See Brie Bella and Maryse Ouellet’s Intense Confrontation | Total Divas | E!

All the pent-up emotion between the WWE divas comes flooding out at the dinner table. Don't miss the tense exchange on "Total Divas"!

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Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Naomi (Trinity), Natalya (Nattie), Lana and Maryse will join newcomers Carmella, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss this season. These WWE Superstars will give viewers an exclusive inside glimpse at the demands of their professional careers and the challenges of balancing their personal life in the spotlight as family and romance ramp up.

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See Brie Bella and Maryse Ouellet's Intense Confrontation | Total Divas | E!


    • +Robert Dshawn I agree with you. Although defending them or any celebrity is time consuming. I’d rather do something with my life. You get nothing out of defending them. They’re making money while you struggle or will struggle in the future. They probably won’t ever notice you or care about you like they care about their family.. and that’s being realistic.

    • Suck It I know they aren’t going to read remotely everything that their fans write online. It’s more about debating for me; I just like to state my/listen to other people’s viewpoints. Just like other sports fans will debate why certain teams or players are better. Its not because those players or teams are going to read them, its just part of the fan experience. That’s why I don’t ever troll people, I can have a respectful debate of thoughts.

    • +Robert Dshawn I see that and I understand. I debate with people very rarely online, because I’d rather do it in person. It’s more fun.

  1. Paige’s commentary though, she has Brie’s back 🙂 Maryse does seem like a mean person. This season will be interesting

    • Saku Raitonen I love the Bella but atleast 2 other woman said the same or similar about them

    • Lmao yeah Maryse’s character in the WWE is mean but she’s one of the nicest ones in real life

    • actually alealego Maria, Lillian Garcia and someother guy told the same EXACT story to some interviews about the bellas doing dirty stuff also that Karma, Maria and maryse got blocked by them because divas where leaving and then the bellas were becoming a big thing cause good talented divas had left AND ANOTHER POINT IS that kelly said that the bellas were doing shady things

  2. Idk Maryse not the only one who say The Bella’s do shady stuff. Maria and Kelly Kelly have said so as well. Honestly I think Brie is the more shady twin and Nikki is nice but she goes along with her sister.

    • … I think he meant Undertaker buries people in regards to his gimmick because ironically out of all the top guys in WWE history Undertaker by far did the least amount of burying.

    • Lolko that’s not true Nikki did do it to Maria because Nikki was dating Dolph Zigler and Maria what sometimes flirt with him and Nikki was not having any of it

  3. LMAO at Paige saying she would have Brie’s back yet sitting back and enjoying the show, got to love her!

    • No they weren’t. Natalya made her debut in April 2008. The Bellas debuted in August.

    • Stephan Taylor Bellas were in WWE developmental long before Natalya, who only had a brief spell as she had already been trained by family. So they were “in the WWE” before Natalya, just not on RAW/SD/PPVs yet.

    • Wobbly Jelly maryse is very jealous of the bellas just because they were wanted and maryse didn’t get the contract. I respect your opinion but I think maryse is fabricating a lie to have sympathy and to hide the truth that wwe didn’t want her.

  4. For the people in the comments saying Maria said the same thing well first off Maria admitted that she was wrong when she said the Bellas blocked her contract. Secondly common sense would tell you that divas don’t have the power to block contracts. Vince barely wanted to give the divas screen time during that time so you really think he would listen to them about who to hire/release? Vince doesn’t listen to anybody when it comes to making money so the people that believe this r either already bella haters or bandwagon fans who believe anything they see on the internet. Brie also clocked Maryse in this clip and had her so silent because Maryse probably knows that Brie’s telling the truth

    • I agree!
      Vince didn’t want to bring Chyna because they didn’t want to be known that a female wrestler could beat up male wrestlers! It’s all scripted. And haters are gonna hate.

    • Kay Nic you are so making this up !!! If anything it was rumored that John Cena had an affair with Mickie James while he was on the road.

  5. Total Divas was going to be Bellas, Eve, Maryse, Kelly, Maria & Natalya. it was going to focus on Kelly & Eves transition out of WWE and Maria & Maryse’s return. Eve decided not to do it. Maria was the first to claim that the Bellas didnt think the divas who left should get on the show and wanted to block them. Kelly hasnt said much about it other than the Bella’s were shady. Maryse said no originally because the Bella’s said they should all ask for more money in the contracts. However they ended up not wanting Maryse anymore.

    I personally believe Maria & Maryse but its all speculation.

    • Naomi Giovanni well that’s bullshit eve was asked if she wants to do the show she said no, Eva Marie was always planned to be on the show

    • This makes sense to me. They wanted more money but then the Bellas signed the contract; in a way to get rid of their competition (Maryse, Kelly and Maria) Whom at the time were more popular than the Bellas. Call it shady, call it whatever you want but if the Bellas did do that they are very slick. Think about it, they got everything after their popularity grew through TD programming…

    • DIEGO ALCANTARA Brie said that Teddy Long blocked their return contracts so I don’t think the Bella’s are acting the victims.

    • Bryan teddy may of blocked their contracts but they blocked maryse, maria and karma and lets not forget maria, lillian and some other guy told the same story about bellas doing something dirty and also kelly and eve saying they did shady stuff so add that all together they are acting like dumb victims

  6. I’d totally believe Bries story BUT she and Nikki were the reason Maria couldn’t return to WWE as they blocked her contract! So…kind of seems like Maryse isn’t wrong 🤔

    • That wasn’t the point they made a packed that they would not return together unless they were given all the same amount of money etc…Then the Bella’s betrayed that and took the opportunity for themselves.

    • I clearly have ZERO understanding over what happened and to whom/between whom or even how WWE contracts work,but if you’ve made a pact to a fellow worker and broken it,you’re a traitor. At the same time, friendship is for when the work hours end,at work you should be professional and value your own interest first. There’s no trust in this business, and it was plain clear that the Bella Twins would be an act that no other diva can come between and stick. Again,I have no clue how contracts work in the WWE,how long do these athletes sign for, who do they approach and all the tangibles of a deal,but,again,breaking a pact makes you a shady traitor. But it’s not like THAT specific event could end Maryse’s career.

      And Kelly Kelly (I also don’t know what happened with her,too) could NEVER last because she’s just a pretty girl,doing risqué shows at ECW,she’s barely able to carry out a match,how long before she would get replaced? Especially when the WWE turned PG and buried all that ECW stuff?

    • No they didn’t and Kelly Kelly retired. They didn’t want Maria because she couldn’t wrestle and she was there for 5 years when she got released

  7. From experience the people who are acting always nice are usually the bitchy one,so in this case it is the bella’s.Mayse may say things in a offensive way but at least she is straight forward.

  8. Paige at the end tho. Basically me when my friends are arguing and I don’t wanna get involved but I’m stuck with them.

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