Kim Kardashian Getting Some Blowback Over Prison Reform | TMZ

Kim Kardashian is getting push back from people within the prison reform movement who think she's getting too much credit for helping free non-violent inmates … and those voices are constantly nagging one of the lawyers Kim's working with.


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    • They’re not lying they’re just amplifying the truth. Did Kim help free 17 prisoners in 90 days? Absolutely! Did Kim and Kim alone do it? Of course not. She’s a big part of this but not as big as the key lawyers. Kim deserves a lot of credit, but so does everyone else. Ultimately, though, if they are truly in it for justice they shouldn’t care if Kim gets too much credit. Go Kim! And go all the other ladies in this movement making amazing change!

    • You lost what they talking about is these youtubers and the media showing hate on what they are doing you lost in so many ways

    • MEDIANATION those women who helped have been trying to free innocent people in jail for years Kim should not have been the only one getting recognized for it

    • Darion Blue your mind set and thought process is lost what they are saying is the media is making it about what it is not you worried about what the media is saying and this lady is telling you what it is and Kim have said what it is open your mind set the hate in you is making you blind

    • Darion Blue Yes 100%, I said that. They all deserve credit, but what’s more important than worrying about who is getting credit is the people who’s lives are literally being saved by these ladies. Kim, Miangel Cody, Brittany Barnett, Jessica Jackson, Van Jones. They all deserve credit, but let’s not forget the main goal and that’s freedom and justice.

    • The_fake Person
      Not until the truth and the whole truth is told…you damn right

    • Red Poetry Facts! I don’t understand why she didn’t mention the two ladies! I understand she’s funding for the inmates Legal fees but the Media act like she’s the one releasing them🤦🏽‍♀️

    • guest We all know………… is so untrue. That’s the problem wirh assumptions. You assuming falsehoods that later become a fact in your little brain

    • No its not bc without the person who helped them get thier freedom they’d still be in there they matter bc other innocent people will seek these women out to help thier situation and how would they get out if no 1 ever knew who was doing all the work to actually make it happen it always matteers so do the troops who fought for our freedom and the union soldiers who fought in the civil war 2end slavery

  1. TMZ: The media is showcasing Kim instead of these people that have been released.

    ALSO TMZ: Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim…..

    • I like watching TMZ but when they talk about any of the Kardashians, I put the tv on mute.

    • It’s the clout that makes her effective. Take away the clout and she’s rendered useless. So you better be careful what you’re wishing for. At the end of the day, these people are free because of her publicity, like it or not.

  2. Find out what George Clooney wife did for saving prisoner too😢👏👏

    • vanessa raices clooneys wife does not bang black dudes for clout tho. Not interesting enough

    • Please I hope you are not dissing a UN attorney whose job it is to take down dictators and save war victims amongst other things.

    • +Olatoye Gureje nope just saying all of us belongs here😉two reporters from Europe.

  3. Who cares…. anyone with common sense would know that Kim didn’t do it all herself, obviously she has a team, and she even stated it herself that she and her attorney has been working hard the last year… me all I care about is these peoples freedom and it’s a good thing…whoever behind it, is changing these peoples lives.

  4. Kim only wants the media attention for championing black prisoners everyone else don’t score enough points in pc land

    • Matty K that’s not true because Kim has media attention for 10+ years no one ever has like Kim media attention!! She is using that to help people from her own interests and heart ❤️ please accept that peoples!! I do!!!!

    • What are you talking about. She’s always had media attention no matter what she does. She’s doing a good thing and you guys get mad. People are just never happy

  5. We would have never known about this if it werent for Kim anyways sooo what can we do.

  6. every report I’ve seen has mentioned the black women behind it. what’s the big deal here? no one thinks it was just Kim, did they expect more publicity? or???

  7. It’s a shame these ppl don’t realize this work has been going on before them with the Innocent Project n others. The problem continues because in order to get attention it has to be presented by a non Black face…

  8. Society: non blacks with money should use their privilege to help us.
    Kim: steps in and helps.
    Society: we did the work and all everyone is talking about is Kim.
    What did you think privilege would do? Why ask for it so others would notice if you don’t like that their noticing?

    Even Jay Z with all of his money didn’t get the same exposure when he help nor did those he helped.

    Yes the lawyers are the ones doing the real work and Kim has acknowledged that. So much so, she wants to be one to help do the actual work. My fellow black sister lawyers. If you want to be noticed, play the PR game and chase clout, become popular and then you will be noticed.

    The ones being freed will not be noticed now, they wasn’t noticed when they were locked up. How else could those things that are unjust just happen? Complaining about it will not change society’s reaction to (pop) culture. If the media changed, society won’t. Their persuasion is too powerful in social media. Media outlets are just giving society what the masses find popular instead of reporting to the masses. Mass Communication has changed. Complaining to the media won’t change that. Changing what the mass society reacts to will.

    Until then, don’t complain, play the game, and continue to do the great work you’re doing. It’s a thankless job, and if the masses don’t know who you are, they don’t care that you’re doing it even if they cared about the cause. If you’re not doing it for fame, then your heart is in the right place. If you already have fame and you start helping, then your heart is in the right place too.

  9. I feel like the blow back here is toward the media and how they’re covering the story versus blow back at Kim.

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