites who hide in the shadows! People think that Soros is Elite, but he isn’t close! Even he is a puppet too! The politicians do as they are told! Same as hollywood does as it’s told! The News channels etcetera! We are fucked as a civilisation right now!
      Whatever we vote, ‘they’ win and nothing changes for us the people who keep them living in their castles!

      They play us all like fools by method of divide and conquer! Until WE the proletariat awaken, only then can we all unite to stop this evil agenda and throw them all back to the crevices from which they crawled out of. But until then, all I am doing is sharing my beliefs … in hopes to unite not divide!

      No matter how you vote Rep and Dem! One common denominator that separates them from ‘most’ of us normal folk is their insane wealth, and life of luxury! They serve themselves first and foremost. Thats something to ponder at the very least!

      Rip it all up and start again I say!

    • Cause he accused them of something they didn’t do. Wouldn’t u feel the same way if he did that to u ?

  4. We clearly see that we are just puppets for these politicians, celebs, & rich people to play around. We are the ones who willingly give them the power, money and opportunity to do it. We can only blame ourselves.

  5. Why dose she get to pull strings for jussie then don’t even have to answer for it this whole thing is F up if that was me yall would be intervening me through bars

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