KUWTK | Can Kim, Khloé & Kourtney Kardashian Hash Out Their Differences? | E!

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" stars have a pow-pow to address their sisterly spat–but is Kourtney open to talk? Find out!

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Can Kim, Khloé & Kourtney Kardashian Hash Out Their Differences? | E!


    • Because Khloe literally insulted her and blamed her solely, kourtney is the one with the issues here. Not wanting to be around negativity isnt an issue.

    • I mean Khloe said she had a communication issue… but Kourt didn’t prove her wrong. I mean Kim and Khloe are trying to reach out to her. (Yes maybe in the wrong way of course.) But it doesn’t help her prove the point that she isn’t the only one when she starts ignoring them. I feel like everyone but Kourt Rob and Kylie (maybe even Kendall, not sure though since she’s not in the show very often) try to make everyone in the house all on the same level and satisfaction even when they are in complicated situations. For example, Kim had meetings for her company in the morning before the photo shoot but was forced to reschedule them because jobless Kourt, wanted to be home by four. Even though Kim was upset with her.. she still moved it. Like… they’re obviously still trying to make Kourt happy. But Kourt isn’t doing any kind of contribution, or communication to make everything better. At least Kim and Khloe or trying. Kourt just gets mad when other people express their feelings and it goes against hers. It’s ridiculous. She wonders why she fails at relationships, romantic and platonic.

    • Kourt really needs to talk it out and not just ignore them I mean that’s so childish 🙄 … talk it out kourt cuss do something but don’t stay mute

  1. Khloe: I think you have the communication problem
    Kourtney: … Just me?
    *turns on phone and shuts off emotionally*

    *kim does the same in the background*

  2. Why is everyone talking about Kourtney being on her phone while Kim is doing the same thing as her. All three of them are here to “communicate”. Also Khloe is putting the blame only on Kourt that’s why she goes on her phone and chose to ignore her

  3. People need to realise that kourtney is in pain. That way she went on her phone, not to ignore her sisters but because Khole said she was the one that had the communication problem and put a lot of the blame on Kourtney. Sometimes its hard to discuss thing like this and when people try and stop it or “have a brake” like how kourtney went on her phone it normally means its getting to be a bit too much.

    • Freya Mulhall Also, when people want you talk yet are set in their ways and refuse to see how they contribute to the problem, it gets to the point where talking is actually futile (kourts case). She knows they never take the blame for anything and by Khloé saying what she said, Kourt was like, “you know what? I’m done”.

  4. Kourtney going on her phone was a defensive mechanism, she was open to talking until khole put a lot of the blame on her her and really deeply offended her.

    • +alena billings Look if someone has to tell you “let me finish” you are doing it wrong. In order to get to where you want with someone you have to let them say what they want to say with out pressuring or interrupting them. It might not be something you want to hear or you think it is misconstrued but in order to fully understand where they are coming from you need to let them tell you. If someone keeps interrupting you at some point you stop talking and I feel that is also an issue at play here.

    • Maria Rose Umm..that’s exactly what I was saying. I don’t ever interrupt someone when they’re speaking because it’s rude! Duh! But I’ve been in a situation where I have been interrupted and I tell that person to stfu and let me finish! I don’t just get up and walk away and shut down. I stick up for myself! So I’m actually doing it right thank you very much.

    • +Misa Jeffries Bc whats the point in listening if you know theres always gonna be some snarky underling comment about you in it?

  5. Kim was also on her phone also why is kourt the only one with the communication issue all of a sudden I wouldn’t take this bs either 🤷‍♂️

  6. In all fairness…why go to therapy with people who are clearly the reason you are in therapy in the first place lol 😂

    • She definitely needs the help of a therapist to deal and speak to her sisters. Sometimes they need to be told by an outsider how they may not be the best communicators and how sometimes, they really are the problem. It seems like they think Kourtney is the problem most of the time. If I were Kourtney, I would go to therapy cause maybe she can help the blind see.

  7. I saw Kourtney get accused of having the only communication issue and then shut down… Before that she was communicating. Relationships don’t break down because of one person they breakdown because of all parties involvement or lack there of.

  8. Am I the only one on Kourt’s side? 😥 I feel like she constantly gets bullied. I would shut down too.

    • +Animal Lover but just imagine, if Kim were to laugh at Kourtneys crying face that was ugly, lmao how differently do you think the audience would respond ? Because being realistic, Kourtney does have the most friction with both of them. Khloe and Kim honestly have the most logical reasonings for having issues with Kourtney. 1. Kourtney is consistently late to work, Khloe’s even said that her reasonings were that quote she ‘couldn’t get it together, and to deal with it’. 2. Kourtney doesn’t hold herself accountable for any reason why she is late or doesn’t show up to work. Going back to your point where you said Rob, Kendall, Kylie aren’t on kuwtk as much but nobody complains, I don’t know their specific contracts and who is meant to be on at what time, but nobody has ever complained about them being late or not showing up. and that really is the whole point of why people are angry with Kourtney. She is late or doesn’t show up, point blank, so that’s a completely different situation than the rest of them. Also I know that the 3 main girls are Kim, Kourt and Khloe, so maybe they have more obligation than their other siblings. 3. Regarding the whole Christmas card situation where Kourtney was being difficult with her scheduling. Kim already had a tough schedule to balance and like she says in the show, it’s frustrating to try to accomodate to everybody’s needs and try to find a time where everybody is available. Kourtney on the other hand, has no ‘real’ (and I say real in quotation marks because she may have loose end deals here and there, she doesn’t have any tied down commitments like a business etc) obligations other than motherhood, so it makes logical sense that the least busy should be more accomodating to those juggling a fair amount. Especially considering the shoot generally takes only 5-6 hours (I think they said that in another clip, I may be wrong) out of one night where everyone is available at the same time, and Kourtney said she doesn’t want to do it because she wants to relax with her kids and watch a movie, which is understandable, but she didn’t have any important meetings, or any real reasoning not to show, other than relaxing with her kids. She’s not putting motherhood on hold for a week, 3 months or a year, it’s literally only one night where everybody is available. Sacrificing one night to be considerate of others situations and obligations shouldn’t be as tough as she made it out to be. Considering the context and the circumstances, I can definitely see why Kim would be upset. Although I definitely do not accept or condone Kim saying Kourt is the least interesting to look at, that was a low blow and unacceptable, kim and Khloe have the most logical reasonings for being upset with Kourtney and I rlly don’t understand why people don’t understand that ???

    • +Animal Lover this was nothing compared to how khloe and especially kourtney used to treat kim

  9. Don’t know if it’s just a California accent but they speak so slow and lazy so irritating

    • Cassandra Amore not all of us in the west coast talk like that lol but tbh I will sometimes catch myself talking like that and like correct it right away lmao

    • Nope not a California thing at all. I think it’s just them and then idiots who try to copy them. They’re also from the valley and i think that has something to do with it…it’s not really something said now but in the 90s we’d call them “valley girls.” And when people talk like that we’d say “you sound like a valley girl.”

    • Cassandra Amore it’s called “voice fry” and is indicative of California women. Kind of grown-up “Val speak”, if you remember that.

  10. The reason why Kourtney shut down is because Khloe basically tried to make it all of Kourtney’s fault. Kourtney just feels like there’s no use arguing with someone who isn’t going to take any responsibility and just point the finger.

    • Totally agree; both sisters, kim and khloe, are targeting kourt here. This entire family is toxic and communication seems to be passive aggressive and with malice intent.

  11. Love how Khloe and Kim are manipulating the situation against Kourtney. Love Kourtney Standing up for herself finally.

    • Me too… finally Kourtney gets to see her sister’s manipulation. She should just get away from them as far as she can.

  12. I need to learn to react the way Kourtney did here. Sometimes people do need the silent treatment. Love it!

  13. Kim had no right to call Kourtney the “least interesting to look at”. Like sorry Kim, but Kourtney didn’t get 200 different cosmetic surgeries like you did.

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