KUWTK | Kris Jenner’s House Guests Multiply | E!

Aside from allowing Kim to move back into her home while she's pregnant, Kris also contends with Bruce's mother coming to visit on "Keeping Up with The Kardashians."

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KUWTK | Kris Jenner's House Guests Multiply | E!


    • Tell me about it. That’s the vibe I always got from her too when she’s in their episodes…

  1. Kris keeps commenting on how awkward things are yet she continues to eat and doesn’t bother approaching Ester.

  2. AND too bad that the Jenner side isn’t much famous as they were before bc now bruce isn’t on it as like their dad. wait they weren’t famous at all. but they look nice…

  3. It’s great to know that the house guests were doing math lol

    For real tho when I saw the title I thought that’s what they meant.

  4. Chris is talkin about how akward the situation is but then yet she eatin a whole plate of food and not even attempting to make contact with someone

  5. There is NO way theta I’m going to let someone make me feel uncomfortable in my own home where I pay bills and lay my head to rest. I’ll never understand people who allow other people to take them out of their peace within their own domain! Miss me with that bull spit!

    • It not really someone it’s her child
      That said just anyone hell no
      But your kids it’s just different
      Change some decor makes your kid
      Even though grown sure go for it

  6. 1:02 = ROTFLMAO!!!! Wait she can’t do that… welll ya’ know – she’s nesting!!! CLASSSIC!!!

  7. Yes it’s awkward that Kris keeps eating but why in the world is she eating before dinner? It’s more awkward that she is eating and no one else is.

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