KUWTK | Kylie Jenner Feels the Pressure to Snap Back After Baby | E!

Kylie confides in older sister Kim Kardashian West about feeling self-conscious about her changing body since giving birth. Hear Kimmy's advice on "KUWTK."

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Kylie Jenner Feels the Pressure to Snap Back After Baby | E!


  1. very soon we won’t be able to tell who’s kim and who’s Kylie they starting to look more alike

  2. I honestly dont understand why it’s so important to snap back. Be a mommy first for a year or 2 and then worry about it. They seriously worry about the wrong things all the time

    • No actually thats the problem. If you dont snap back right after the pregnancy .. its harder to get rid of the excess weight a year after.

    • SovietComrade that’s actually false info diff women body’s varies esp if you have a high metabolism. I know of some women’s snap back process beginning within weeks to a few months just naturally alone. Breast plays a huge role in that as well.

    • +Margo lane ok well people get insecure. not even bcs of othet people’s comments. that is a very normal part of life.

    • You obviously look like a guy who has never been pregnant, as if that’s the only problem rich people go through.

    • It’s easy for you to talk about just “embracing the change” when your body will never go through pregnancy and childbirth.. you have no right to tell any woman how to feel

    • Dnicole Parker she said they look the same age meaning they both look 37!!! 💀🙌🏽

    • +Whitney Chuckluck I’m 28. I still get confused for being a high school student when i took my step kid first day of school to register him for classes everyone in the office kept Thinking i was one of the kids idk if it’s just because I’m short or what but samething at work they asked me how i got hired don’t you have to be 21 to get hired i told em dude I’m 25 in that time when i started working for the company

  3. Kim: “I know curves are hard”… Really? Neither one of your guy’s curves are real for one, and for two, Kylie you have 900 million dollars, I’m SURE you can afford to find a pair of pants that fit you or have them custom made 😏🙄😒

    • Y’all act like being insecure is some new sorcery. almost EVERY teen and young adult get sad about how they look like especially a person who just gave birth. U wouldn’t be saying this if it was some suburban mom who disliked her body but since it’s Kylie…

    • That’s why they worry about the most meaningless things. They don’t have the same “real” problems that most other people have because they have more money than they will ever possibly need, and they made that money through exploiting themselves and trying to convince the public that they are natural beauties when we can all compare their photos for ourselves and see the dramatic changes in their appearances. It’s laughable that Kim is telling Kylie to have confidence in her appearance when she obviously has such a low confidence in her own appearance or she wouldn’t have gotten all of the work done that she’s had done. They are so superficial.

    • If their brand was based off of something with some substance and not only their looks everyone would go much easier on them like they do Beyoncé and Rihanna’s weight gain.

    • Worrying about your body especially after babies is not meaningless. Seriously, if you never had children you won’t understand. I had two & I worried about my body all the time. Besides that everyone worries about they body it’s what we have to take care of in order to stay alive so lol

    • They have literally gone through crazy things in their family. Trans dad, sister being held hostage, mothers friend being murdered.

  4. The fakest people in life are also the most admired… Sad world we live in today ! 🤷🏿‍♀️

    • Do we not live on the same planet where plastic surgery is extremely common? I know lots of women personally who have had nose jobs, boob jobs and lip fillers.. why are you acting like everyone is natural and they are fake and we are idolizing them? Majority of women are “fake” now a days and it is normal, wake up to real life

    • Um u know if y hate them so much then stop watching them. Ur literally just a pathetic person to just be watching people’s videos to hate like get a life

  5. kim : “just be confident” also kim : “wear 3 shapewear” ok m done

    • Because they’re well aware of the way people will look for something else to hate them for.

    • +وصفات طبيعية BEAUTY TIPS Well, it’s easy to tell someone to just be confident, but it’s difficult for the other person to actually follow that. Kim was just giving her advice that’s easier to follow than “just be confident” because frankly, you can have a million people telling you to be confident, but if you don’t like what you see in the mirror it doesn’t matter.

    • What Kim is saying is true though. After having a baby you have those feelings no matter who you are. I didn’t want to go out the house w/o shape wear. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you can’t be insecure.

    • brunettesweetie21 Clothing (especially underwear) that’s tight or made of materials like nylon that trap heat and moisture might make yeast infections more likely

    • brunettesweetie21 you’re spreading false information lol, tight jeans/underwear constantly is one of the top ways to get a yeast infection… it also sounds like organ damage 😖

    • noel smith – her money probably but her outlook and status on life hell no. When you are nearing your 40’s and you have the self esteem of a 14 yr old there is nothing to aspire to.

  6. Lol she’s getting rid of clothes that are brand new, “my favorite jeans are never gonna fit again” I’m sure she’s never worn the same pair of jeans twice lol she’s so dramatic

    • +Kawtar Oukhali are you really comparing how much a man is into fashion vs a woman?.. should I be surprised that those men do not dress good? Most men dont..

    • brunettesweetie21 it’s not about men or women we all know that there are men who are into fashion more than some women u can’t deny u can also see Mark’s wife if u wanna only talk about women! All i want to say Kardashian are just following strategy of marketing to influence people and make them consume clothes, makeup more and more…

    • +Kawtar Oukhali women will consume clothes and makeup without the Kardashians.. I was wearing makeup long before they even existed.. sure there are some men into fashion and some women not into fashion, but a high majority of women are into their looks and makeup and clothes and have been since the beginning of time

    • brunettesweetie21 you so stubborn and as airheaded as kardashian, no wonder you worshipping them.
      Did you see mark zuckerburg’s wife? Bill gates’ wife? Barack obama’s wife? Hello gurrrl?? Wake up!!
      They will consume clothes and makeup without the kadarshian??

      And wrong, the majority of plain stupid women are into looks, period. Because thats something atleast you could be proud of.
      If you had much braincells you wouldn’t act the exact same, but since you dont, you cant understand.

    • Seems like a lot of you are judgemental and rude about people you absolutely do not know. Why watch the video and waste your time if you dislike them. Who cares if she has a lot of money. She can complain if she wants to

  7. She tells her to wear 3 sets of shape wear and to be confident in the same 10 seconds. 🤦‍♀️

  8. Kim’s butt is hilarious. It’s not HER real butt. Woman, please stop changing your looks by way of risky and expensive plastic surgery, injections and Botox to simply adhere to societies current standards of “beauty”. BE YOU.

    • Ylai Jah She DID get everything done in her butt. She literally transferred fat to her butt and hips! Same with Kloé! Like for real go study human anatomy or something!

    • Ylai Jah it shows she didn’t had butt implants (like silicone) but its obvious she add fat and fat is not going to show

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