KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian Gets Bad News From Fertility Doctor | E!

Will the E! star be able to get pregnant? Khloé and Kim's visit to the fertility clinic takes a surprising turn on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian Gets Bad News From Fertility Doctor | E!


  1. I pray That God Will bless you one day with a healty 🤰 🙏🏾❤️

  2. I know this is a sad situation, but Khloe has had the same storyline for like 10 seasons now! I don’t get why she won’t adopt or have a surrogate

    • Probably because she’s not really in the position to adopt considering the child wouldn’t have a father involved, and I’m sure she wants that for then. (Ik she’s in a relationship but it’s been short term)

    • Corey Williams adoption and surrogate isnt as easy for everyone some people want their own child the natural way try not to be judgemental just because a path works for you doesnt mean it’ll work for someone else

  3. I feel so much for Khloe, she’d be a wonderful mom as we’ve seen how she is with her nieces and nephews <3

    • Emily Mafer off topic might get rock thrown at me lmao but who’s Heath?

    • Andrea gomez Heath Ledger he was an actor that died. If you saw Batman the movie he played The Joker

    • +Andrea gomez He was a legend. He died when he was 28. You probably know his portrayal of the Joker in 2008 in The Dark Knight

    • Yessss, I just turned my notifications for YouTube on and I suddenly see people talking abt my babe Heath. xD Rip dude, ilyyy and you were the best Joker💕💕

    • XObunny chanOX I wasn’t talking about that I’m talking about how people getting offended over everything even a joke. At the end of the day life doesn’t care about a sad story.

    • Color Black honestly that’s so true if you choose to live it like that. it’s all about who lives,who dies, who tells your story*

  4. It has been the same story 4 about , what? 11-12seasons ? Anyways I hope she can one day cause Khloe would be a great mother. The way she treats her nieces and nephews. even youngest sisters.

  5. When they have to reuse story lines lol weird how kim and Khloe have fertility issues when kourtney and kris get pregnant like nothing!

  6. Wow it’s weird a few years ago kim was told she wouldn’t be able to have a baby and now she’s got two beautiful healthy babies.

    • jesse sharpe it a shame she got knock up she an awful mother and a attention whose

    • jon moore I don’t think you can really comment on her parenting. When have you ever met her? You don’t have to like her personality or agree with her decisions but if she was an inadequate parents she wouldn’t have custody of her children.

    • she was always able to get pregnant tf.. she was just told it was going to be harder for her to get pregant..

  7. I think out of all the sisters Khloe deserves to have children. She’s so great with her nieces and nephews. I really hope Khloe is blessed with children.

    • bmilprncss22
      Let’s hope she can have odd looking children like her with some married black man father of a newborn, let’s really pray god for that to happen.

    • Trisha Potato wow that’s such a bitter thing to say. First of all she is not odd looking. That’s so hateful to say. I mean to practically wish infertility on someone.

    • Estelle Lauzon okrrrrrrr! Haha. I seen she even looked towards the camera …I’m like girl, we all know u want Tristan’s second baby! Lol

    • it was just sarcasm. lot of people joke when they’re uncomfortable

    • Estelle Lauzon …this chick really wants a baby. Have you ever noticed if you’re ever around one woman that’s pregnant another will try to get pregnant as well.

  8. Why ask Khloe to have your child?? We already know Khloe has had a problem with getting pregnant for yr’s. Good job at pulling it out of the Hat for more Drama. This reality show is slowly dying.

    • adoption isn’t for everyone and she shouldn’t be forced to do it if she doesn’t want to right now.

    • rueexxi You have me mistaken for someone else. I did say anything about adoption. They know Khloe has had trouble with getting pregnant when she was married. Why then have her carry the baby? It’s all about the rating’s. She has no intent on using Khloe to carry her baby. Lol.

  9. kim trying to make it about her while her sister is on the bed 🙄🙄

    • Andrea Morales Funny, I had that same exact thought while watching the clip when Kim opened her mouth about herself.

  10. a woman shouldn’t go through the fear of not being able to have babies, even if it’s a Kardashian …

  11. am I the only one who feels like it’s selfish of Kim to want Khloe to be her surrogate? Kourtney is one thing because she already has kids but for Khloe this would’ve been her first time experiencing pregnancy and it won’t even be her own? Maybe if she never wanted kids but we’ve seen in the past that when she was married kids was something she really wanted. So I feel like it’s so selfish of Kim to take that first time pregnancy experience away from her all because she can’t let go of having a playmate for her kids. Like honestly is she to proud to adopt. like a baby who doesn’t come from her and Kanye’s perfect genes just aren’t good enough? Khloe should get to experience having her own baby first.

    • but Kim would obviously let the child have both her and Khloe as moms if it happened. Khloe looked happy to do it so I don’t see a problem.

    • At the end of the day, Khloe is a consenting adult and if she’s willing to do it, then why not? Kim’s not forcing her to carry her child, and many women are more than happy to be a surrogate because they see it as an amazing gift to give to another woman (and if you think about it, it is). It’s not about being “too proud” to adopt either – whoever you are, whether you’re a celebrity or not, it’s not wrong to desire your own biological children. That’s like saying that every person who decides they want to get pregnant with their spouse is “too proud” to adopt… it’s just not necessarily true.

  12. When God is ready to give you a beautiful healthy baby he will when you least expect it

    • Cristina Reyes I know LOL!! They literally just talked over her hahahah

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