Katy Perry ‘Blackface’ Shoes Officially Pulled from Shelves | TMZ TV

Katy is taking some serious heat for this.


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    • +aelyssa wilson I’ve seen pictures of blackface and I’m aware what it is + the history. We need to stop equating everything with a big red mouth as black face. If it was so bad how did it practically go a whole year under the radar?? I’m sure Katy has black fans (I’m not one) that went on the site and just saw a black shoe with a face on it. Would we be as upset if the lips were a different color? How about if it had no nose at all? Now that Gucci sweater, that’s something to get upset about.

    • Hailey Lewis this why so many companies get with it because like you say it doesn’t look that bad but it’s hurtful

    • +aelyssa wilson Blackface is hurtful. Everything with a face on it isn’t blackface though. I hope you’re spreading this same message under a video about those new Gucci products. I definitely hope you didn’t tune into the Super Bowl this year either for the sake of Capernick. Maybe if we could knock the blatant racism out the way, the little ones like this wouldn’t even happen or be misconstrued.

    • +aelyssa wilson I’m aware, and so with that being said that makes it less serious? Because they’re well aware it WILL get the attention. Isn’t that a problem?

    • +ordieloved NO. NO. NO. You said it right the 1st time. If you put out a Mammy looking piece of clothing, you can’t just throw it on another color and all is forgiven. If it looks like Blackface, IT IS BLACKFACE. Nobody, no Global Company for sure, is DUMB OR NIAVE enough to “accidentally” release something like that. Stop.

    • +Richie Famus Just saying normal ppl will not agree with you, normal ppl will not think a cartoonish black face with red lips is blackface, cause all cartoonish faces have red lips

    • +ordieloved Exactly. But some people have nothing better to do. They have the privilege of the internet to complain about everything.

    • honestly the media making this more of a issue then black people I see nothing wrong with the shoe .

    • You realize things are racist because of the history and context behind them . Black people have suffered through the sambo error is over

    • People are so sensitive. It’s a big difference when the definition of a black face actually is than an actual face that is black. She hade even a white face.

    • kirk headley So Umm.
      I didn’t see a white shoe.
      Black and beige only.
      Are you senile?🙄

    • +Dude So funny-pathetic when someone arrogantly pretends to read the minds of millions of people they do not know nor with whom they share opinions. How can that go wrong?
      Glad to see you have a fully backed and evidence-based argument, and didn’t revert to childish name-calling.

  1. In this days how people are crazy. He sees racism in everything. Lack of service does in one’s life. Stop drama.

  2. “Blackface shoes”..is this world for real? So a black background w some triangle eyes and a potato head mouth constitutes racism? Noted. Wow this world will cry over anything..smfh 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    • +aelyssa wilson Are you offended by a black colored shoe? Shoes are racists now or is it that the shoe was made by a white, so you got an opportunity to cry foul, cause i know the black folks love to play them racist and victim card whenever it suits them.

    • In2umniaKillH3r they are black shoes with big red lips look up black face before making stupid comments

    • +aelyssa wilson The eye color of the Black shoes are incorrect anyway. The shoes overall look ridiculous anybody who would wear that would be laughed out of any room.

    • aelyssa wilson I know what “blackface” seems to mean stemming from early films and cartoons from the beginning of the 20th century…what I don’t understand is how a shoe WITH TRIANGLE EYES AND BIG RED MR POTATO HEAD LIPS IS RACIST…only black people have big lips?..let’s be honest it’s simply a black shoe with some creepy face on it…stop perpetuating racism..look up perpetuating before making a stupid comment..😘

    • Stephler because that’s exactly what black face is , black face never actually looked like or represented black people. That’s why it’s offensive . No black person is that dark or has lips that red or big buts how white people portrayed us for decades . This shoe is very tasteless

  3. I don’t see what the problem is. I think the blackface masks look dope tbh… The only reason it’s such an issue is because we continue to make it an issue. It’s like saying the N word is still offensive, If we continue to say that these things are offensive, they will ALWAYS be offensive. If we truly want to change the way we think, we need to stop sugar coating things. Instead of saying its offensive to wear blackface, say its a part of our history/culture because it is. Whether you agree with it or not, the fact is, slavery/discrimination happened, we moved forward. It’s 2019. Period.

  4. This is just insane 😑 how we finna move past racism if we keep being sensitive on EEVERRYTHING 😪

  5. And yet black people support a NFL team called the Washington Redskins. HYPOCRITICAL much?

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