“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” Katch-Up S15, EP.1 | E!

Tensions flare between Kim and Kourtney over scheduling needs for the family's Christmas card shoot. Plus, Scott opens up about his blossoming new romance.

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S15, EP.1 | E!


    • Erica Lopez Yeah, her sisters have said they do everything.. show up for everything.. even on her behalf since she doesn’t want to do anything besides get paid.

    • No Kim wants to much always have to be her own way everyone had a life not only Kim

    • Wasn’t she the one planning it though? Which includes scheduling glam, getting a photographer, getting stylists, booking the space, organizing it with everyones schedules…so you think she should cancel her business meetings, pull her kids out of school, and screw over Kendall just so Kourtney can go home and have dinner?

    • It’s not like they do nothing, they all have their own businesses and careers except for Kourtney.

    • That’s why we watch! It’s like playing Barbies but without the imagination and strain on your arms.

    • Such is the glamorous world contrasted against the wretched woes of the downtrodden and impoverished.

      Envy not what will never be yours to grasp, for a life in want is a life soon past.

      Autumn leaves will die, winter white will melt, spring green will grow, summer sun will burn. Our only semblance of a promise to be kept. The only disappointment never to be met.

  1. Kourtney is finally getting her karma for all the times she was so mean and bitchy to everyone else! It may be for the show but at times it looks as if she is being difficult just bc…they are sisters and will argue but I’m shocked at how some are ripping into Kim for it. Do they not remember Kourtney acting like that the previous 14 seasons?!?!

    • Juan 22, you are right, that was mean but I’m not just talking about the arguing. She’s always had this attitude of being over everything! I don’t blame her bc I cannot imagine what they go through but she can be really ugly just because!

    • Kelli S Chevallier tbh I don’t think she is bitchy or mean to people on the show usually and I did used to say about how Khloe always got annoyed at everything she did and have a go at her so i think that all built up and set Kourtney off

    • Olivia Devooght Johnson, for sure bc I’ve been watching from the start and I cannot recall a time when she cried like that other than when she was with Scott! I’m sure it’s a lot to deal with but I feel she has been really mean in the past at times or difficult just because! I guess it’s just how you take it. Im sure there are things that you could take the wrong way if we knew each other when I didn’t mean for them to come off that way and vice versa! As I said in a previous comment though, it could be that we as viewers are making a bigger deal of it, especially considering this all happened months ago! I did see something though about how they are still going at each other on Twitter so who knows!

    • Kelli S Chevallier yeah I understand you but I don’t fell she has been particularly mean at all from the start. Kim is much worse in my opinion. But it’s your own opinion so I’m not arguing with that. Some of this argument is definitely acted out or redone for episode 1 of the new season as you can see Kourtney smiling at some points and considering it happened before Christmas and they are fighting over it on Twitter now it’s definitely partly fake. Yeah I don’t think Kourtney meant the stuff she said although I do think Kim meant some stuff

    • Olivia Devooght Johnson, that’s true! Can you imagine getting into an argument like that with anyone really and then have to relive again? I’m sure they are use to it by now but it has to bring up all kinds of emotions!!!

  2. Sorry kourts had it easy for like 14 seasons …. it’s time for her to be called out

    • +Jules Beauty At least she’s not the one known for spreading her legs on a home video

    • Jules Beauty yes it’s like Kourt yes you want stability but your lifestyle demands sacrifice and your kids don’t suffer horrifically if your not home for dinner once in a while woman it’s called a job to maintain your lifestyle to vacation for an entire month or summer with your kids while doing NO WORK I’m like really?!

  3. She can’t leave here children for one night but jets off with her younger boyfriend for weeks. Stfu

    • Joshie they only joined her for the last week of the Italian vacation. And then she went back on vacation to St Tropez and Egypt. It’s a known fact that her kids barely join her on any of her vacations.

    • Okay but she also shares her kids with Scott. It’s very possible that she plans her vacations around the time Scott gets time with them. A lot of parents aren’t used to splitting time with their kids when their relationships end and therefore have to do something to keep busy. We aren’t in her situation so who are we to judge?

      Kourtney has always been passionate about her children so I find it hard to believe she just left them for weeks.

  4. Kourtney is literally soooo dramatic, acting like her kids WONT be part of the shoot or something. Literally it is NOT the end of the world if your kids dont eat dinner at 5 pm or go to bed by 8pm. Entitled af, 100% agree with Kim 👌😂

    • Jess Skywalker nobody was forcing her, kim said she doesn’t have to do it, that she can just do it with her kids and hubby. But in the end, Kim had to move her meeting to accommodate kourtney. That’s what Kim’s angry about. If u want kourtney whose not busy to show up, you who is busy has to rearrange an already busy schedule. That’s not fair on kourtneys part

    • Pearl so Kims kids should miss school and not get an education for the day so that Kourtney’s kids will go to be on time. Give me a break, they can stay up late one night, it won’t kill them.

  5. Kourtney is very difficult. Granted what Kim said about her being the “lest interesting to look at” is harsh but Kourtney orchestrated this whole situation.

    • louloutre The Christmas card might be a business move but it’s also personal. Photographs capture memories and stages of our lives. Can you tell me what you wore exactly on your 5th birthday? No. But a photo can. In this case, the photo marks the current members of the family before, idk 2 more children are added. Is it so bad that kourt would be accommodating to her sisters? Kendall had to be photoshopped in because of her. What kind of idea does that put across? It tells Kendall that Idc if you’re working, if you don’t cancel to be with me then you’ll be on your own. What does that tell kim? Your future baby is meaningless to be and I hope your business fails. Also the education of your kids isn’t important. Use your head and stop hating on kim just because.

    • Kourtney is thee least difficult, but I agree she is not the most decisive either. she’s a bit flaky, but is a good mom and is not doing too badly these days and being a single lady, she is having fun. Kim is the drama queenie; a narcissist for sure. let’s not forget who she is married to – ego maniac drama king, Kayne West

      most of their drama played out on reality TV is scripted. They do have a theme or a basic story line(s) on what the topic will be about and then they act it out spontaneously. it’s ridiculous

  6. why is kourtney complaining about the schedule when she literally has nothing to do

  7. Kourtney is always using her Kids as an excuse so we gonna ignore that beyonce has 3 kids and is on a World Tour and runs 1000 other things (like her current photoshoot with Vogue)

    • And Beyonce’s kids are being raised by nannies. Kourtney isn’t using them as an excuse she’s raising them herself big difference.

    • Well my mum also used to use me as an excuse to get out of commitments with her friends n family … she’d say ok well I have t h e baby I have to go..or my dad was not there to watch me ..so everybody does this ..nothing new ..

  8. 😂 I’m sorry but, when Scott said this was his first time being with someone other than Kourt, I just had to laugh

  9. I love it when Kim is like “She doesn’t want to be a Kardashian anymore but she sure wants to live the Kardashian life style”.

    • I bet kourts a moocher… but throws it in Kim’s and khloe’s face that she was the only one that graduated from college.

    • Adi Luviano Look ridiculous and why do you love that woman? is your friend, your cousin, your sister or your blood. Let’s be ridiculous. Hahaha

    • +Cressida Troylus it is .. all of a sudden 15 seasons later she hasn’t changed her colors n nobody has made a big deal bit suddenly she’s a problem lol ..

  10. Nah Kim wins this. Kourtney is so difficult. It’s one day you have to miss “putting your kids to bed” lmao they’re gonna be with you at the shoot? Wtf is her problem

    • Miral Eldawlatly one night isn’t going to do anything to her kids. Kourtney is just being selfish here, if she really cared so much she would of layed of the vacations

    • Jasmine Kaur I completely agree with you and I was shook when Kourtney said “I don’t want to be around people who constantly put me down and make me feel bad.” And I’m like you’ve done that to your sisters since day 1!!! Littlerly on the first or second episode of KUWTK she littlerly called Kim fat when they were doing a photo shoot on the beach. Then on season 2 or 1 she litterly keeps calling out Kim on a vacation and calling her names and calling her ugly like every second she got and I could go on on about how many times she’s put down her sisters and her mother. And I know it was wrong when Kim said Kourtney was the least interesting person to look at but Kourtney has said words way worse than that

    • Miral Eldawlatly YOU CANNOT HAVE BOTH HONEY. If you love your kids so much, fine,move out and live in a tiny apartment. Love your kids then. But no, she wants the kardashian life without any work.

  11. Kourtney leaves her kids with nannies all the time so she can go on vacation with her paid escort, oops, I mean “boyfriend.” I highly doubt missing one dinner to do a photo shoot will impact them one way or the other. She was being absolutely ridiculous. Why should Kim have to reschedule meetings she’s likely had planned for weeks, when Kourtney has nothing to do?

    • VegasGirl35 come on guys it’s all staged, Kourt is a good mum but she’s always on vacation with her boytoy think she really cares that much about missing one night putting her kids to bed lol people actually believe….. this is why they make millions!!!

    • Agree! I think she feels guilty for all the time she spent trotting around the globe with Younes Benjima and now that they have broken up she is trying to be all good mom again and be involved with her kids life so she doesn’t have to think of him. She had no problem leaving them with a nanny when it suited her schedule, just not when her family members need something from her.

  12. Kourtney used to be my favorite. She’s just so rude and difficult. She couldn’t even go to her sisters baby shower how cold. She’s crying like she’s the victim and she was the one who was all rude and difficult.

  13. Kourtney is playing victim.
    She was rude to Kim FIRST, then when Kim finally snaps she deflects from her ‘wrong’ and implies kim isn’t a good mother, then later implies her rship with her sister is fake, makes kim pull her kids out of school for the shoot, then skips Kim’s baby shower! That’s pretty messed up and shallow towards Kim’s kids. For someone who suddenly doesn’t liked being judged and picked on, Kourt is somehow still pretty mean

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