Kim Kardashian Freed Prisoner Getting Good Job Offers

One of the prisoners Kim Kardashian helped free is now in global demand … job offers are pouring in everyday … such is the power of the Princess of Prison Reform.


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  1. She setting herself up for the future. The Kardashians are brilliant. Now that I know someone is out fighting for me, I’m bout to do a minor crime so they can get me out. This dude got better opportunities than me and I ain’t never been locked up before. You could model in prison too, believe in yourself sure they would love it( contempt for you && Sarcasim && also, I’m patronizing you ).

  2. KKW is doing the right thing with her platform !! Thank you

    It’s nice to be nice but it’s much nicer when I’m nice. !! Amen 🙏🏽

  3. i respect her IF thats what shes actually doing. many make claims they are providing second chances but really they are extracting knowledge and piegon holding while taking advantage of a cheap labor market. they make false promises so keep your business yours.

  4. This is getting VERY Interesting………….. Thoughts are shifting on this but Interesting.

  5. You gotta give her credit for doing the right thing with her platform

    • stillbeatthough that is very commendable that Kim Kardashian getting people out of prison that was wrongly accused. I see why Kanye love her! Can you subscribe to my channel? Thanks for all the love.

  6. TMZ can you at least say why, how and for how long He was in jail !? SMFH

  7. Hopefully he take’s this oppurtunity and changes his life for the better.

  8. Decarceration Collective lawyer MiAngel Cody and Kardashian’s attorney Brittany K. Barnett are the ones who have been freeing these prisoners. Kim Kardashian was financially assisting the 2 female lawyers. Media is only mentioning Kim Kardashian because of her huge platform. They’re making it seem if Kim Kardashian is single handedly doing all the work all by herself. They need to start acknowledging the other 2 lawyers who started this program and who are doing the actual work.

    • 🤷I know it’s super sad how the Attorneys that are doing all the work get no type of media attention or benefits/credit the Kardashians really make me sick on the stomach at times…The Kardashians are known for having their hands in bull💩 then when you call them out on it they accuse people of hating… lol 😂 🤣 😂

    • Cause kim doesnt really free no one she has bondsman and other people do all the work and just take the credit she BEEN got exposed

  9. Anybody a battle rap fan knows dude in the back looks like hollow da don wit dreds 😂😂😂

  10. I hope Kim Kartrashion don’t get the wrong convict out of prison and something bad happens to innocent people hopefully she’s looking into these ppl background and why they were incarcerated in the first place

    • I don’t she’s doing the background check in but I know she looks dumb or acts dumb but I think she’s pretty knowledgeable I mean she’s worth a fortune dumb I supposed have multimillion-dollar Empire

    • It’s not like she has the power of going to jail and saying oh he looks innocent, and him, and her, her and him. Lol
      She reviews cases along with a team of lawyers and the presents them to the court of law, and they hold the last word.

    • +OhlalaMonAmour Do you realize that means Kim K deserves little to zero recognition?? And you all are praising her for this.

  11. >No Sayin
    I still didn’t understand a word he was saying? Maybe prison is where he belongs in life.

    • sounfs like the issue of not being able to understand him is your issue , not his . maybe prison or university is where you need to be.


    • Kreepy Pasta What’s wrong with you chief? Sayin he belongs in prison because you can’t understand him? You got some problems

  12. Bravo Kim bravo at least she’s getting results something that Donald trump is not doing smmfh

  13. Learn how to change the battery in your smoke detector and how to center your face in the frame.

  14. I support what y’all are doing to free the innocent but if it’s too free the bad guys I’m not a part of it

  15. Tmz even after interviewing Brittany yall keep trying to help painting this picture smh….TWA.. SMDH

  16. Kim didn’t free them ..there’s two black women lawyers who are the ones doing the work, kim is only the face

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