Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Discuss Their Relationship Issues | Very Cavallari | E!

The "Very Cavallari" star has a heart-to-heart with her husband about juggling her business and their relationship. Watch on "Very Cavallari."

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About Very Cavallari:
“Very Cavallari” is a new docu-series starring celebrity entrepreneur and reality superstar, Kristin Cavallari. With her new home base in Nashville, the series will follow Kristin’s life as a businesswoman launching her flagship store, Uncommon James, and wife to her husband, former NFL player, Jay Cutler. Between her family and her young, sexy staff, Kristin’s life is more busy and entertaining than ever under the new skyline of Music City.

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Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Discuss Their Relationship Issues | Very Cavallari | E!


  1. I like the two of them. He seems like he really loves her. It will work out. 💕

  2. I love the communication, keep at it! You’re great together if you can talk through these things!!!

  3. Jay & Kristin are starting to look alike lol. I wish they were more affectionate towards each other. Hope they work it out!

    • They DO look alike!! Even their mannerisms and way they speak. I was waiting for a hug or something too… 😏

    • +Travis F Oh, I think I got mixed up on what you said. To actually answer your question, they’re obviously celebrities or rich and they’ll do whatever they can do look “attractive.”

    • +Travis F its an accent….just like the accent you get from being cuban and from the bronx…. its where you grew up

    • +Cat Typing yes I heard a few people who grew up in the same area as her say that is the common accent

  4. I love them so much and want to see them succeed but so confused cause I wish they showed more lovey dovey things to each other on air

    • They are Capricorn & Taurus. Not the most outwardly affectionate couple. But behind closed doors it’s magical! They are incredibly perfect for each and understand each other. To other people it may seem they are not lovey enough but off cameras it’s different.

  5. I like that they are a true married couple!!! Marriage isn’t always peaches and cream and they show that! They also show them discussing and working through everything like mature adults should. Really love them together 🥰

  6. An honest look into what a real marriage looks like!! It’s not all instagram perfect in the real world!

  7. This is honest and beautiful. My husband and i have the same convo. His work is a little less demanding whereas mine im basically on call all the time. He truly loves her and u can see that. Thank u for showing how things WORK. This is normal. Healthy. And beautiful.

  8. They seem like they communicate pretty well. I know from my own experiences, sometimes voicing my own concerns, made my partner immediately get defensive and raise their voice AT me. I mean, Jays response is really nice. Without hesitation, and without going on the attack by trying to turn the situation on Kristin, he says; “Ok, I can do that”. Thats a really special thing. Its like he didnt get defensive, he just looked within himself and is willing to work at it. I like this couple. I hope they can work through this little hiccup. Maybe they will be one of the few famous couples who actually last.

  9. Well, a 1:30 in and I can tell you all, they won’t last. I love them, but they aren’t going to make it.

  10. Omg to all those commenting on how they aren’t going to last you are literally looking at a 1:55 video and JUDGING THEM. Look within yourselves to see why.

  11. Love them, and love the comment section here too! So far totes agree 💕💕💕💕 must be hard for a manly man, just such deep programming they have- to have to switch roles and take a backseat to such a powerful woman! He’s been doing good but, yeah I think we’ve all felt that grumpyness borderline resentment/ or wanting her to retire?? Her feelings are valid. As women, we need our emotional needs to be met- if they want their physical needs met. 😛 We aren’t like, “on” all the time, especially full-time hard, high powered business women. They have to do SOME work to get us in the mood. 😛 To ease our stress and not add to it, just like what they want from us. Goes both ways. And Kristen IS pretty secure in herself so I imagine, she isn’t lying when she says how she did a good job supporting him, was at every game etc. Maybe it’s a little bit easier culturally as a woman though since that’s the role that was ‘assigned’ to us, & not to men. :/ Good stuff! Hope it gets better for them soon 💕✨

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