KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian Talks Fertility Treatments & Lamar Odom | E!

The E! star reveals the truth during a meeting to Kim Kardashian's fertility doctor. Watch on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian Talks Fertility Treatments & Lamar Odom | E!


    • felly namkuru I Know right. They lied then or now? It’s all about the spin they can create so people will watch. Of course using Lamar’s recent OD to change story and say I faked trying to get pregnant. Lol

    • Texas Twister I don’t think she meant she faked fertility issues. I think as the relationship progressed & she saw all the issues they were having she stopped trying to get pregnant. I remember in past seasons before everyone knew what was going on with Lamar, Kim kept pushing Khloe to go to the doctor & was giving her a hard time about not going through with fertility treatments. Khloe just kept being weird about it & telling her to mind her own business. I think that’s what she means by fake-tried.

  1. I feel so bad for khloe she’s been through so much😢 Hopefully one day she gets to be a mother she seems like she would be an amazing mother.😊

  2. I love this woman so much …. she’s the only kardashian that I always keep up with .

  3. She always had issues about pregnancy, I hope she will have a baby, pretty sure she’d be a great mother.

    • Caposa she’s only 32. Unless there’s extended circumstances, which they haven’t fully covered in the show, I’m she’ll be okay😊

    • luckydancer100 yes of course, I’ve been following her since “Khloe & Lamar” back in time when they had a show & I know it’s been a looooong time since she was trying to get pregnant.
      Yep, she will be okay! she is a great aunt

    • Kylie said Khloe is the favorite aunt hands down. That speaks to how she will be as a mom.

  4. we’ve literally had this exact scene seasons ago 🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. You see how reality TV Works. They can twist the past to make it look like they want to. So you were lying to us about the fertility treatments for a while on the show. See people, it’s about money and rating’s. Makes you wonder if some of Bruce Jenner’s book is true?! Thing’s that make you want to go hummmmm. Lol
    It’s all for Entertainment.

    • Honestly! Like why would Khloe even admit this on camera? Does she not realize how shitty this makes her look?

    • Dami Falade Look deaper. Lol. They are losing rating’s. Lamar is a great reason to say why she supposedly was faking the most of it. So now they get sympathy and a storyline now. Because everyone is saying, Khloe you know you had problems with getting pregnant before. Great way to spin it producer’s. Lol

  6. …and this is why you should never hold your life back for a man that’s cheating on you and doing heavy drugs, practically destroying both of your marriage. I’m not saying she shouldn’t have been on his side (because she ALWAYS has! and that’s awesome), but this is a lesson ladies – pick the right man.

  7. she’s so wise. God bless her, she really knowsnwhat she want forbher life and future kid.

  8. there are people with real fertility issues khlo! I can’t believe that you were faking it.

    • Novida NoMeGustaMucho still you don’t joke with that point blank period. They wouldn’t say her husband isn’t fertile you dummy he has 2 kids.

    • Novida NoMeGustaMucho sounds like Lamar didn’t even know she was faking it , why would she have to fake fertility treatments if Lamar was in on it … ? and Lamar has children already..

    • But Lamar has two children so why would he be the problem? They rule out whether it’s the male or female’s body that is having the issue during one of the first fertility appointments.

    • She didn’t fake her fertility issues she faked trying to get pregnant and properly taking her treatment…

    • She can have Kids but with additional help from a fertility doctor. There may be some underlying issue. Instead of being insensitive, how about you take your negative energy elsewhere.

  9. Well, at least she was smart enough not to bring a kid into this world with a bad relationship! It’s better than killing your baby when you find out you are pregnant, girls take notes and don’t get pregnant if you are not ready. Please don’t kill the baby that you have made! Better yet protect yourself before you bring life into this world, instead of then killing it.

  10. poor thing, to deal with what she did, as well as being in the public eye would be so hard!!
    i feel sorry for her

  11. i don’t believe this for a second. She admitted she knew the drug issues with Lamar from the beginning so she has to say she didn’t really try to make herself look like a responsible adult

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