“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” Katch-Up S14, EP.15 | E!

The family doubts Kourtney's work ethic and drive, meanwhile she and Scott butt heads over her new boyfriend. Watch!

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About Keeping Up With the Kardashians:
Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S14, EP.15 | E!


    • Because unlike the others, Kourtney actually raises her kids instead of having nannies do it. Raising the kids is 80% her. She only uses nannies when she has to.

    • TaraBallou16 that is the same thing i said to myself just now like majority of times kim kourtney kylie uses nannies so they can do their work while on the other hand kourtney wants to be there for her children n be around them to see dem grow indivudually.

    • Mythili Rajendra omg that’s exactly what I said now when she gets on their asses about nanny’s their feelings are gonna be hurt

  1. Kourtney needs to stop using her kids as an excuse Kim has kids younger than hers and kris took care and managed 6 kids so how she is comfortable using this excuse is insane.

    • Am I the only one who feels for Kourtney she is the only one who doesn’t have the support like Kim and Klohe and Kylie she is a single mother while the others have the support their boyfriends and husband it’s not the same thing to be a single mother as to being in a relationship with the father of your children

    • +JessiV1 Good question. She and her kids might as well go on welfare. For the same token, she should just forget about having more kids because she won’t be able to support them after she runs out of money.

  2. Scott need help to overcome his pains.
    I feel for him.
    He must be thinking he has lost it all. And these girls aren’t making it easier by airing all of his hardships. Let’s all give him a break.

    • rose donna he never cheated the illuminati wantvto make the beach sound innocent

    • Khadija Suleiman I think he battles bi polar disorder, extreme ups and downs and he needs Kourtney cos she knows him better than anyone. It’s sad he’s a nice guy and very good looking

    • shayla watson and its funny how she wanted him to get her life together when she didn’t even have any other job other than the series like him but hed do other things to get money. Also, why having so many children and unplanned? If she felt like nothing was working out…

  3. Kourtney needs to see a therapist because she needs to talk to someone about what’s bothering her. She’s not in peace with Scott and her parents’ divorce. What happened to the therapist she was seeing? Scott also needs to see a therapist because his depression is out of control. Both of his parents are dead. He doesn’t really have anybody but his kids. I can tell their kids love Scott especially Mason.

    • We all have our faults and in one way or another we need God, so lets please not be so harsh to say who doesnt need help. When no one is around we all want someone to be with, so some of us run to different things and sometimes we just try to tell ourselves we need no one. I think on this show its just so invasive and easy for everyone to see whats going on with their current circumstances..

    • JVB2389 these aren’t normal people like the rest of us. We WOULD try to work through tough times but these people are used to glam and luxuries 24/7 and one minor inconvinience means cutting people out of your life

  4. I just notice that Kourtney really doesn’t do anything at all besides being a mom and be on the show 😂

    • Gena Gena you obviously have zero understanding of what it means to own a business and more so – an empire. Not doing labor work doesn’t mean you don’t work or you don’t have (huge) responsibilities. Do you know how many people get a job and a living out of the ” useless” ( in your opinion) Kardashians?! Do you think people that publish their biographies write those themselves? Or that Coco Chanel sewed every dress herself ? Or that Steve Jobs put together every computer of phone?! Geez….

  5. Kourtney shouldn’t bother sharing her interior design plans with unsupportive criticising people. Don’t talk about what you want to do, just do it.

    • +Mgd Kns I %£?@ing remember, all right. She IS too selfish, too self-indulgent; and the worse part: She’s too much of a control freak. You see, these are why men will consider her the “least interesting” person to EVER love, want to marry and have a family with. They’d rather stay away from her and find other women -ones who are more giving and unselfish.

    • +Angebabe Gibson No. I won’t give Kourtney ANY money, period. Not, if she doesn’t want to work in order to provide for her children.

    • +patience sanelisiwe sosibo yes khlo and ky will always be the most insecure ones ’cause they are the naturally ugly ones

    • SO TRUE. Rob wanted more out of life than kourtney before his depression….Since day one he always said he wanted to be good in business like kim and make money like her, even Kendall said the same when she started modelling.She said kim is the most hardworking out of all them.She barely sleeps.But yeah rob and kourt are the lazy…

    • +Josephine Cannon yeah, I can’t believe her mom did that on national television, what a B!

  6. Kim saying that “you’re a Kardashian you can’t just slap your name on something” is exactly how they’ve built their careers!

    • there is literally a metric by which you can charge on based on how many followers you have. so you can just make money on your name alone. why dont they show themselve’s working hard if thats what they do so much? all ive seen is them meeting with people and telling them how they like certain items. kris is the only one that seems to work hard. kylie admitted to not even knowing anything about credit literally moments before she bought her first house. they have a lot of scaffolding around them.

    • dan tan It wasn’t like that when they first started though, I would understand if you were talking about Kendall and Kylie

  7. Kourtney doesnt have 3 kids to take care of when she goes for holidays with her 24 yrs old boyfriend?😂

  8. I just realized that basically this whole show is them sitting in full makeup and nice outfits and talking about their problems. Seriously, count how many times the scene changes and they’re sitting and just talking

  9. my IQ dropped about 80 points. I can literally feel my brain physically changing.

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