KUWTK | Kardashians Share Childhood Memories of Palm Springs | E!

Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian remember visiting their grandparents, but were things as sweet as they seemed? Watch the "Kardashians" bonus clip.

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KUWTK | Kardashians Share Childhood Memories of Palm Springs | E!


  1. Is it weird that I was so excited that they included what they ordered in this clip?? I’ve always wondered

  2. when kourtney walked in this scene looking like one of those 99 yr old fashion designers i cackled so hard, I think i doo doo on myself a little bit.

  3. lol the guy at the table behind kourtney is low-key staring them down the whole time behind his shades

  4. “Rob feels left out with us.” “He does???”

    lmao y’all haven’t put that together yet?

  5. I strongly feel Kourtney is a so sociopath lol she literally has no emotion to anything.

    • She’s not a sociopath, she just suppresses her emotions and expressions. She’s the suffer in silence type but she’s cried a couple times on the show.

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  6. Kim: I’am so excited to go to Nana’s house.
    Kourtney: Me too, I hope they answer the door.
    Khloe: You hope Nana and Papa answer the door?!
    Kourtney: No, I hope the people that live there open the door for us in our home. You freak!
    (Conversation that had me laughin’ on the floor. Kourtney’s the G!)

    • John Melvin Dizon how can it be their home if there are other people living in there duhhh

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