KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Says Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Is “Best Kept Secret” | E!

Kim and Khloé Kardashian discuss Kylie's "best kept secret of our generation" even after paparazzi get photos of her. Watch on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Says Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Is "Best Kept Secret" | E!


  1. With all that fame they have, I don’t blame Kylie for keeping her pregnancy on the low. She didn’t need that extra stress.

    • Victoria M she was just insecure about her body like she was about her lips before fillers. you act like she did a commendable thing

    • I mean she only did it because she felt insecure she didn’t want paparazzi to catch her when she is fat. Also her mother made more money by keeping it a secret- again got people interested and tooned into the next season it’s all a scheme.

  2. People knew she was pregnant at her 4th months when paparazzi toke pictures of her with a baby bump and she was denying it and she even threatened the paparazzi for fake picture. This was not a secret but we knew about it but didn’t have any confirmation

  3. Kylie’s pregnancy is not the best kept secret of our generation because if it was there wouldn’t be rumours that she could be pregnant months leading up to when she gave birth in the first place.

  4. Lol we all knew Kylie was pregnant because of tmz and how she slowly stopped posting full body Snapchat’s and instagrams but I’m glad she kept it private.

    • I just don’t get the point of keeping it a secret, when she posts literally everything else about her life. She just wanted more attention and clout, that’s why she kept it a secret

    • Brooklyn Knight because people would have been constantly dragging her for being young and pregnant which would have put stress on her and the baby.

    • jesse sharpe People were constantly dragging her anyway for the whole situation 😂 hiding it just made it worse cause then everybody got interested

    • Yup!!! And the “Fact” that the nonbelievers exposing they dont know how to read in between the lines and see what was right in front of them. SMH. It was so obvious. Fact, is it wasn’t a best kept secret. We knew. And she gave hints to all of us that can read👀well, and know what pregnancy looks like. The group robe photo, Kim, Kylie, Khloe pic. Hidden in plain sight. The 3 expecting sisters. The list goes on…..

    • +Melvis Serwaa if u were a real Kylie fan you knew the truth …only the non fans didnt know…the only times females who are obsessed with social media suddenly stop posting their many pics is coz they are preggers …even the regular folk..they stop posting coz they get preggers idk why tho …if you are busy posting every single thing in your life why not post your pregnancy too …it’s stupid I think ..

    • lavidavi86 i would say, the majority mainly thought it was a fool to make money out of it but they still waited until it was confirmed. Because how All of us know social Media is not really trust worthy When it comes to these things ,they reporte alot but only 2% corresponds to the truth.

  5. Best kept secret of this generation? We all knew she was pregnant. She just didn’t confirm or deny it and the lack of full body pics on her IG were a dead giveaway. People at a certain point were just waiting for her to actually confirm what we knew already 😉

    • just because you assumed she was pregnant does not mean you knew. she get it a secret between her and her family meaning that she said anything publicly. it was a secret.

    • adeline sky No. A secret is a hidden truth that is not assumed or known. It is point blank non existent to everyone. Throughout her pregnancy pictures were surfacing of her belly, baby items delivered to her house and friends dropping conspicuous hints. It was a no brainer. People knew and it wasn’t an assumption anymore.

    • Boom Boom agree also she’s probably was black in her past life cuz I’ve never seen someone so desperate trying to be someone their not.

    • It didn’t mean she’s envious.. just trying out a hair style. If anything she is complementing the black culture.

    • I mean black people straighten there hair so are they tryna be black? It literally is just hair. It ain’t that deep hun

  6. Kim: “your friends deserve an award” “now you know you have some real ones”

    Jordyn: hold my beer

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