KUWTK | Kardashian Sisters Visit Their Grandparents’ Old House | E!

Khloé, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian get major nostalgia visiting Nana and Papa's former home in Palm Springs. Don't miss it on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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KUWTK | Kardashian Sisters Visit Their Grandparents' Old House | E!


  1. I love these moments on the show. They show the beautiful side to the Kardashians. They’re a family, just like every other family in the world and they care about each other…

  2. Kim n khloes bodies looks disaster.. kourtney is the only normal looking one

    • Someone has major issues……..i myself have an hourglass shape. I have a very small waist and large hips. I have trouble finding jeans that fit both…….so i know the shape…………BUT THEIRS IS UNATURAL AND FREAKISH LOOKING…….

    • that’s what happens when everyone knows who you are, she probably hasn’t introduced herself in a long time

    • Lei S on the contrary, it always makes me wonder because whenever she meets someone she would always introduce herself. I have seen her in the show, in other programs etc lol i dunno where did you come up with that from

  3. So, the Kardashian family just went from “more money that most” to “more more than ANYONE,” basically? Good for them! And the women did it!

  4. Why don’t they just buy the house? Keep it in the family for memories.

    • LEGIT SAME. I feel like you took every word out of my mouth and wrote it and omg i know right all my neighbors are asian too i feel like i live in china.

    • In Canada they are only letting in wealthy Chinese people into the country some with millions worth of a net worth

    • 놀리는 in usa is the same thing, they allowed me to live there , because my father owns a big medical company gezz

    • i watched a document in Al Jazeera abt 3 chinese girls who live in Canada so ur comment gives me more insight in whats happening in Canada

  5. If it’s boring.
    Why watch?
    If they look horrible?
    Why watch?
    If you hate them
    Why watch?

    Never understood the people that take time out of their day to hate.

  6. Kim: “Hii, I am Kim Kardashian”
    Old Man: *Closes the door*

    Could you imagine if the old man did that lmao

  7. Let me show up at an old house and be like “this was my old crib can I just look at it for a sec” and watch what happens

    • they obviously paid the guy to use his house and have him appear on the show

    • Christina Aguilera was the first to do this on MTV in like 2002 lol, and pretty sure they just rocked up and knocked on the door for real

  8. they need to sort out their sagging bottoms! not natural with skinny legs and no hips!

    • It isn’t your body so leave it be. They chose to do it because they wanted it done. Never understood dicks that think they have the right to body shame people.

  9. They randomly go to a man’s house because it was their grandparents and he just let them in?

  10. “Didn’t this pool look ginormus when we were little?”


  11. I feel like if the previous owners were to ever sell that house, they would buy it, cuz I know if I were them that I would.

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