“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Katch-Up S15, EP.5 | E!

Kim, Khloe, Kris and Kendall gear up to play "Family Feud" and Scott introduces his girlfriend to the kids leaving Kourtney furious. Watch!

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About Keeping Up With the Kardashians:
Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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"Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Katch-Up S15, EP.5 | E!


    • +Megan Jackel that’s not very nice of you to say that Courtney is just a b and I’m not trying to start an argument so please don’t get mad I’m just saying my opinion and I’m not trying to say this mean by the way

  1. She wants to do things and expect Scott to be fine with it but when he does the same then he’s wrong… Selfish!

    • She has me upside down because she can do whatever she wants but she doesn’t let him do anything

    • But who takes care of the kids 24/7 he’s just there when he wants and only when he needs to be. That’s it. When he was going through his partying phase he wasn’t thinking about his kids

    • +Yocelin Yi that’s not very nice of you to say that Courtney is jealous she’s just sad and I’m not trying to say this to me so please don’t start an argument

    • +Mao Moemoe it doesn’t matter who the primary parent is or isn’t. The rules for introducing a new partner should go both ways.

    • Evita Rozerin Yalcin “probably”. Thank you for that insightful, profound comment lmao

    • +Mia Cross that is not very nice of you to say that Courtney is negative and nasty I’m not trying to throw shade but I’m not trying to start an argument I’m just saying my opinion so please please please please please don’t start anything I’m not trying to say this meanly by the way sorry it’s just my opinion

    • Habib Atiyeh that’s ok we are all entitled to our own opinions! I just think Kourtney has such a mean attitude to her family for most of the show. That’s all 🙂

    • These days. She’s always been the mean one who was too good for everyone else. It’s only worse now because the show isn’t fun like it used to be.

    • kokolatte825  yeah she’s always been like that but now everyone is fed up with her attitude and are calling her out on it, thats why it looks so bad

    • +Jacqueline I love that they finally call her out and don’t put up with it. I just started watching the show again this season for Kourtney’s dragging.

  2. None of them should bring their “dates” around the kids unless its something serious. Wait a year and a half to see where things are going before introducing. Especially with celebrities their relationship dont quite last.

    • Well I don’t really agree because Courtney gave birth to three kids and she’s working very very hard which is very very nice of her to do but I’m not trying to say this mini by the way it’s I’m just saying my opinion so please don’t start an argument I’m not trying to say this melee

  3. I used to love kourtney and Scott together but thank goodness Scott isn’t with kourtney anymore like wtf she used to be my favorite but rn she’s just got me like ??? Like why is it if you introduce your partner to the kids its ok, but then if Scott does it, its a big issue and you’re bawling your eyes out? guuuurrrllll you know you lost a good guy, you just had to be super controlling and make him go crazy and now that he’s got his new girl and is normal, you’re jealous? 🙄🙄🙄

    • Tamanna Akther She treated Scott like crap lording over his past mistakes to him all the time like some control tool. Shes still nagging even though hes moved on and is doing much better.

    • That’s not very nice of you to say that you’re happy. Scott isn’t with Courtney anymore I’m not trying to send smiley but it’s just I’m just saying my opinion

    • +Habib Atiyeh it seems healthier that they aren’t together. Kourtney and Scott were in a toxic relationship.

  4. I bet kourt didn’t even ask scott if he was okay with the kids meeting her boyfriend or even give a heads up, but yet when scott doesn’t tell her or ask her she gets all mad! Those kids are Scott’s kids too and he should be allowed to introduce his girlfriend to them. Kourt needs to get off her high horse and accept that scott has moved on and is moving on with his life.

  5. Kourtney is just a sellfish person that we didn’t see until now…I think she believed that Scott was going to run after her forever but she completely left him of the side during their relationship by sleeping with the kids and letting him sleep alone and as he said no one in the world does only what’s 1 of the partner wants! she needs to grow up allmost 40years old it’s time!

    • Exactly, it seems that what really bothers her is that scott has moved on from her and seem to be a better man with Sophia than what he was with her

    • Yesss !! She never wants to admit that she contributed in the demise of their relationship. If she had been more open and sensitive towards Scott and actually was there for him maybe he wouldn’t have turned to alcohol for comfort

    • +Tuti A but thats what it seems. she feels she can do something but to her its not okay for scott to do the same? yeah, that seems selfish

    • … that’s not true and I’m not trying to say this mini by the way I’m just saying my opinion but this is my opinion that’s not very nice of you to say about Courtney everyone’s giving shade about her which is really not very nice and everyone’s giving hate comments on her which is not very nice of everyone to do and I’m trying to stop people from saying hate comments about Courtney

    • Habib Atiyeh well if you gonna state your opinion on her spell her name right. my opinion is my opinion.

  6. Even Kris said why she can introduce her bf and you can’t introduce your gf
    I think kourt is a little bit angry and jealous that Scott is finally moved on from her. Maybe in her mind he’ll always be waiting for her. Meh

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