KUWTK | Kendall Jenner & Khloe Kardashian Consider Getting a Gun | E!

In order to be better protected, Kendall and Khloe entertain the idea of getting a gun–but Kim isn't into it. Watch on "KUWTK".

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KUWTK | Kendall Jenner & Khloe Kardashian Consider Getting a Gun | E!


    • +Kris J So what if kids are there that’s why you teach your kids about gun safety and yes you can get it locked in the safe but it will take to long to get to it when there trying to get to you so that’s why you have one on you and teach your kids not mess with it it’s not a toy.

    • Kris J wait but what if she there with the kids and has no protection? tbh I know nothing 😂

  1. I understand both sides. Wanting to know how to use a gun and not wanting one at all but I don’t know which one is better

  2. they have armed guards at all of their houses now so i don’t see the point

    for once i agree with kim

  3. So basically anyone who’s scared should have a gun. Yup a world full of people who are frightened will be carrying guns.

    • Jesseika Durden i mean theyre celebs and more exposed to danger. So yh. But still not right to

    • You guys know that most of this shooters got their gun in an illegal way right they dont have papers and anything. So, that kinda defeats the purpose of banning guns😂😋

    • Right, because of living in a double gated community it makes more sense to own a gun rather than a regular citizen in a normal house who is not famous and has a higher chance of dealing with criminals.. Forget the fact that everyday private citizens don’t have armed guards 24/7..

    • Mia CW no what the original commenter means is that they already have EVERYTHIGN so now Kendall wants a gun because they are running out of things to buy

    • A gun is a good investment. And when you consider how stupidly rich they are, a gun is like a stick of gum.

    • Ashley Cx it’s for protection. ARE YOU GOING TO LET SOMEONE STALK YOU AND KILL YOU? Even if I was poor I would buy a gun!

    • As someone from the US the british police arresting UK citizens for facebook posts is weird to me.

    • Brittney G In the UK it’s illegal to have a gun. It’s alot different to America. The only ppl that have guns are the police.

    • Brittney G The concept of owning a gun is foreign to British people (and most Europeans) because it’s illegal and not a part of our culture. To us, American society seems paranoid and dangerous because of their obsession with guns

    • Alice Gatfield Ya right, and look at the knife crime in your country. It’s not the guns it’s the mentality and the mindset. Liverpool and London have HUGE knife crime rates and acid attacks. So don’t act like England is some safe haven. You just use other weapons lmao.

  4. Kim has a huge point. She’s speaking out of a mother’s heart. Everything seems and feels different after you’ve got kids

  5. A tazer or something would be so much more safe. When you have a weapon like a knife or gun, you’re very likely to have it turned back on you. More likely than you would be to stop the person attacking you.

    • Patriots Fan well clearly if u are driving whilst on the phone and putting your makeup on a car is very dangerous. Stop looking for argument where there is non not all of us believe in terminating a life.

    • Paula Franks A car is dangerous either way. So you said you can get so angry that if you had a gun you could kill. But you don’t believe in terminating a life? Which is it?

    • Patriots Fan I never said me read it again.
      A car is not bought as a weapon where as a gun is. How old are u I feel like I’m talking to a child

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