Kristin Cavallari’s Cookbook Makes NY Times Bestseller List! | Very Cavallari | E!

Jay Culter has a sweet surprise for his lady after her first cookbook, "True Roots" makes the count! See the moment on "Very Cavallari."

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About Very Cavallari:
“Very Cavallari” is a new docu-series starring celebrity entrepreneur and reality superstar, Kristin Cavallari. With her new home base in Nashville, the series will follow Kristin’s life as a businesswoman launching her flagship store, Uncommon James, and wife to her husband, former NFL player, Jay Cutler. Between her family and her young, sexy staff, Kristin’s life is more busy and entertaining than ever under the new skyline of Music City.

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Kristin Cavallari's Cookbook Makes NY Times Bestseller List! | Very Cavallari | E!


  1. “Give her a call, I can’t take the suspense.”

    Jay is easily the best part of the show

    • Jerry Bravo The votes are in- people seem to love Jay more than Kristin haha He needs his own show😂😂😂

    • twilightsagasuperfan Why is that? From what Ive gathered its based on sales & popularity, which would make sense since the show is very popular at the moment. Seems like even if the content isnt as good as a competing book, its popularity can be highly boosted by the publicity of a tv show, extra press etc Her diet/lifestyle is on trend at the moment so that helps too❤

    • Hmm, well there are actually several strategies in making the NYT Best Seller’s list. It doesn’t necessarily need to involve your book truly selling a bunch of copies in relatively speaking (‘relatively’ being the operative word). But it’s entirely possible that she actually sold over 10K-15K copies of her book in the first week, which would’ve been good enough to get her on the list.

    • Kelly Battaglia I was looking over her recipes online from a sample of th book along with some from previous interviews & its no wonder he does cuz they all look & sound yummy! 😋😋😋😋

    • No she looks really skinny and not in a good way . Karlie Khloss and others models are skinny but with Lauren it looks like she has an eating disorder.

    • Fily Dembele So are you saying you think Lauren has an eating disorder or are you refering to Kristin?
      Kristin is 5’3 & 100lbs which is in the nornal range for someone of her height. Her BMI is 19.5 which is very healthy as a healthy BMI runs 18.5 to 24.9. She eats very clean inc being gluten free, no dairy or refined sugar plus she works out all the time so it makes sense shes very lean & thin vs having an eating disorder.. Genetics play a part too, her mom is thin as well. Also for reference, Kim K is also 5’3 & currently 116lbs.

    • Indi Geaux the Scratch Witch lol that’s probably EXACTLY why people bought it! #HealthyEating101

    • Ujjyaini Bose My bet is its largely due to the show airing & its popularity. Ive seen this happen a number of times, its probably the best free publicity to get your book or product out there.

    • Basically the sales of the book piked due to her so called popularity (I am not an American ,so I don’t know the minor celebs ), and her PR team .
      You can also make your PR team pre-order books and hence creating a hype and other such strategic measures can be taken .
      So if people are really buying this book because they saw the writer on a reality show and not because they really wanna read it ,hence it does nullify the authenticity of a so-called “booklist”.
      If it’s all about money and fame , I guess next time if people like the Kardashians release books it will topple some very deserving writers .

    • Ujjyaini Bose Where did you get your facts from? To consider the whole “she got her PR to buy her own books” to get herself on the BS’s list isnt plausible or ethical, on top of it all NYTs track sales so unless you have some backdoor shenanigans happening. Youre insinuating that instead of sleeping their way to the top, authors can just pay their way to the top? Thats ALOT of work just to get on the prestigious list. Ultimately that comes out of your own pocket- its ill gotten gains as they say.
      Im sure NYTs has proper audits & accounting measures in place to prevent such shady biz. Theres no purpose to the list if this is how it works & there have been more high profile super rich celebs whose books havent fared as well. Her book has been super popular (hence sales & recognition) in part because of who she is, part the very popular trend of her type of eating/lifestyle & also the show I believe has helped promote it, rightly so. I say kudos whoever timed the book with the show, it always goes well if its a solid product.

  2. I adore her. She is very charming although LC was my grl, Kristen n her nvr hid the fact they had shared a boy interest. Lol. I dnt like Heidi tho. Use to like her when she was a free spirit on Laguna season two. When Heidi walked in LC fashion line thing. She was fun n first season on the hills too. After that, could not stand her anymore. I love Kristen tho.

    • yeah Heidi sucked after she got with Spencer and even before that – she was just weird

  3. Getting on the NY Times Best Sellers List is still very hard and a lot of celeb books don’t get on the list. But within the list, there are dozens of list so she’s not actually specifying which list she made #3 on but it’s still a big achievement and she still has that title. Everyone hating on it should just chill.

    • C Gibbs I adore the comments i”ts all based on connections,” as if you can call someone who can call someone who puts your book on top of all the stack of books along with a cute little sticker😂😂😂😂 I believe her team timed it right- publish & promote it while your reality show is airing. Thats genius & a sure fire way to get sales as well as popularity!

  4. So proud of the woman Kristin became. She’s bound to get only better and better. Congrats!

  5. Her response to Jay making her that cake was a little underwhelming, IMHO. Not to mention her response to finding out she has the best-selling cook book on the NYTs’ best seller list. I would have freaked out, lol!

  6. She looks malnourished. She looked more healthy and prettier before when she had a few lbs extra.

  7. I am always suspicious of celebrities who look like they don’t eat, selling cook books 😂

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