“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Katch-Up S15, EP.2 | E!

The sisters deal with the aftermath of their huge fight with a therapy session. Plus, Kendall faces a problem when she tries to stay at Kim's house due to her own home's renovations.

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About Keeping Up With the Kardashians:
Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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"Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Katch-Up S15, EP.2 | E!


  1. “the show is more important to you” Kourtney is dead on! they could care less what she is going through..its all about what makes good tv esp to Kim..Kim is really annoying me lately. I feel like she is worried she is reaching her time limit. So desperate to stay relevant. Team Kourtney!

    • First last wow I almost forgot all this… Kim was nowhere when kourt n klo were so busy keeping their name relevant. There’s absolutely no reason why she can’t wind down if she wants n if she’s tired of that life… She’s done her bit n she’ll continue making her money even when out of the show…

    • Kourtney always struck me as the odd ball to this family in a good way, and in some ways, Rob too. But out of the sisters Kourtney seems the most real.

  2. Why did they allow Kendall to be airbrushed into the family Christmas photo but not Kourt? The issue is that she not there for shooting of the show. 😉😉😉

    • V Wbb Kourtney agreed with the timing till one day before the shooting changed her mind. Schedules are hard to move from the cameras, glam team, etc but specially BUSY people with business/jobs like the rest of the family members. Only in your wonderland, prior arrangements can be changed that easily. Kourtney already admitted she was being difficult. You dont need to defend anybody.

    • Hula Girl i believe it was to make memories with the kids, so they can look back and remember the times they had photo shoots with their family.

  3. I agree with kim. Kourtney might be going through a midlife type of crisis. They need to give her space.

    • Ashmitha Nriupan Kim, honey. Kim. She was calling Kourt a lunatic and everything. And now they’re both trying to be understanding. Must be from all the hate they’re getting.

    • Irene Cantu i agree she is going thru so much and she should get her space. But she should also think of giving her share back to the other girls. If she is not part of the show she shouldnt get paid. 😆 she seems the type of person that wants it all for free like Rob.

    • I would say she’s at a different place in her life.. That’s just not what she wants to do now.. Good on her. Absolutely.

  4. It’s Kourts man. She sounds/acts as someone whose been talked down to. That’s just an opinion..

    • I agree! Younes ( spelling??) seems like the type that sweet talked her till she was hooked then started to belittle and degrade her AND her family. Then just discarded her, like Scott did many times. I think that’s what’s really getting to her, she keeps picking guys that just drop her for the next piece that comes along.

      she needs someone older, more mature, ready to be devoted to her and her kids. It’s what she always wanted with Scott but he’s not about that life. For now she definitely needs to just focus on her and her babies.

    • rose maldonado Seems true, but it’s also called ‘reap what you sow.’ She’s always been the belittling one with no regard for how she hurts someone’s feelings. I was disgusted by how she spoke to her mom years ago especially when Kris mentioned marriage to Scott. Kourtney has a sense of entitlement that’s off-putting, doesn’t seem “scripted” to me. She is also the only that seems to dislike black people and doesn’t have at least one as a friend. In other words, she is condescending to a number of people.

    • Yessss. This. He wanted her to cover up and be his woman only but she needs to do these shoots to continue making money for her family. She was in a dilemma. Now he left her 😭

    • Shams I love watching their probs it makes my simple life seem…..uncomplicated🤣

    • Kim’s making up this is about kourtneys “life changes” is distorting. Kourtney is expressing concerns about feeling dominated and values and priorities and individuality. She also makes up that kourtney committed to this job and it’s wrong to not want to work at all. This is distorting. Kourtney has not said she doesn’t want to participate at all except when she was frustrated and expressed that she felt so overwhelmed that she maybe exaggerated. It sounds like kourtney is wanting to separate and individuate and forge her own identity. And is trying to set boundaries but really doesn’t fully understand what that means. It sounds like she really didn’t have the words for expressing why she didn’t want to be in her sisters app or a last minute decision to work at night and miss dinner and the evening with the children. It sounds like she may have some valid concerns about the direction the family has taken and the level of money and exposure and the impact on her children. Her anxieties about feeling like a puppet on someone elses stage and wanting to have some personal control over her life and a regular schedule with her own family are valid. The idea that the timing of the photo shoot was not negotiable seemed rigid. If she doesn’t want to drop everything on short notice to accommodate other people’s schedules that’s her right. Some people confuse cooperating and negotiating.

    • Exactly…. You’re having your multi-million dollar house renovated and don’t know where you’re going to live. Booo hooo. Go rent a hotel, you’re rich.

    • It’s not about kourtneys issues being bigger than her and khloe. That’s just double talk. Her concerns are valid.

    • bk0629 she and Kim have a laugh at the end about how she can stay at her sisters house

    • aimeek1236 it is quite rare that a couple of influencers in a house working together works out. it is quite hard.so i mean that’s probably why she didn’t want to

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  5. Does anybody else believe that Kourtney would be in a better place if she persued her passion for interior design instead of doing this show full time and do her own thing on hgtv. I believe Interiors and architecture really is her passion and she should explore things beyond the show because she is not living her life in the way she felt it should be lived. Maybe Kourt should take a step back.

    • Yassss! I agree 100%. She explored it ONCE on the show and even had a spread in Architectural Digest i think. She never revisited the subject matter again after one time. I def think that’s her niche that she should take hold of but WHY won’t she? I’m sure her sisters wonder the same. She literally could have her own home goods or interior design line if she really wanted. She has all the time in the world. She just chooses to use that time to go on month long vacations. Then comes back in town to reap more benefits of all her sisters hard work. I mean she straight up said verbatim “WORKING ISN’T HER TOP PRIORITY”. Whew chile, the entitlement smh

    • Don’t u get that she’s too busy to do anything but get fucked by her 20 year old bf of hers… oh wait ex

    • She just needs to get away from those crazy catty sisters and mother all together! Rob was smart he bailed!!

  6. I love whenever Scott is in the episode because I know that it is going to be funny

  7. Kourtney seems like she’s tired of the lifestyle. She seems fed up with not knowing what’s real anymore. Her main priorities are her kids and everyone around her is too caught up with everything else going on. She’s always had a sensitive soul and an attraction to being out of the spotlight. She probably just wants her family back she’s getting older and probably wants more out of life than nice things

  8. She is the oldest and getting older, she has 3 children with her ex, all her sisters are successful and she never had a passion that would grow into a career like her sisters and she is single and wants real love….age is hitting her hard ;( I feel for her.

    • He decision wlto be with scott and the pressure of the show and her sisters success kim always wanted to be famous but that does mean happiness!

    • +Sura S 🤔 Kourtney isn’t dumb, I am sure if she is more normal then her sisters, she will do amazing job in the real world.

    • Bad Snuggles the day she stops posting half naked shots on instagram and taking the E money I will believe you.

  9. Her mom has a thousand bedroom house and she does not know where to stay. This family is just flat out crazy.

  10. when rich people done know where to live … ahhh the dilemma kendal is going to be homeless now , im so sad for her 😭 i would tell her to come and live in my house but im pretty sure she will be disgusted that my house is as big as her bathroom … i think even smaller 😂

    • Nadine Art same brig she would probably say “where is your closet?” My closet is smaller than ever XD

    • Nadine Art, She just stole a Black Brother from his Girl, He can’t put a roof over her head?😠😠😠

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  11. Kourtney is the most real one. She doesn’t think the show is more important than her kids which is a good thing. And Kim is saying Kourtney is going through something. Uh no she’s just normal and you’re materialistic.

  12. Kourtney is definitely hurting. I feel bad for her. She is lost and conflicted. Prayers up for Kourt!! Depression will not overtake her in Jesus name!

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